UltraPoi - Helix Poi with UltraKnobs - LED Poi Set - Best Light Up Glow Poi - Flow Rave Dance - Spinning Light Toy

UltraPoi - Helix Poi with UltraKnobs - LED Poi Set - Best Light Up Glow Poi - Flow Rave Dance - Spinning Light Toy

UltraPoi's Helix Poi with UltraKnobsare the brightest, most advanced button-programmable LED GlowStick poi you've ever spun.Our quality-focused construction features a fully assembledbut adjustable leash setup with ergonomic siliconeLED knob handles for a stable grip, and 2 easy-to-click buttons on the side of the Glow-Stick that is protected by a soft durable Case.

World's First Light up Handle:
We created the only Micro USB Rechargeable LED Handle in the world and it's amazing! The UltraKnob is Super Bright and Durable which will allow you to explore new moves and light shows.

Pick Your Own Colors:
What really separates the Helix Poi from the pack is the ability to fully customize your light trail patterns with just a button. Choose from 15 stunning colors.

12 Mesmerizing Flashing Patterns:
Combine as many colors as you want at a time and match them with one of our 12 gorgeous flashing pattern options.

6 Beautiful Color Modes:
Tons of stunning preset color modes available to explore and they can all be adjusted to add style to your spin.

Helix Poi with UltraKnobsSpecs:
6" height x 1" diameter | 70g per poi head | UltraLightRequires 1 Replaceable or Rechargeable AAA Battery per poi head (not included) | UltraKnob is 23g, 38 mm wide, 28 mm tall, 2032 battery cell (included)

What's in the package:
2 x UltraLight LED Glowsticks, 2 x Helix Cases, 2 x UltraKnbob LED Handles, 1 x UltraLeash and 1 x Gear Bag (Fully assembled, no setup required)

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Comments / reviews:
Sweet lights for a sweet price. The instructions can be difficult to figure out at first though.

So I have been spinning poi for 2 years on and off. When it comes to LED poi I normally go with the flowtoy poi. I heard about helix around Christmas time and thought they would be a great addition to my collection. So it's been about 6 months since i have owned these.

DURABLE - The poi themselves are VERY durable. In my years of spinning I have gone through at least 3 pairs of flowpoi. Helix on the other hand seems to take a beating well!
LACES - The laces are made very well! So far my favorite of all the poi I have used. Good for wraps and with the pivots my orbitals last very long.
COLORS - Rainbow color- TONS of colors! awesome right?
ENERGY EFFICIENT - I use the same kind of AAA batteries with these as I do my other poi. The helix poi last significantly longer

PROGRAMMING - Programming the colors is a little difficult. The instructions weren't that great.
CASES - The cases are an absolute joke. But it makes sense considering how durable the poi themselves are. I just like the way the light diffuses through them when spinning. Unfortunately one of the cases already broke within about 5 months.

Overall a great purchase. They should however charge a little less considering how weak the cases are. I went to order a new pair of cases and saw that they were $20 with the laces which i think is a bit too much.

Super happy with my lights! Ultra Poi was very helpful when I was having delivery problems with my own mail. Totally not Ultra Poi's fault and they went above and beyond to help me receive my lights.

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