LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer Carrying Case

LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer Carrying Case

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LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer Carrying Case

From the Manufacturer

Protects your LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer handheld for on-the-go play and learning. Extra protection for on-the-go play and learning. Use this case to carry your LeapsterGS Explorer handheld. Extra protection for on-the-go play and learning. Holds handheld and 4 LeapFrog Explorer learning game cartridges.

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Comments / reviews:
My son really likes this case for his LeapsterGS Explorer. It is very well constructed, protects the Leapster very well and serves him well. The only thing I would want is to have the elestic straps somehow work as holders for the extra 4 AA batteries that he always carries around with the unit. We don't have any game cartidges to carry since the games are all downloaded into the actual unit. Instead, those game cartridge spots would make great spare battery spots.

The price for this item was "just right." I, in fact, bought two...one for each of my grandchildren's Leapsters (which were also priced affordably on Amazon). The adapter is available at a decent price as well. The case is builty sturdily and the Leapster fits cozily and securely inside. There are pouches in the upper lid for at least four game cartridges too. The strap is a great accessory as the kids hang it off thier wrists or hands to carry them. The prices for the entire assembly of carrying case, Leapster, and plug-in adapter was appropriate and timed perfectly for a great Christmas present for the little ones. Thanks Amazon!

If you have the LeapsterGS and you want it to last, get this case. It has room for both the LeapsterGS (with cartridge in it) + slots for 4 more cartridges. The case will protect the LeapsterGS in the event it is dropped or squashed during transport. It doesn't really protect the LeapsterGS while your child is playing with it, because you'll take it out of the case. I like the fact that the case doesn't add too much bulk, and comes with a hand strap to help carry it.

If you're in and out of the car all day and your child is toting one of these around, I think you will really appreciate the protection this case can offer.

Best gift to give an 8year old that loses everything

The case is just as described and does the job. It holds 4 games, isn't bulky or heavy, and is a nice bright color. My 3 year old drops it sometimes with the LeapsterGS in it and it has held up well. No damage to the Leapster so far and it is great for taking everything on the go, so I'm very pleased with this product. The games stay put, but are easy enough to remove to change out the game that my 3 year old can do it.

My son of six is always dropping his leapster and this case was a blessing for him. Witht he strip and hard case he hasn't dropped it to the ground as of yet. Thank you Leapster for making this case.

Pros: hard shell, strip

Perfect case for my son's explorer gs. Enough storage for games. Easy to handle and sturdy. Great product to keep the gs safe.

this item is very durable in case your child would drop it their leapster won't break inside it.
it also holds up to 4 games which is great for your kids to carry along with them any place they go.
i would recommend to everyone and they do have different colors which i didn't realize when i ordered.
that was the only draw back because i would have liked a different color for my granddaughter

I ordered this for my daughter for her leapster. I didn't read the description very well, its for a leapster gs explorer. My daughter has a regular leapster explorer, it fits perfectly though!!!! I like how it has slots for four games to fit in the case with the system. The leapster fits in there very snuggly so I know that it would get damaged when shes carrying it around and if she drops it!!!!

This is easy for my four year old to use, protects the Leapster, and makes it a perfect travel companion. At first I was concerned when there was only room for four games, but once I learned that all the games could downloaded, I realized that we would probably never have more than a couple "cartridge" games anyway.

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