LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game Case

LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game Case

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LeapFrog Leapster 2 Learning Game Case

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Protect any Leapster2 or original Leapster learning game system. Carrying case also holds up to 4 game cartridges. Leapster handheld and game cartridges sold separately.

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Comments / reviews:
PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to attest to the lead content of this case. The CPSC has not re-called it thus far, so this review is purely based upon the form and function of the case. That said, my kids don't really "play" with the case, and they certainly don't chew on it. It's basically touched for as long as necessary to get the game in and out of it. When carrying it, they tend to use the strap.

We have two Leapster2's for our family - a green one for my son, and a pink one for my daughter. Because we travel often, I was looking for a case for them to use for their Leapster2's that would protect the screens and allow them to tote a few games.

For that purpose, this case works well. It seems to be constructed of a high-density type foam, and the zipper is heavy enough to be functional. The Leapster2 game system will fit into the case fine with a game plugged in to the top. Another reviewer noted there is no place to put extra games. That is not true. There is an "indentation" in the back that will hold at least 3 games, maybe four. I found that three fit well. This indentation has an elastic band to hold the extra game cartridges in place. I would have preferred a mesh "pocket" over the elastic, but it functions well enough. Your child should be able to travel with four games with this case.

In terms of durability, it has held up well and has done it's job protecting the Leapster2's from drops and scratches. It also makes a nice place to "put away" the game system when the kids are done playing. It's priced fairly for what it is, though I think a $10-12 range would be a little better. The only other thing I would like to have seen is a "pink" version of this. With two Leapster2's in the house, it's difficult to tell which is which when they are in the case.

IMPORTANT: my in-laws have an original Leapster, and I don't think it would work that well in this case. Based upon the shape, it is clearly designed for the LeapFrogВ® LeapsterВ® 2 Learning Game System - Green. Better cases or options can probably be found for the original Leapster system.

Perfect for keeping all of the pieces together.

This case is great for keeping your little ones leapfrog contained and protected. It is durable and easy to keep track of with its bright green color! The zipper does catch once in a while which is why I didn't give it 5 stars, but, I am happy with it overall. Even after our dog got ahold of it and thought it was her toy, it still works. It just has some chew marks on it. That says a lot about its quality!

Most kids are not easy on their belongings and ours are no different! We purchased this to hold our sons new Leapster 2 and it does its job. The old cases for the first Leapsters had a velcro pouch in the back that held numerous games. This has nothing of the sort. It has a small cavity under where the gaming system stores with an elastic band that can hold 3 games (although my just turned 4 year old gets frustrated trying to fit them in the right way) and the gaming system can hold one in its slot and fit in this case so it has capacity for 4 games and the gaming system. I wish it had space for more games like the old case, but it does provide padding and extra protection. If you are looking for games storage, this may not be the case for you. If all you need is durability and a few games, this case does just that!

I have 2 granddaughters that I purchased Leapfrogs and accessories for this christmas. I purchased the hardshell game for the 4 yr old to tote her leapster. It is perfect for her, not to cumbersome...just the right size for the leapster and a couple of game cartridges. The hardshell is nice so when she runs into things or drops it it is still protected...yikes! Since I am a "neat freak" this was worth the money for me to keep from picking up a Leapster and accessories from around my home.
But....I must add if your child/grandchild is a little more responsible and likes backpack style carriers then check out the soft-sided messenger bag LeapFrog Leapster Messenger Bag. I bought my 6 yr old granddaughter the messenger bag and it holds EVERYTHING and then some...LOL! She absolutely adores the bag more than the Leapster (she loves bags)...LOL!

The green part of the case is harder so it offers good protection. Leapster fits nicely within case, 3 games fit underneath. The little space under the leapster has a band across and you slide the extra cartridges underneath that, side-by-side. Maybe not the best little storage compartment but when the leapster is on top and the case is closed up they're not going to go anywhere. A fourth game would be stored by leaving it in the leapster, it fits in like that. You could actually store a fifth if you want to place one on top of the leapster screen. It fits in very nicely like that and the shell of the case should be hard enough to protect everything but you might get the screen scuffed up a bit that way. My 3 1/2 year old has no problem with the zipper or getting his leapster into the compartment and closing it up.

I purchased these cases for my boys for Christmas and now I wonder why I have not purchased them sooner! This game case for the leapster 2 is just great. I have a 5 1/2 yr old boy and 4 yr old boy and they are always so rough with their toys. I always worried about them dropping their leapsters when they were playing them and now that they have cases for both of their leapsters I don't worry as much. It's perfect for them to hold and carry in the car for road trips and even going to the doctor appointments. Plus it's great they can keep them in their case up in their room and not in mom and dad's anymore. I am able to free up a shelf in my room for something of mine now! :)

I absolutely love this Leapster2 case. It holds the Leapster2 and up to 4 game cartridges; everything fits in the case snugly. It is easy to zip and unzip and easy to put everything in it. You can put the Leapster2 in there with a game cartridge in it and it fits fine.

The case is one of those hardish soft cases, so it stands up well to dropping, stepping on etc. The little strap off of the side is perfect for preschool sized hands and makes it easy for my son to carry around. The only problem I have is getting him to remember to put everything back in the case when he is done!

Both my son (who is three) and I have been impressed with the ease of use and with how nice it keeps all of his games in there.

I am so glad I bought the case. It has room under the strap for three game cartridges and one in the machine as well, and it helps protect it from dust. The children are so good about putting the game and the cartridges away in the case when they finish playing.

Please don't listen to negative reviews!! This case is built good!!, strong duraible and is not cheap has a net on the inside to hold all your games !!! Very good carrying case! Do not have any regrets at all!!! And save your money don't buy new !! buy used! and make sure that the used case is in mint condition or says like new!!Make sure and don't buy used if the used is close to a brand new condition!!! Thank You take care Kristen.

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