Alphaball and #8482 - Electronic Word Game

Alphaball and #8482 - Electronic Word Game

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With 6 different word games and arcade-style, trackball action, Alphaball Electronic Word Game makes spelling and word-building practice irresistible - in English and Spanish! Players choose a language setting, spin the trackball to scramble the letters of a word, then race to solve word puzzles.

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Arcade-style trackball game sends kids racing to unscramble words or to make as many words as possible--and even play Hangman! A great way to improve spelling skills and vocabulary, game features engaging lights, sounds and music. Includes a total of 6 English and Spanish games. For 1 or more players. Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.

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I ordered this for my 9 yr old that has some difficult issues with her reading. this is a great learning tool. I recommended.

My grandson loved this, but be prepared to spend some time with the child playing together with it at first.

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