Spy Net: Motion Activated Micro Alarm

Spy Net: Motion Activated Micro Alarm

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Spy Net: Motion Activated Micro Alarm

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Spy Net:Motion Activated Micro Alarm

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I bought this to scare out cat away from plants. It's just not loud enough for that. It's intended to be a spy toy and it works great for that. We have fun hiding it and scaring each other with it.

I purchased two of these fully aware that it's a toy, but my intention was to use it to scare my dogs who, sometimes, stick their noses where they are not supposed to. It turns out that the volume is so low, that the only reaction I got were tilted heads. Even for children's play the volume is, in my opinion, too low. Otherwise, it works as advertised.

For the price, its a good toy for a kid into being a "spy". The alarm can be a little annoying.

Looks good

I was having a tough time keeping my cat from getting into the bathtub and it occurred to me that some sort of alarm might do the trick. I browsed around, considered all of the options, and finally decided to try this toy alarm. I figured I could hook it onto the shower curtain so that when he moves it to enter the tub, the alarm would go off. I'm happy to say it actually worked! I was worried the sound would be too loud, but it ended up being just the right volume - not loud enough to give us (or him) a heart attack when it goes off, but loud enough to scare him away. I can't speak to how well it would work as a toy for a child, but it did exactly what I needed it to do. Just so you know, it does require 2 AAA batteries, which aren't included.

At first I, as well as other reviewers, believed that this motion alarm didn't work. Then I stopped for two seconds and read the instructions. They clearly state that you need to turn the alarm on and that you then have three seconds to set the alarm where it needs to be. It's meant to protect your stuff, like your expensive Spy Net gear. So turn it on, attach it to your Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars, or to anything in your desk that you don't want someone touching, and leave it. The alarm then goes off if it is moved, emitting a loud motion alarm sound.

Those reviewers who said that it didn't work likely didn't read the instructions, because the minute you move it (after you've given it 3 seconds to set), the alarm goes off, every time. And we haven't dropped it yet but it looks and feels very solid, which is ideal because if someone does set it off they're likely to drop it!

This alarm goes off when moved so it isn't ideal to attach to something that will be moving but my son would set it in front of his closed door and when his little brother opened the door and hit the device, the alarm goes off. Fun toy for a little boy who wants gadgets!

This alarm is not what you think. It is so sensitive that when you stomp or jump near it it will go off. You can also use it for a doorbell. Plus it keeps little brothers and sisters out of private stuff. If you have privacy problems get this alarm now!

Very loud though. My little guy loves it. He is forever stashing it on something so it will go off when someone touches it.

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