Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

Product Description

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Blue)

An exciting handheld device, the Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System is a great introduction to technology that provides plenty of fun learning activities for young children. This sophisticated, yet kid-friendly toy features six distinct interactive options--such as a Digital Reader, Game Player, and MP3 Player--that will entertain and teach kids aged 3 to 7. By connecting this device to your computer you can add your own photos and music to the iXL, create profiles, and download extras that will enhance your child's experience.

iXL 6-in-1 Learning System

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Comments / reviews:
I bought the iXL for my son for his third birthday, and with some trepidation, I might add. I was concerned that he might be too young to use it without frustration. Boy was I wrong. He took to it like a duck to water, quickly understanding the menus and games with very little prompting. He has two titles for it besides the built-in title, Handy Manny and Toy Story 3, and both are a big hit. The games are appropriate to his dexterity level and don't frustrate him, and they also don't penalize wrong answers, which could have been an annoyance. Instead, a wrong answer or two causes the character (Monkey Narrator, or Handy Manny, or Woody, for example, depending on the title) to remind my son what his goal is.

The format of the titles is both good and bad. On the good side, there are no cartridges to lug around, keep track of, not lose, and not break. On the bad side, the iXL will only hold a couple of extra titles in its built-in memory. After that, you have to buy an SD card to expand the memory. No big deal, really. But, this system means you have to have a PC or Mac available to load the titles on, and you have to not lose the USB cable that comes with the iXL, lest you not be able to load new content.

Speaking of loading content, we put a bunch of photos and music on the device so that my son can listen to familiar tunes and draw mustaches on Mommy and Daddy. This is a pretty nice feature, and really makes it HIS iXL.

Finally, I was concerned about whether the iXL would still be interesting when he's 5, 6, or 7. As it happens, a friend brought over his kids, 5 and 7, to play one day, and they both leapt on the iXL. After a couple hours of play, I'm no longer worried. Kids from 3 to 7 will like this, although the older ones may be ready for the next device up, like a Nintendo DS, iPod Touch, or similar device.

Bottom line, I like the iXL's focus on younger kids than the leapfrog devices, and every activity is a learning activity. It's not primarily a game player. It's more of an e-reader that also has some games and activities like leapfrog.

These iXL game devices are wonderful learning tools for young children. I currently own three of them: one blue and two pink. All 5 of my children love them. My kids are pretty hard on their toys and these have lasted through all 5 of them. My youngest is 4 and my oldest is 9 and they all still love to play with it, but my younger children play with it longer. I like that it doesn't have cartdriges with it. you get on the computer and download the games, songs, and even pictures onto the device, so everything is always on the game for the child to enjoy. It also has a place for an SD card, which is great for adding extra games or songs, you really can't run out of space. There is also an app for the child to draw on the pictures you have loaded to the device. My kids really enjoyed decorating and drawing on their families personal pictures. It also has a lock where the batteries go so the youngest children wont be able to access the batteries and mess with them or put them in their mouth. There are also so many options for games, in all your childrens favorite characters, to purchase and work with, which gives you lots of options, and ensures your child doesn't get bored after a few minutes. They will be able and will want to use the game for many years. I would recommend this to any parent who wants to get an educational portable game system for a young child.

Pluses: My 4 year old son was immediately engrossed with this toy and was able to use it very little assistance; we now limit his time on this device so he'll do other activities. This is a good learning tool for younger children. Various themes are offered: counting, spelling, music, and coloring (can select from a palette of 16 colors); it does offer diverse entertainment. It should be ideal for a long car or airplane trip (small size is good). Family photographs can be downloaded and then drawn upon. There are up to 6 user accounts for different youngsters that can be created, but I do not consider this as a toy that can be easily shared; other than there are games for two players.

Minuses: 1) Children learn fast and its hard to believe any educational software suited for a 3/4 year old is going to challenge a 6/7 year old (which is the upper age range). The current software available seems good for about 3-5 year olds. The included software only has counting up to 20; video game up to only 10; the reading and vocabulary are little more advanced. There are other CD titles released, but I'm unsure that these really address the educational level for older children. 2) The transfer speed to down load optional software titles from a CD is very slow. It took about 30 minutes to download the Batman CD; this is about 30 minutes for 42MB of data. I'm guessing a 256MB flash memory that is about 10 years old is being employed in this unit. You just need to be patient when downloading any items (CD, photos, music). 3) The screen space for writing words is small; children are asked to write their name on the screen, but names longer than 4 letters need to be crammed into the space allotted. The major intent is to trace a single letter or number and then, in this scenario, the writing space is adequate.

Other Info: As noted above the unit most likely has a 256MB flash memory installed; initially about 65MB is used (this includes the monkey: games, book, spelling, numbers, etc.) and about 160MB is free. So you should be able to add 4 games ($$$), but most likely not 5 ... especially if you have downloaded some music and/or photos into the unit. The unit seems a little heavy after loaded with batteries (not included) ... so smaller hands may have a harder time grasping and not dropping this toy (it does appear to be durable).

This looks like a very fun toy. I haven't actually given it to my three-year-old yet because I'm saving it for a big plane trip, but I've fully tested it out and it is functional and durable, despite some negative reviews. I generally think this is a really good toy. I'm going to start having to limit screen time with this one because I'll bet my daughter will want to play with it too much. I have a few minor grumbles only. I wish it had a small keyboard. Everything with a keyboard on the market has stupid content. This has great content but no keyboard and my daughter wants something with a keyboard because she wants a "computer". This doesn't look like a phone or i-pod, so there is no sense in pretending it is one. It would be better as a mini-child's laptop. Also, I wish it would speak the child's name the way the Leapster does. That one has much more limited content but it is very attractive to children thanks to its keyboard and voicing of the child's personalized name. A combo of those features in this would make for the super-ultimate preschool toy. Otherwise, it has great features. The mini-apps, which are downplayed in advertising, are among the best features actually. Don't be misled. Little kids can't do and don't care about the "games". The like the drawing studio and music. They also love the piano mini app and the virtual pet and things like that. The free story that it comes with is about baseball and is really pretty stupid but I have yet to see a manufacturer who could get it threw their heads that they could use actually high quality children's stories with this. Say, hire a real author. Duh. But I digress. My kids don't even know what baseball is because we don't live in the US most of the time but I don't particularly care because I wanted it for the mp3 player, art studio, letter writing and photo book features and it has those and much more that will be great for my kids.

I found out about this toy because my nephew has one. He is five now, and he has had it since he was two. He still chooses to play with it the majority of the time over his tablet, leap pad, and vreader. My son just turned two, and he loves it! I really like how the toy has things that a young child can do unassisted, but it also has things that a five year old can be entertained with. My son loves the drawing program, the mp3 player, and the games we have loaded. The games are nice because they are loaded onto the game, rather than being cartridges, so I was able to load my nephew's games onto my son's player and visa versa. This thing is super durable! My son has dropped it down the stairs onto concrete numerous times and it's never been affected. It's easy to hold onto for younger kids, which I like. My son learned all of his letters and numbers with almost no effort on my part, and I definitely think it is because of this game.
I highly recommend purchasing rechargeable batteries for it. My son likes to use it as a music player and leave it turned on and playing music. I have two sets of rechargeable batteries and I just have one set charging while the other set is in use.
My only complaint about this game is that the volume button is huge and right in the middle of the controls, so my son often turns it up all the way, which drives me crazy. But there are worse things!

We have Dora, Handy Manny, Toy Story, and Cars. Each of the programs offers different games, a story, and coloring book pages and stamps.

At 18 months my grandson has known how to click and drag... He'd had a Mobigo and he loves it.. so I thought this system, especially with all the fun and learning capabilities it has, would be great. I gave it to him for his 4th birthday and he loves it. I set it up ahead of time so when he opened it he could have the choice to play it right away. I did have difficulty putting the cd into my computer but when I called, the customer service rep did a wonderful job at walking me thru a download version. Once I got that in my computer I could add the games, I got Green Lantern and Toy Story for him also, and get some music and put some of my pictures on his iXL.. While I was watching him the only drawback was .. the stylus is only on the right side.. grandson is definitely left handed. He kind of fumbled at first trying to do it with his left but he's got it now.. (after all he works the mouse on the computer with his right, every one in the family is right handed) We do have to change the batteries often because he plays with it so much
I would recommend this to everyone.. great learning tool and fun

We bought one of these about 2 years ago. We have been through an InnoTab 2 and a LeapPad. This uses solid state memory. The others use this and cartridges. One software purchase will work for each iXL. If you have a multi-child house then this is what you should get them. They are tanks that take a beating. They do eat the batteries. But you won't have to watch them break. Our 2yr old drags hers around by the stylist (this is the oldest of the iXL's) and sometimes pounds on the screen with the stylus (not a mark, scratch, or crack on the screen). The InnoTab 2 was dropped from the top bunk once and was broken. The iXL has done this like a job. The LeapPad went down a flight of stairs once and it died. The iXL does this like a walk in the park. We are good parents and as any parent with experience will tell you that it will happen no matter how careful you are.

Now the good and the bad.

BAD - Fisher Price has discontinued supporting and selling it.
- No Camera (I don't think that this is really that bad)
- Slow to load
- Batteries last about 1 1/2 hrs

GOOD - The good is they can be found everywhere inexpensively
- Most the software is on the inexpensive side because of the before mentioned. (even free)
- There are enough games out there for it to last a good long time and are great hand-me-downs. Since a week ago our 3 yr old has started to speak and write her ABC's and 1,2,3's using this. She is learning quickly from this device and with the help from her 4 yr old sister she just might move ahead in a few other areas.
- Will take (recomended) up to a 16gb SD Card
- Plays MP3s (Kids love this)
- You can load pics too (Kids love this too) and paint with the pics.
- Software customizes to the child in stories i.e. boy/girl, favorite color, snack, drink, and a few other things.
- Oh yea it's built like a tank! (Key point for a toddler toy)

We initially bought this for our older son (4 1/2 at the time) and he used it for a month and lost interest. He really liked the coloring and music but was not interested in the games, book or mini-apps at all. I think the biggest factor in loosing interest was the fact that his technological level was much higher than the simplistic design of the iXL. He was already at the point where he could play complicated PS3 games which involved multiple buttons and complex problem solving skills to beat game levels. The iXL was just to easy for him to stay interested.

Having said that, his little brother (3 1/2 at the time) picked up the iXL after his older brother lost interest. He literally plays with the iXL almost every day (he is almost 4 now). He uses all the feature and has every story memorized word for word. He plays with the coloring app, learning apps (like letters and numbers), mini apps, and main games. We bought the Cars 2 package for the iXL and he loves that too. I think the biggest difference between my two sons is my younger son has not started to play PS3 yet so the iXL is still fun and challenging for him. He really has learned most of his #'s and letters from the iXL (and a few other toys he has) and he is not even in preschool yet. He has put the iXL through a lot of abuse (dropping, throwing, sitting on, etc.) and it is still working just fine.

I'd recommend the iXL if your child is new to technology or is not very good at other gaming/learning systems. Also learning has to be a main interest. There are "games" on the iXL but they are not that fun, especially compared to true gaming systems like PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.

I bought this for my son, since my daughter has one, and he is always playing hers. I find everything about this product easy for a child. There is only one tip I would like to share as I Have seen others comment about how it doesn't always work, or some of the games go missing for the memory. Remember your child is playing with this toy, and not always gently. Though it is made to withstand a lot of play, if the games go missing or you do find a gray screen talking about the memory card, the solution to both these issues is to remove the memory card, and then stick it back in after a few seconds. It is sNOT broken, so dont let that be your first thought, and im sure your child will play with it for a long time.mine have.

This is a great product. Unfortunately you cannot find everywhere so I have purchased multiple in case in gets broken by my 4 year old. This is a very durable product and has been dropped multiple times but still works. I had to replace it once because my son spilled water on it. Other than that it's great. One thing to know when it is dropped and you have a SD card in the slot, it gets loose and you have to open the SD card slot section and re-insert.

It's amazing to see my 4 year old son maneuver through this game system. He had this game system since he was 2 years old. I was also able to download a Yo Gabba Gabba song which he plays often. I hope Fisher Price decides to re-continue making this product as well as new games. I would recommend this product to anyone.

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