VTech - V.Reader Software - Elmo The Happy Scientists

VTech - V.Reader Software - Elmo The Happy Scientists

Product description

VTech V.Reader Cartridge - Elmo

VTech V.Reader Cartridge - Elmo is a fun Sesame Street. Elmo and Abby spotted Bert reading a book about scientists and felt the need to become scientists. The story is full of adventure starting from Ernie and his rubber duck along with Oscar and his trash can.

Why You'll Love It:Kids need to read the whole book to know the results of the experiments.

Age:3 to 5 years


  • Comes with kid's favorite characters like Elmo, Abby, Ernie and Bert
  • Assist kids develop reading skills with comprehension, spellings and sounds
  • Abby's and Elmo's adventures and experiments allow kids to learn new skills

Recommended Ages:3 - 5

From the Manufacturer

One day, Elmo and Abby spot their friend Bert reading a book about scientists. Elmo quickly comes up with an idea -- he and Abby will become scientists. For their first experiment, they want to figure out if everyone on Sesame Street takes a bath. From Ernie with his rubber ducky to Oscar with his trash can, there is an adventure around every corner. And what do they discover during their experiment? You'll just have to read to the end to find the answer. This exciting book suited for children ages 3-5, will help children develop skills in reading comprehension, spelling, sounds, antonyms and more. Fully animated with story narration, featuring popular Sesame Street characters , vivid graphics and exciting sounds and music. Interactive story has touchable objects on every page. Includes 3 ways to play Watch the Story, Reading Games and Story Dictionary. 8 Reading Games teach reading comprehension, beginning sounds, spelling, antonyms, capital and lowercase letters and more. Story dictionary teaches vocabulary words found in the story.

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Comments / reviews:
I have just bought my little one a storio, and I bought ebooks to go with it. Compared to the e-books I have bought so far, (I have only puirchased the ones aged 3 -5), this one is probably the best out of all of them. The educational games on this is more suited to his age of 3. He already knew his alphabet (the rhyme)but he is actually now learning the printed letters and the sounds it makes when reading.The comprehension in this ebook is also easier for him to grasp. I think this book is more suited for children aged 3, I found the other ebooks I bought geared a bit more to the 4 or 5 year olds.

Granddaughter loves it. She loves anything Elmo.

Grand daughter loves this game very fast shipping

Very happy with my purchase. My grandaughter was also!! Thank you

Bought it for my 5 years old daughter...she loves it...the story is nice and the games are great...while she already have a lot of tech devices, the V.Reader is one of the first we bought her...and this Elmo games seems to have become one of her favorites...

Keeps my 4-year-old busy for a looooooong time. I bought the VTech E-reader rather than other children's computers because I love the interactive style of it, and the price is just right. This game, Elmo the Happy Scientist, has plenty of activities to help my daughter learn. I highly recommend this product.

My grandson love listening to the stories and playing the games. Will be buying more of these. Thanks so much

My son had this game once before and lost it and I had trouble finding it again until I saw it on here and it was a few dollars cheaper. So glad I checked on here.

Bought v reader and this for my almost 3 year old triplets and they love it and play it all the time.

Elmo The Happy Scientists, the v-reader software from VTech, was a great xmas gift for our young 3 yr old grand daughter.

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