20 Fiber Optic Finger Lights for Raves or Other Party Occasions

20 Fiber Optic Finger Lights for Raves or Other Party Occasions

Talk about cool! These fiber optic finger lights are great fun for those who want to blow peoples minds away. The fiber optic attachment creates a cool effect that shoots points of light up to each tip.

The fiber optic attachment on these finger lights are detachable - that's right! You can take them off whenever you want and have a traditional finger light. When you want to put the fiber optic back on, just attach it back on!

Fiber optic finger lights are great to give lights shows. They are also great as party favors, raves, concerts, and even to use on the dance floor. These finger lights do not have a steady color mode. They alternate between two different colors.

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Comments / reviews:
We have the original finger lights. I don't really see the point of the fiber optic part and will buy the original finger lights the next time.

These are soooooooo much fun for my 3year old granddaughter. Loves them. Good for party favors or to use when it is dark.

I bought some of these as a little Christmas surprise for the kiddos and my boyfriend. Of course, I ended up loving them as well! They are super fun, especially in the dark. I would certainly buy these again--and might just do so ;)

All items were great THANK YOU

My granddaughter loves them.

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