EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles

Product description

Take covert operations to the dark side with this handheld unit that lets you see up to 20 feet in the dark.


Enjoy the thrill of real night vision technology with EyeClops Night Vision stealth goggles! These super stealth goggles allow kids ages eight and older to see in absolute darkness using infrared illumination so they can explore the dark landscape around them. These fun goggles are the perfect companion for slumber party sleep-overs or camp-outs.

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Red LEDs can be turned on or off for maximum surveillance or for stealth.View larger.

Soft rubber ensures a secure and comfortable fit.View larger.What We Think
Fun Factor:


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The Good:Experience the thrill of real night vision technology.

The Bad:The display screen will leave you wanting more.

In a Nutshell:A fun and entertaining toy that will keep older kids entertained for hours.At a Glance
Ages:8 and up
Requires:5 AAA batteries
Darkness Is Your Ally...
With the EyeClops Night Vision goggles, your child can explore dark environments with advanced infrared technology. Set-up is easy. Simply insert five AA batteries into the battery pack at the back of the head-set, and slide the power switch to turn on the goggles. Once the screen display lights up inside of the right eye-piece, you can fit the goggles to your child's head by adjusting the soft rubber straps around top and sides.

EyeClops Night Vision goggles come equipped with a hinged, flip-up eye-piece that can be opened when the goggles are turned off, or closed when the goggles are in use. Your child can choose between the maximum surveillance mode which emits a barely-visible ring of red LEDs around the eyepiece so they can see up to 50 feet in absolute darkness, or go for the stealth mode to remain completely invisible while they explore the dark landscape immediately around them. A small switch on the side of the goggle head-set allows them to switch from a black-and-white to a green screen display.

Enhance Your Nighttime Stealth Operations
The futuristic design of the durable plastic head-piece adds to the fun of these exciting night vision goggles. Soft rubber molding around the goggles and adjustable straps across the top and sides makes them comfortable and easy to wear.

While the EyeClops Night Vision goggles provide a crisp, clear image of dark landscapes, they should always be used under adult supervision. Because the display screen is small and provides limited peripheral vision, these goggles should only be used in environments that are free of potential tripping hazards. As a nice safety feature, the goggles' handy flip-up eye-piece over the left eye provides immediate access to normal vision if your child becomes disoriented or needs to take a break from viewing through the small display screen located in the right eye-piece.

Durable and lightweight, these fun goggles work so well that you might just find yourself borrowing them from your child so you can have your turn enjoying some super stealth, covert nighttime missions of you own!

What's in the Box
EyeClops headpiece with goggles, battery pack and adjustable straps.

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Comments / reviews:
I could probably give this item a higher rating if we owned it long enough to know how sturdy it actually is. It is hard to come up with surprises for teenagers. My 14 year old son really like this. It is amazing how it let's you see in the dark. You only see out of one eye and you have a choice of black and white or green and white. You don't see in color. We figured it would be good where we live to see nocturnal animals at night.

I bought these for my hubby, always looking for something fun and that he would never get for himself. Well I did it this year he was surprised. We live in Minnesota and it has been a very cold winter, however here is a grown man in the back yard on Christmas eve, in the cold trying out the bino's. It was great to see him enjoying them. My only problem was that when they came there was a slip from where the seller had got them, that was a lot cheaper then what I pay. I was happy with the price and what I got till then. Kinda felt like I was ripped off. Contacted the seller to ask why that was in there and had I been over charged, of coarse that was not the case. Just someone skipped a step in there shipping area. And with that one move, I did not get the deal that I thought. I just wish I knew where I could buy stuff and mark it up that much.

Got these for Xmas for my 8 year old son. These are absolutely amazing! You can see like it's daylight when it's pitch black. My brother is in the military and he says his army issued ones don't work this well. My son loves them and frankly, so does my husband. We should have gotten a 2 pack. Only downside is battery suckage. But you kindof expect that for a item like this. The rubber nose & underside liner keep coming off, the clips that hold the rubber on need a new design for them to stay on better. These are great for an 8 year old or up(and are rated as such on the packaging). This is a toy that I would absolutely follow the age recommendations about. For younger kids, these would get broken or the kids would get hurt by not using the correctly.

My son has always wanted night vision goggles- and now that he is 17 I finally found some that work and were not too too expensive. Still, they were $80 and I probably would have given them another star if they were a bit cheaper.

They seem to be good quality and they really do work, lots of fun.

Purchased these for my 10 year old son for Christmas a few years ago. They were on Amazon for less than at the department store. My son loves these night vision goggles! He uses them all the time to play with nerf guns at night or to sneak up on us when we are on camping trips (lol). My husband and son also use them to watch for wild hogs when they go hunting at night. They still work after several years. Worth the money!

Don't get me wrong. These aren't your soldier’s night vision sets, but for $75.00 they aren't bad either!

You can see comfortably 20-50 yards away, and you can literally see everything that moves. However, you can't really walk around with them because they interfere with your depth of field, but if you are sitting in a tree house, or tree stand you would have a good time looking around you.

Read the reviews before purchasing. Most of them were glowing, but I still had doubts. That was before Christmas. My boys were playing in the basement without the lights on and were just "Amazed". Now they are 9 and 12 years old, so amazed to them is a little different to what dad may think is amazing. So I tried them on and went to the basement. I wasn't amazed, I was "astonished". I couldn't believe anything so reasonably priced could work so well! You can literally see in complete darkness. And I mean, see well! They do work! The straps do seem a little "weak". I don't see them lasting long if your adjusting all the time. Unless your gentle with them. Over all a very good product!!

Eye clops missing manual

Before you spend two hours figuring these things out, here are some tips that should have been in the "missing manual" --

1. The comments about spending half an hour getting these out of their package relate to the very difficult side adjustment connector tabs. When you first open the box (peel the inside box away from the outer shroud to expose the plastic "face") -- you will find that the factory has this adjusted RIDICULOUSLY tight to fit the packaging "face". The easiest way to get the device off, without breaking it, is to remove one side attachment tab, then slide the whole device off the plastic "face" by expanding the rubber bands on all three sides (top, left and right).

2. The side attachment tabs have a screw like looking button. These do NOT screw in or out, so don't waste your time trying to "screw" with them. They push in, which BARELY squeezes two little inner prongs together just enough to force the snap tab away from the goggles. In truth, you have to use extreme force on the right tab (the side with the power cord running to the camera and lights), and pretty tough force on the left. The inner prongs are plastic but strong, so, while holding the false screw "push button" in, pry the tab up with your other fingers on both sides with a rocking motion and good force. Very doubtful a child could do this.

3. After you see the hassle of these tabs, you won't want to adjust the thing more than once, as you won't want to keep taking the difficult tabs on and off to be sure they fit! So, here are the general guidelines we've found for fit: Do NOT waste your time trying to PULL the ribbed rubber straps through the tab to adjust it. The ribs are too large for the opening, and you'd need to be a body builder to budge them. Instead, the trick is (assuming you're right handed) to grab the bottom rubber ribbed band (the lengthening side) with your left hand, right near the plastic tab, then pull the TAB ITSELF AWAY from the bottom ribbed band, holding the band while actually moving the tab instead of the band. This will snap the tab along the ribs to lengthen the VERY short factory adjustment. This is counter intuitive, because the instinct is to try to slide the ribbed band through the snap in tab, which simply won't work due to the tight tolerances.

4. Since it's such a hassle to remove the tabs, and you can't adjust them in place-- if you are using this for a child, pull each side strap out until the END of the OUTER rubber band (the one with the large final ribbed "stop" rib at the end) is about 6 to 8 ribs from the outer edge of the mask. If you're using the toy as an adult or teen, you'll need only 2 or 3 ribs, or actually even with the stop tab, for a comfortable fit.

5. Adjust the top strap last, which is very easy to do and doesn't have to be removed. You just create slack in the bottom band, keep moving the plastic rectangular stay washer up, and lengthen the top. Please note that the top band isn't for fit, but to simply act like a "hat" and to fully pull the goggle down, it will have to be nearly fully lengthened for an adult, and close to fully out for a child, unless you're dealing with a toddler, which we definitely wouldn't recommend due to the terrible depth perception.

6. YES, you actually do need a screwdriver to change the batteries! You will see the hinges and wonder if the pack doesn't simply snap open like the left eye cup, but NO, you do have to have a tiny phillips, like the ones you use for eyeglass repair, or from a "tiny" screwdriver set. Since our tests show the batteries only last continuously for about 2 to 2-1/2 hours, you might want to keep the screwdriver handy! Duracell has run a promotion with a free little screwdriver with a pack of AA's,and this screwdriver works perfectly. Unscrew until the cover comes completely off (two screws). The battery diagram is impossible to read, and on the wrong side of the case, so simply start with the positive (nipple down/ in) on either side, and alternate (+/-/+/-/+ facing down). A good way to double check is to remember that the spring always touches the flat (-) side of the battery, not the nipple side.

7. Be careful unsnapping the left eye cup, as it can fly off the hinges. These actually are quite sturdy, and if you accidently separate them, you can snap them right back into the hinges. We recommend holding the cup with your left hand by the hinge, then snapping up near the opposite tab using leverage on the whole eye cup. If you want to look at this positively, it's an opportunity to work with your kids, as they won't be able to do this themselves!
Our number one question: Is this thing worth the hassle? Well, since we've evaluated real monocular gen 1-4 night vision equipment, which ranges from $400 to $4,000, the price of this unit is close to astonishing since it uses actual gen 1+ technology, albeit with a very small camera (the + usually means that by giving a white vs. green option, and augmentation with IR light, you get a little more than the green starlight collecting effect of the old gen 1). The "stealth" actually does work, by emitting less IR light than the full LED's, which is important for observing spooky critters like big cats, coyotes, or burglars.
Don't laugh, but we do get questions as to whether these have any tactical value. First, if you're sitting on your porch with a shotgun waiting for the Gran Torino gang (see it, it's great) to arrive, you'd be better off with a very bright tactical flashlight and motion detector. That said, the Russian handheld monoculars aren't much better, as they do use a free hand up, and cost $400! Actual "Patriot Games" like NVG's have TWO cameras, or binocular vision, so the "strap to the head" thing with these is somewhat deceptive, although it is nice not to hold a jiggling monocular. If you're a serious wildlife watcher, the Russian monocle would likely be better, but for the price, these are truly astonishing, since they do have genuine NV technology with IR. We give it five stars 100% for the price, since this technology is nowhere near that low a delivered value in the "non toy" versions, and this "toy" approaches the lower end gen 1's in acuity once you get used to the idiosyncrasies.

This is more a video camera with a screen inside the goggles. The camera has a low light iris that can see in low light levels. For complete darkness, you can turn on the infrared light that illuminates what is in front of you like a flashlight. The infrared LEDs glow a little when on, so others might be able to see you in the dark. Only the camera can see the infrared light that illuminates what is in front of you. It works well and is fun, for kids and adults.

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