LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal - Purple

LeapFrog Tag Junior Book Pal - Purple

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A love of books starts long before children can read - and its benefits can last a lifetime. Using the same amazing touch technology as the Tagamp;trade; Reading System, the Tagamp;trade; Junior book pal is designed to encourage toddlers' natural desire to explore, while introducing preschool skills through playful book-based activities. The Tag Junior book pal is easy for parents and children to use. Parents can download audio for up to five books to the book pal, then let their toddlers explore. Each Tag Junior board book introduces a different preschool skill - such as the alphabet, counting or social play - through 24 playful activities and more than 130 audio responses.* Open-ended questions and fun sound effects encourage children to take charge, as they touch any part of any page to bring words, pictures or activities to life. After their child has played, parents can connect the book pal to the online LeapFrogamp;reg; Learning Path to see their child's progress and get printable activities to expand the learning!


Foster a lifelong love for reading at an early age with the LeapFrog Tag Junior Reading system. This unique reading system encourages toddlers to engage with books through music, appealing sound effects, and open-ended questions. Designed for toddlers ages two through four, the LeapFrog Tag Junior Reading system uses the touch technology to allow toddlers to interact and explore the pages of the book with a touch of the Tag Junior Book Pal. Each Tag Junior Activity book teaches a different age-appropriate skill such as sharing, counting numbers, or learning the alphabet. The Tag Junior Reading system includes one board book, and the Tag Junior Book Pal can hold audio for up to five books.

Tag Junior Book Pal (Purple)

    Ages:2 to 4 years

  • 2 "AAA" batteries (not included)
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Comments / reviews:
Ok, first off a comparison to it's big papa, the Tag Sr., which I also own. After the comparison I will list a brief pro's and con's list for the people who just NEED to skim through a review:

Regarding the reader itself (the pen thing on the Tag and the little alien thing on the Tag Jr.):
- Tag Jr. is way better for little hands, it's little "head" fits perfectly into my 2yr old's tiny grip.
- It seems to be a lot sturdier, my son has drops it once and again onto our (carpeted) floors and this little guy just rolls with the punches, literally.
- The Tag has a little pencil-like thingie at the bottom that activates the camera, whereas the Tag Jr. has a small circular butt, overall it helps make it much more resilient to falls and the accidental (or are they?) "slams-it-down" on the book mishaps during particularly exciting pages.
- The purple one is really pink, so keep that in mind if you're particular about your boy playing with pink toys (also, get your head outta the gutter).

- It's a great fit for little hands.
- Feels sturdy and durable.
- The camera activator is much better designed for the coordination-impaired.
- There's a list of child names on the Tag Software so the reader can greet your child by name each time you turn the device on-off.

- Chews through batteries! The manual says not to use rechargeables, but I use them anyway, it's just a battery hog!
- This one is PINK not PURPLE, I don't mind, but maybe you don't like pink.
- You need to take off the battery cover to reach the usb slot.
- The buttons are not as easy to reach when your child is holding the device and forgets to turn it on, so he will wind up banging it on the book confused until you find the small groove the button is in.
- It seems to not work if it's not somewhat level with the book surface.

Regarding the books:
- The Tag Sr. books are regular paper books, so they tear up pretty easily. Now the Tag Jr. books are meant to be used by little ones! They're made from sturdy cardboard and (some) have pretty, vibrant colors.
- The activities on the Tar Sr. are usually started by pressing on the specific "buttons" on each page, on the Tag Jr. they are streamlined into the experience, for example, if you touch the same object a couple times it may prompt you to find and "click" on another page in the book.
- The Jr. books seem (with reason, I guess) to be much more simplistic than the Tag Sr. ones, but that means you also get much less content and much more repetition on the Jr.

- The books are made out of durable cardboard with (sometimes) vibrant and colorful imagery.
- The stories are more simplistic and easier for a small child to get "useful learnin'" out of.
- The activities are built into the reading experience and start when the same spot in the page is tapped in repetition, they seem fun, but my child just ignores them.

- The activities are built into the reading experience. Yes, this is also a con, because sometimes my kid just wants a sound to play again when he touches the same image twice, as it stands, he needs to cycle through the 3 or 4 different sounds (be them activities or spoken descriptions of the objects he is touching).
- The books are small, this ain't entirely a bad thing, but it unfortunately means there's less things to do on each page.
- There's too much repetition and some of the cool sound effects are hard to find and activate.

Nice to haves:

- It would be nice to have the ability to "record" a couple sentences or songs from the books in mommy's voice, which doesn't seem like would be THAT much of a problem to implement by the support team. (Yes, I'm talking to you guys! Stop playing with your Halos and your plastic guitars and get working on this!)
- Get those popular Tag Sr. brands on this thing! Toddlers enjoy Pixar too, you know.

My son has an original TAG reader so I bought this one for my daughter after accidentally purchasing some TAG Junior books (not realizing that the TAG is also compatible with TAG Junior books, but not the other way around). The design is extremely durable, the price is right, and the battery compartment is extremely well secured. The only issue with it is my two year old doesn't want to use it often, she loves looking at the books, and using her brothers TAG but generally she does not want to have anything to do with hers. Now mind you she is extremely opinionated at times, so it is not extremely surprising, and my son likes to use either of them so it gets used nonetheless.

My daughter wanted me to read to her all the time. After she turned four she wanted me to teach her how to read as well; the only issue was her attention span. She couldn't focus enough to learn more than the simplest of words like "I" and "A" from me. I debated on getting this for quite some time then I decided it wouldn't hurt to try. She can read every book that came with it without the book pal now!

I bought this as a gift for my niece's two year old daughter.I thought she would need to stash it until the little one was older and developmentally ready to begin the process of learning to read.I was astonished to learn that she already had one and was already learning and recognizing letters and really enjoying books because of this product. My niece assured me that my additional Book Pal was still usable because it provided room for more reading opportunities that she could no longer access on her first one because it was "full" to the maximum capacity for data. Apparently,these Book Pals have a limit of five books that they can be used with.That is not much to a brand new reader!

My mother-in-law bought this for my 2-year old for Christmas this year, and we love it so much that I bought it for my niece's 2-year birthday! I love that wherever they put the "Pal" on the page, something talks or makes noise. Kids can grow into it; using it for the fun noises and story at first, and then later following along with the words. When you download the software on your computer, you can choose your kid's name from a list so the Pal says their name everytime they turn it on and off. What a thrill for them! Some of the books are pretty simple (Curious George Colors) and some are more for reading (the vowel sounds set), so it's a nice variety of learning levels.

I bought this for my daughter's 2nd birthday, she opened it last night and hasn't put it down. I absolutely love the fact that it says her name when she turns it on and off, also that you can have more than one book on it at a time because she keeps going between them. It's very durable for a toddler, sturdy build. The fact that you have to take the back off to plug it into the computer is kind of a nuisance, but it's super easy, I just use a butter knife; it's also very smart because we all know that kids get things dirty and if it were exposed it probably wouldn't work after while. I wish they would have had the tag pals out sooner and I would have bought them for her as an infant. I would completely recommend this to others, great learning tool for toddlers!!!!

We bought this for our 2 year old for x-mas and he is finally figuring out how it works- six months later. I think it's a great product. It can store about 6 books at a time and we really like the selection of books offered for this program. I love how durable the books and the "reader" are. The reader fits in my child's hand nicely too. I like how interactive the books are- all the pictures say something or make sounds or music. It's a really well thought out reading program. My child wasn't into it though until he was 2 1/2- I'm still waiting for him to really get how it all works. Overall, we're really satified with our purchase.

This was an extra reader, since we have more than the 5 books that will fit on a reader. You can store them online through leapfrog, but you have to shuffle which books are on the reader at a time. Instead we chose to buy a second one, and then we'd know by the color which books were on which reader. It works great, the only thing I don't like is that a persistent kid can open the latch on the back, and having to open it to attach the cable is annoying. But not enough to find an alternative. Great toy.

I've bought this toy for my 3 year old granddaughter, when she first heard the toy say her name, her first reaction was to hug and kiss it. she loved it, she said she thought it was so cute, so sweet and so smart. She called it the scientist. I also bought the books, She was reading all by herself in less than a week. It's a good feeling to see children happy. This reader is a great toy for preschoolers. Thank you!

I bought my, then 3 year old, a Leapfrog Tag for Christmas last year. He and his sister, 2 years old, constantly fought over it so I decided to buy her the Tag Junior and of course they both love it! They still have plenty of fights over which Tag they want to use:) It is definitely a good tool to help children learn how to read. My son was already reading before I bought him the Tag, but my daughter wasn't and she is definitely starting to read a few words! I highly recommend both of these products!!!!

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