1X Lite Brite Tonka Refill Set with Bonus Pegs

1X Lite Brite Tonka Refill Set with Bonus Pegs

Lite Brite Refill Set with BONUS Pegs - TONKA Version includes 50 Lite Brite Pegs includes 8 Paper Lite Brite Template Sheets for use ONLY on Lite Brite LED Flat Screen or Lite Brite 3-Square Cube Units. Ages 4 & UP Per Packaging.

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Comments / reviews:
This was an original Lite Brite Refill set. It has the pictures have nice details and extra pegs. My grandchildren are 5 and 9. They both love passing the time with Lite Brite.

Purchased this for my son and his hand me down light bright (the battery operated one where you push the button to light it briefly, has peg holder on front bottom). These fit perfectly, lined up just right and had just enough pegs to make him a very happy little boy. we will be ordering more

We purchased this refill kit for our gransdon who had used all the patterns that came with his Lite Brite.These are made of the same material as the original patterns yet they are brighter and the letters are easier to see when in the Lite Brite unit. The bonus pegs were a nice added value since we were short on some colors and had to improvise.

Love sitting and having quiet fun with my 6 year old son. Was trying to get him away from TV and video games and this ended up to be a good option. Only negative was that the paper is hard to poke through sometimes.

Satisfied with product.


My son and daughter both love lite bright. We bought this set as a gift for a friend, and his mom tells me her son also loves it!

Makes perfect little minature water bottles

My son loves his lite brites!

This was a gift for my grandson and he loved it! That was my goal. This was purchased to go along with the light bright.

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