Solar Powered Dancing Flower - Green

Solar Powered Dancing Flower - Green

Put one on your desk, your windowsill or in your car--no one will be able to suppress a grin every time it begins to sway. The Solar Dancing Flower will benefit anyone needing a unique item to spruce up their room d??cor, or for studying solar energy in a fun and simple way. Features: * This unique solar-powered plant does not need batteries or water! * Fun, decorative and eco-friendly. * Flower gently moves up and down when exposed to sunlight or other light energy. * It will give you back your good mood when you look at it. * Kids will be fascinated for hours. Great gift idea for teachers, florists, business people and more! Note: This flower is the green version of this product.

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Comments / reviews:
I had read several reviews stating similar flowers from Bee Happy were unreliable (i.e. stopped working after a few weeks, or never worked at all), so I was careful in choosing this particular company. I gave the flower as a gift, and the recipient received two others from Bee Happy at the same time, so I was anxious to see how they would compare. The Minya green flower had a slightly cheaper feel. When set up indoors together, the two Bee Happy flowers began dancing under the artificial light, but the Minya only wobbled a bit. I was quite disappointed, until we set it in a window - in real sunlight, the Minya was a little green dynamo. Dance, dance, dance! It was adorable. My conclusion is if you're planning to buy a solar flower for indoor use where there are no windows, you may be better off with the Bee Happy brand. However, if sunlight is available, this one is just as good. (The person for whom I bought it unwrapped all three a month ago, and to my knowledge they are all still working.)

They were as expected, as the picture showed, but...two of the five were broken due to the shipping container that they were STUFFED into. The box was not large enough for the five items. My husband was able to repair with a little glue.

My mom had one similar, was less durable though and the plastic seemed of less quality, it broke because it fell. got this in the mail in a month or so; she was really astonished and happy when i gave it to her as a gift. Looks amazing, and can feel the quality of the product, strong plastic and detailed smoothly and perfect.

This is very well made and moves with only a little bit of sunlight required. Looks great in the back of my car

i really enjoy my solar flowers, i have several of them. different types, some times they come damaged but i have no problem getting them

I was a little skeptical about it because of all of the negative comments but my mom has been everywhere trying to find one. When it arrived it started working as soon as we put it on the light. My mom was very happy and I was very relieved because I have it to her for Mother's Day but it worked and she loved it.

Cute product, simple and effective. Very well packaged and easily disassembling product which is good to customize. I switched out the pot on mine to a green "warp pipe" and replaced the flower with a piranha plant head I made from a small foam ball. The plant itself has no battery so will only sway while in direct light.

I like this product, putting it under a light it dances for a long time, it is an interesting little gadget. Three of the ones I gotten were damaged for this company, too much of a hassle to get refund. Some Dollar Tree stores have them right now, for cheaper.

I have mine mounted on the dashboard of my car. Perhaps I'm just easily amused but I smile every single time I see it. What is the value of an object that can make you smile two or three times a day?

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