VTech - MobiGo Software - Toy Story 3

VTech - MobiGo Software - Toy Story 3

Product description

The cast of Toy Story makes 3 learning a real adventure in Vtech Mobigo Cartridge - Toy Story 3. Woody, Buzz, Rex, Slinky Dog, Hamm and the green Aliens engage kids in six interactive games for learning rhyming, letter sequencing, size differentiation, counting, simple addition and more.

Why You'll Love It:Bring the fun of Toy Story 3 to kids as they learn.

Age:3 to 5 years


  • Six interactive games
  • Voices of Wood, Buzz and Aliens
  • Touch control
  • Fun Toy Story 3 cast

From the Manufacturer

Andy is all grown up and ready for college but what will happen to all his toys? Toy Story 3 for MobiGo Touch Learning System utilizes kid's favorite play pattern and infuses it with touch-based learning curriculum. Based on the movie, the game features all the favorite Toy Story characters. With a touch sensitive screen to control game play, kids will learn letter sequencing, rhyming, counting, simple addition, size differentiation and so much more.

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this for my 3 1/2-year-old daughter, a huge Toy Story fan who has loved playing with the cartridge that came with her MobiGo.

There are four simple games here, and then there are two that are hard, even on the "easy" level. That ticked me off-- the one featuring Woody is probably the hardest game, and of course, that's the one my daughter wanted to play most. She spent two days obsessed with that game, the first time I've seen signs of a real "gamer" in my little girl. It kind of freaked me out to see her get frustrated and moody because she couldn't get very far in that game. (I tried it, too, and found that the touch-screen was inaccurate-- I would press to the right and Woody would go left, for instance.)

But then, after those two days, she actually won the game... and came to me, ecstatic. "I'm so proud of myself!" she said. "That was a really hard game!"


It made me see it in a different light. We all need challenges to beat, and this one turned out to be a positive one for her. Still, though, I wish there had been a third level-- "easy," "medium," and "difficult," maybe-- making the "easy" level actually easy. And I wish the touch screen were more accurate. It's close, but not quite, and that matters on the "On the Conveyer Belt" game.

My daughter loves that she can hear the characters' voices in parts of the games, and that the game congratulates her when she does well on the easy level and asks if she wants to move up to the difficult level.

I like that there really is an educational component to these games (counting, patterns, etc.) as well as entertainment.

I bought this for my four year old grandaughter on her birthday and on the eve of a long-distance road trip. It did all that I hoped - kept her amused for most of the road trip and for most of the week we spent away from home. It is a great toy and one of the best things I have so far bought for her. It was simple enough for her to navigate with just minimal training from her mom, but challenging enough to keep her attention and want to "play again". I bought one additional game, but the three games which come with the system are more than enough to start. I would definitely recommend the MobiGo for children three years and up.

Fun and educational.

My 4 year old has a Leapster she got for Christmas a year ago. We bought this for my almost 3 year old since the touchscreen seemed a little more interactive and easier to play at such a young age. Turns out, my 4 year old loves playing and while my 3 year old loves watching. They are both learning many different concepts like shapes and addition. The graphics are wonderful and the touch screen interaction is easy to understand how to work. Plus, Toy Story 3 is the most popular movie in our house right now.

Son loves this game.

I bought the mobigo2 for my 6 years old on december last year ,so I needed some more games ,I just bought the Dora the Explorer game at that time ,like a test . This game it's entertaining ,my girl did not need any help to know how to play it ,and that is absolutely good since I do not have lots of time to teach her how to play ,she was bored very fast ,but I think that is just the way she is ,game is very educational,by the way .

My three year old enjoys the fun games on this cartridge. It has helped him learn how to do different things on his own that he never knew before.

It's not a bad game, but my daugther didn't really enjoy it too much. Instead of knowing what to do, she was kind of confused. The game was listed for 36 months to 5 years, but I think it's closer to 5 years. She prefered the games that were already on the game system. We will most likely just sit down with her and show her how to play these other games on Toy Story so she can have more fun playing with it.

My just 3 year old loves this game, this one is his favorite. He loves making woody run and having him jump through the course, he also laughs histerically sometimes at the funny sounds woody makes when he falls and hits his head. At first he was obsessed with the shrek game, but this is his new fav!

love this, so fun and so educational!

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