1/16 US M4A3 Sherman Tank (105mm Howitzer) Air Soft RC Battle Tank Smoke & Sound (Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks)

1/16 US M4A3 Sherman Tank (105mm Howitzer) Air Soft RC Battle Tank Smoke & Sound (Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks)

1/16 US M4A3 Sherman Tank Air Soft RC Battle Tank Smoke & Sound (Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks). This tank can move forward, accelerating speed forward, backward, accelerating speed backward, rotating, barrel can be raised 30 degree. Turret can turn 320 degree. Six groups of automotive demonstration function and auto-programming function. This is a 1/16 scale fully custom painted and assembled replica of the US M4A3 Sherman Tank with the 105mm gun barrel featuring radio-controlled of all movement including turret rotation and gun elevation. It features full suspension and a main gun that fires BB pellets up to 25 meters! Excellent value for money and a big improvement on the previous version. A great introduction to large scale radio controlled tanks. Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree Maximum vertical turning angel of gun (up/down) approximately 30-degree Maximum climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) approximately 35-degree Product size: 15 x 6.8 x 7.5 Inches. Function: forward high-speed forward, backward, high-speed backward and spin The barrel moves up and down 30. the turret turns 320 emulation music and action effect Full scale R/C function, frequency-free to change for any frequencies as you like, Multi-players and tanks are allowed Realistic functions, supper chassis, Realistic suspension system Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound Engine sound, machine-gun sound Cannonball sound Emulation action effect

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Comments / reviews:
After reading a bunch of reviews and general online discussion about RC tanks, I used some credit I had to get this Heng Long upgraded Sherman, with metal tracks and some other metal parts. Though the initial experience was a bit diminished by a dead battery charger (promptly replaced), once that was taken care of the tank works as it should. It makes tank noises. It drives around. The turret turns, the gun shoots AirSoft 6mm balls. It has a ton of little plastic model-like accessories like knapsacks, shovels, bogies, etc. and they're all pretty nicely formed. The paint job is relatively plain, but good, and it has a nice solid heft to it. The owner's manual has some interesting, if imaginatively translated, trivia about the Sherman, and the instructions are generally adequate. Packaging is good, stuff arrived intact, and the quality overall appears good. Certainly for competitive tank vs. tank battles I'd recommend the infra-red version, but the AirSoft model shoots decently (good luck aiming at anything in particular!). Overall, a good buy.

Before purchasing this tank I had already owned 2 other Heng Long tanks for about a year. Both of them were slightly defective out of the box and required some tinkering to make work, but were fine after that. This Sherman worked perfectly upon arrival.

The metal tracks and gearbox make this tank much more durable than the other two tanks I own, I won't operate my plastic drivetrain tanks on loose sand or carpet or grass (the instructions even tell you not to). However, the metal tracks and gearbox on this tank are much stronger and work fine on those surfaces.

The realism of this tank is very good too; it comes with a nice paint job and many scale accessories (shovels, tow cables etc), most of which are attached to the tank out of the box. My KV-1 tank came in green monotone with almost no attached accessories, although there are decals and accessory items that come with it. My PanzerIII came with a decent amount of the accessories attached and pre-painted and several more were in a separate pack in the box.

The only disappointing thing with this tank was the price, typical Heng Long tanks with metal upgrades and smoke/sound sold through Amazon cost less than 2/3 of what I paid for this one, and it cost me almost 3 times as much as each of my other tanks. It's still half the price of a comparable Tamiya tank though... and since I already had a German tank and a Russian tank I really was looking for a Sherman and this was the only one available.

This my third Heng Long Air Soft tank that I own. I have a Tiger I, M41A3 Bulldog, and now a Sherman. I love the detail and the realistic sound of these units. They smoke and "chug" along like the real thing. I like that this one came with the metal tracks already installed. I had to install the metal tracks on my Tiger I, and was not really difficult for a seasoned RC person like myself, but to the novice, it would have been a pain. I highly recommend these tanks to children 15 years and up. The velocity at which the plastic BB's come out of the barrel, make this unit dangerous to younger children. If handled properly, and please read the instructions with these tanks, you will have hours of fun. If you get the optional IR unit, you can play simulated battles with a friend. I am most pleased with these tanks and recommend them to anyone who likes R/C models of this type.

I was not sure if this tank was going to be like my 2009 heng long plastic 1/16th panther which constantly breaks the tracks, so I was hesitant. The Sherman arrived yesterday and the outer cardboard shipping box was soggy like it had seen extreme rain. Fortunately though the tank and its box were safe and sound. The tank runs like a champ, is very fast and able to climb over significant obstacles, is heavy in weight and has a better feel and quality to it then older models. I am quite happy with it even though some accessories were missing a mounting peg or two. Please make the Jagdtiger and Elephant for the 1/16th metal versions!

I recevied the Sherman three days after I ordered it, great free shipping! The tank worked great ! I love it !!!! I did have a little trouble getting the eight AA batterys to make contact the AA batterys fit really tight inside the remote but after that I have had no troubles just great fun putting all the stuff on it to my liking . And chasing my dog around the house. And climbing over stuff and the tank does it very well !! For me it's a easy 5 stars
I ordered the Sherman M4A3 1/16 scale with metal upgrade from HOBBYWORX.com

Arrived on time and worked fine until backing up outside and one track came off, but all was put right. On the other hand the accessories should be more accurately modeled, considering given the 1/16 scale. If you are thinking about getting one of the 1/16 RC tanks get the metal tacks and gear up grade.

Love the detail and the fact that everything worked. I waited a long time for someone to come out with a Sherman that was priced right and had the attributes I was looking for.

Most awesome Christmas present "Santa" ever brought a 7 year old!!!!! Decals are a challenge to put on, it works great with an upgraded battery, but out of the box is still FANTASTIC!!!

This thing is so much fun. It's definitely worth breaking down the tracks and oiling the idler wheels and gears.

I really love this US tank it heavy and made very well . The tracks are so good strong metal and it runs and looks so real looks cool ...like if I had a magic power and shrunk a real tank into a small tank. I hope this tank never gets discontinued because I would like to buy more of theses battle tanks US and German tanks next year . I got five german tanks already and want more US tanks .

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