Lexibook Yeno TV Game Console 200-in-1 Electronic Games, Wireless controllers, Tennis, swimming, aerobics, bowling, skiing, beach volleyball, golf, arcade games - JG7420

Lexibook Yeno TV Game Console 200-in-1 Electronic Games, Wireless controllers, Tennis, swimming, aerobics, bowling, skiing, beach volleyball, golf, arcade games - JG7420

The Lexibook Yeno Games TV Game Console is a fun and interactive console that provides real time action and entertainment. The console connects to your TV wirelessly and game play is fun and free thanks to wireless controllers. Family and friends will be entertained for hours with over 200 built-in games, ranging from interactive sports games to brain-training exercises.

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Comments / reviews:
lots of fun

This is the best console ever conceived. The games all deserve Game of the Year Awards. The build quality of the console and controllers are top notch and you should buy it and make love to it every day or else the Flying Spaghetti Monster will take ye soul.

What an amazing console! 200 games in one console! Almost as much as fun as Action 52!

Bought this for my 6 year old son on clearance and for the price it was great value. Definitely nothing like the quality of a wii, the graphics are basic. But he loves it. There's a great selection of games both sports and action and It works nicely.

Definitely not a rip off of the Nintendo Wii, incredible games that are worth your time and money, truly incredible graphics
I love it, and you should spend all your shmekles on it

Grandkids love it

Really good for the price. As much fun as the pricey game systems. My 6 year old loves it!

This is a great wii product (hahahaha)

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