VTech - V.Smile - Cinderella: Cinderella's Magic Wishes

VTech - V.Smile - Cinderella: Cinderella's Magic Wishes

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Enter the enchanted world of Cinderella and help her become a true princess. As kids help Cinderella, they engage in challenging games that teach key school skills like spelling, math, patterns, logic and musical notes.

To help Cinderella become a princess, kids must master eight challenging games in the Learning Adventure mode. The games range from solving math problems to help Cinderella deliver lunch, to spelling challenging words in order to return the carriage to the palace. The Learning Adventure games also enhance spatial skills and hand-eye coordination. Four shorter Learning Zone games focus on spelling, math, classification and music to keep kids on target with school skills. Providing hours of exciting game play, this V.Smile Smartridge works with all V.Smile Learning systems (sold separately).


Though the original Disney movie was released some time ago, the appeal of Cinderella has never really wavered. In this entertaining and educational game and activity set for use only with V-TechВ’s V Smile line of electronic toys, Cinderella must overcome a series of brainy challenges to rise to her true status of Princess. As a reward for helping her arrive at such a royal station, kids learn music, creativity, patterns, spatial relations, problem solving and more. Some games will be easier than others, depending on the natural aptitudes of whoever is playing, but all of them present unique challenges and all have educational value.--Charlie Williams

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Comments / reviews:
My 4 year old daughter loves this Vsmile game! I agree with the other reviewers who say it is more appropriate for age 4-5 instead of age 6-8 and that it is not extremely educational. She has no trouble operating it without parental involvement and this is her first electronic game. It captures my daughter's attention and keeps her entertained! I bought her the Vsmile and games mainly for when we take car trips. She's only had hers since Christmas but we took a 3 hour car trip already and she played this game the entire trip! A great introductory electronic game!

My daughter was so happy to have a girl game for the v tech. She really enjoys it and even her brother likes it as well


My daughter just loves her Cinderella game. She plays it more than any other game. It's so cute. She can make Cinderalla a dress. V-smile games are very easy for preschoolers to learn and it educates them, which is great!


My daughter loves her V-Tech smile, and loves Disney princesses and learning, so this game was perfect for her! She spends a lot of time with it!

Educational. Excellent for child developement. Keeps kids out of your hair for hours.

Our girls LOVE their VSmile system & games... this is a fave one. They LOVE being able to "design" their own dresses & choose the colors, etc. in one of the activities. Loads of fun for girls!!

Nice person game is good

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