Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Product description

LeapFrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake

Children will love celebrating their birthday everyday with LeapFrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake. With 5 candles to blow out, kids can also enjoy the music and sing along tunes. It encourage children to learn counting, motor skills and pretend play.

Why You'll Love It:Make everyday a learning filled birthday.

Age:12 months and up

  • Helps teach counting, music, pretend play
  • Helps develop fine motor skills in your little one
Required Batteries:3 AA (not included)

From the Manufacturer

Make every day a birthday. Five candles light up one by one, and children can blow them out--just like on a real cake. Sing along to a counting song, five songs about growing up or add birthday lyrics to an instrumental tune. You can also listen to children's thoughts on the best things about birthdays. Parents can connect to the online LeapFrog Learning Path for customized learning insights and ideas to expand the learning. Appropriate for children ages 1 year and up. Learning Skills: -Counting -Music -Pretend play -Motor skills.

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Comments / reviews:
My daughter received this as a gift for her 2nd birthday. I think that is the perfect age for this toy, although my older kids (3, 5, and 8) have all had some fun with it, too! My two-year old does need some help blowing out the candles sometimes, but she absolutely loves this little cake! She is at the age where she just loves singing the birthday song, so this present was a great choice for her!
What I like:
1. You press the button and each time you do, a candle lights up. So, you can light just one candle, or two, or all five...it's up to you. When you have the number of candles lit that you want, just wait a second and if you don't press the button again, the bday song will start. My two year old likes to press it until all 5 candles are lit (even though she is 2!), and she counts out loud along with the little voice coming from the cake.
2. It's cool that while the song is playing, you can press the buttons to hear cool sounds and fun melodic variations thrown in. I love that if my daughter starts pushing buttons during the song, it just adds to the fun of the song, but finishes! I get so tired of toys where a push of a button stops something right in the middle to go on to something else! Little kids love pushing buttons over and over, so I think whoever designed this, did it RIGHT! Thank you!
3. The best thing about the cake is that you can actually "blow out" the candles (via a little grouping of holes in the middle of the cake). And the cake says "Yay!!" after you do, which my kids love and join in on.
4. It has a volume adjustment. (Parents always LOVE to be able to control the volume a bit!)
5. It is little! I love that it is little, which means my 2-year old can pack it around easily and it doesn't take up much room on a shelf.

What I'd like better:
1. The birthday song is instrumental and it is just plain too fast for its target audience (approx. 1-4 yr. olds) to keep up with as they try to sing along. When we sing for birthdays at our house, we always slow down/pause slightly after saying the name, before singing the final "Happy birthday to you." (Most people I know do the same thing.) In the instrumental melody the cake plays, not only is it too fast all the way through, but it doesn't slow down or pause at all at that point in the song. I wish it did and I think it'd be better if the whole song was slowed down a bit. The little ones would be able to sing along with it better.
2. I actually like that there is an instrumental version of the bday song, but I think the toy would be better if there was also an option to have the bday song with KIDS singing. Of course, they wouldn't be able to sing a name, but they could hum in that spot, then finish the song. I say KIDS, because my children (and I think most are the same) much prefer their music and musical toys that have kids voices singing over the ones that have grown-ups voices doing the singing. Plus, I think with kids singing, the song would've been recorded at a more appropriate speed for little ones to sing along with.
3. To me it's a little odd that the "cake" is blue. (I know, it could be blue frosting!) This is not really important and I know kids couldn't care less, but just to me personally, I'd have liked it better if the cake was yellow.

Overall though, I think this is a very cool, fun little toy.

These systems are get fun and learning tools. I wish they had something like this when I was a kid, instead of flash cards and that stupid cursive writing paper that we spend hours with trying to stay between the lines.

The coolest thing is that kids act like it's a game, so learning is actually fun. Instead of popping in a video for them to watch over and over and over and over again, these provide entertainment that teaches them something.

We have gone through several of the Leapfrog Tag Junior Books (ages 12 months - 4 years ) and now are getting the LeapFrog LeapReader (4-8 years), and Mr. Pencil stylus and writing (Ages 3-6 ) kits.

Along the way we also got the Leapfrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake and the LeapFrog Creativity Camera. Both were big hits. You do however have to be able to live without you iPhone for a while, since the LeapFrog Creativity Camera is just a case for the iPhone.

All the LeapFrog products are made to last. They are very durable and can take drops, kicks, slobber, food, and tosses.

Over all I find the LeapFrog product line a great investment every time we get a new one.

My first granddaughter got this "cake" as a first birthday gift from a family friend. She loved it & so did the whole family! The variety of songs & counting is great & you can ACTUALLY BLOW OUT THE CANDLES! She is almost 4 now and IT STILL WORKS AS WELL AS THE DAY SHE RECEIVED IT. Her little brother also LOVES IT!
I love this toy so much that I have purchased it as a first birthday gift for 2 other one year olds and now that my 3rd grandbaby (her cousin) was turning 1 in October, I was very disappointed that Leapfrog DISCONTINUED IT!

I was SO HAPPY to find a one on Amazon Brand new & in the box, that I paid MORE than the original toy costed but it was well worth it!
I just wish I had a Crystal Ball to see that my 2 younger children would have babies; I am still considering buying MORE just to have them on hand.

I was attracted to the LeapFrog Counting Candles Birthday Cake because of the neat feature of being able to blow out the candles. I was charmed by the idea of giving my son a cake you can 'light' & blow out candles on over & over again - I remember asking my mom to relight my candles at birthdays, because it was so exciting! Just that memory was enough to spur me to purchase it as a gift for my son's upcoming first birthday.

But, since he's too young to understand birthdays, surprises, gifts, etc, I tried it out with him before wrapping it up for his birthday, to gauge his interest in it! He enjoys pressing the buttons to light the candles, but understandably didn't get blowing them out. I demonstrated a few times, but he was more entertained by my comical puffed cheeks & 'O' mouth than what was going on on the cake! That's understandable!

Pressing the balloon starts up a song, & lights the candles in time to the music. The candles flicker, which is neat to kids (& I was a little impressed too), then it asks to blow them out at the end. Failing to within around 10 seconds causes them to go out one by one with a little musical flourish, & applause. Pressing the buttons during the song (which is encouraged) makes party favor noises. Pressing the star button lights candles one by one, then plays 'Happy Birthday to You', & then asks to blow out the candles. There are also some cute (& not-so-cute - more on that later) phrases that ask for a response. My favorite is 'Did you make a wish?', followed by a little candle dance, then the question 'what did you wish for?'

I appreciate that the songs & phrases connect the numbers to the candles in an easy to recognize way - as the song counts to five, the candles light one by one, & the count is repeated a few times. The candle tops are soft, if they happen to be chewed or smacked, which is likely with the enticing dancing lights inside. LeapFrog included an on/off/volume switch, which is a must in this modern age of obnoxious toys. However, it is right on the front of the toy, is very knobby & easy for the child to operate... which sort of defeats the purpose.

There are a few complaints to be had, besides the next-to-useless control switch. The candles, while very realistic & cute, are not as responsive as actual candles. Maybe more like trick candles. To blow them out, you really need to blow straight down onto the cake, into the sensor holes. Also, the candles themselves don't do anything besides flicker. If they operated as buttons, where pressing them would light them or identify them (as they're each a unique color) would add a little something. My son enjoyed smacking the lights, & ignored the buttons which actually work the toy. Also, it claims to 'celebrate with 6 songs', but it seems to heavily favor two - 'Happy Birthday to You' & the counting song. My last gripe, which is strictly a personal issue, & might not matter to many parents, is one phrase that says something like 'I love chocolate ice cream! What's your favorite flavor?' My kid might not understand at this age, but still - junk food can wait. I know, let the 'but you bought him a toy cake!' comments begin!

Overall, I have to commend LeapFrog on making a really unique toy, which celebrates something kids love (Birthday cake! Blowing out candles! Singing 'Happy Birthday!'), & does it in a simple, workable way. Its a great imagination prop for kids to have parties for themselves, friends, toys, parents, whoever at any old time! It could do with more features, perhaps some color learning play, more interactive & responsive candles. However, it might be a 'sometime' toy, because of the repetitive song selection, & the control knob being controllable by kids. If you have fond memories of blowing out candles growing up, & want to share them with your baby, then its well worth it!

I toyed with the idea of buying this for a long time due to the high cost since Leapfrog discontinued it. I bought it when priced at $40; a hefty investment, but a good one for my little one. My little one LOVES this toy. She's had it about 8 months now and still uses it often. We discovered she learned to count to 5 at about a year and a half. We heard her counting along with the toy and then on her own when the toy was put away. There's no guarantee every kid will love it as much as mine, but I am so glad I took a chance on it. She has gotten a lot of enjoyment from it. No regrets with this purchase.

I bought this for my friend's baby's 1st birthday. I actually wound up getting her daughter a different toy while this was still being shipped to me. I am one of those people who buy gifts early and change my mind about a hundred times so it had nothing to do with the toy itself or the shipping time I just simply changed my mind. I think that this little cake is adorable and I am actually saving it for my son's 1st birthday as a gift for him because I really do like it and I don't need it for my friend. It will spend months in my closet until my son's b-day (he is almost 5 months now) but I am sure it will be just as cute when May rolls around. haha. Cute design and concept and I like the small/compact size because for what it is it doesn't need to be any bigger (nice for storing it as is). We'll see how my son likes it later on! :)

This was a gift for a second birthday of a little boy. It is easy to use but an older person must turn it on for the younger child. The sound is not too loud and not too soft. The happy birthday song brings lots of smiles and when done it instructs the child to blow out the candles. At two years old the child did not have a strong blow but the toy picked it up and completed its function by turning off the candle lights. We brought it back out for his third birthday and he still loves it.

This was a little pricey but I bought anyway for my son's first birthday- several months later he still plays with it every day. He still has not figured out how to blow the candles out but he loves to see me do it. He also loves pushing the two buttons and seeing the candles light up while listening to the music. It has volume control and an off button for my sanity although I dont find it annoying like I have found other "noise maker" toys. I didn't intend for this to be an every day toy- I figured he'd play with it for a while and then I'd bring it out each birthday- but he loves it so much I can't take it away! I think this would make a great birthday gift for any toddler.

I found this toy and wanted to get it for my son's 1st birthday. It arrived just in time and we had a lot of fun preparing him for all the singing at his party (which, in our family, kids tend to cry at big groups singing to them). He loved pushing the balloon and star buttons to "count" to 5, play more songs, hear quirky sounds, and he even started to understand that he can "blow out" the candles (a very cool/fun feature)! The concept is very cute, it teaches children to count and understand what they can expect at their birthday party. The candles actually "glow" with the lights flickering. Also, the flames are coated with a rubberized material ...my son wanted to chew them a bit, but it's very durable. Speaking of durability, he pushed this toy off of our dining table multiple times and the thing keeps on going! I highly recommend this toy for multiple reasons and want to add that, just like my subject line, it's NOT just for birthdays! I think he will enjoy playing with it for years to come. I think I might put it away in a few months so we can bring it back out prior to his 2nd birthday next June so he can build up the fun and excitement all over again!

My son played with one of these when he was 13 months and figured out how to "blow" out the candles. I wish we would have bought it a few weeks before his 1st bday so we could practice for his bday candle for his party...oh well. It still makes for a very fun and educational toy. You can count along as you light up the candles, you can practice distinguishing the different colors of the candles. I love that it has a volume button with two settings and an off position as well. I love this toy and would recommend it to ages between 11 months to 5 years old.

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