VTech - V.Smile - The Little Mermaid

VTech - V.Smile - The Little Mermaid

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Take your little ones on a majestic journey with the Little Mermaid—where they'll learn about vocabulary, music, counting, colors, shapes, patterns, sea animals, and problem solving. For use with the VTech V-Smile TV Learning System.

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Take an exciting journey with Ariel, the beautiful and curious mermaid, and help make her dream come true! As kids explore the enchanting world under the sea, they engage in challenging games and activities that teach key school skills like vocabulary, counting, problem solving and more. Eight clever learning adventures take Ariel through her secret grotto, into a sunken boat and on a mission to save her trapped friends and her father King Triton! On these exciting adventures and others, kids must master lessons in object identification, matching, music composition, note patterns, color coordination, vocabulary and problem solving. Four shorter arcade-style games, focused on spelling, counting, matching and sea animal names, keep kids on target with their learning. Providing hours of thrilling game play, this V. Smile smartridge works with all V. Smile Learning Systems.

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Comments / reviews:
Certainly kept small child entertained

Ohhh my gosh , I was so lost seller was right , I was upset becuase my game hasnt arrived , but I lost track of time and I'm on x-mas mode ,my game hasn't arrived yet but I understand it's due to thanksgiving , when I get the game I'll let you guy's know how much fun my daughter will have with it. I picked this seller based on his reviews and scince my game hasnt gotten here yet I wrote a bad review which I deleted by the way ! But I have no doubt that it will be here soon , and u where right my junk mail was full of stuff .. i'm soooo sooo sooo sorry

my two toddlers love this game. easy to play. They are ages 2 and 4

My daughter also loves The Little Mermaid movie so naturally, I got her this game to go with her vsmile. It was too advanced for my 5 year old but she plays it nonetheless. Her older sister sits with her and helps her out when she gets stuck.The game was worth the money because my daughter enjoys it and will learn from it as she gets older. Nice compliment to her schoolwork in PreK too.

My daughter loves Ariel and when I saw this educational game at such a bargain I had to but it! This game does not disappoint! My daughter is 5 and she loves this little game! She got it yesterday and so far it is entertaining her very well.

So far so good, the kid still plays with it, not everyday, not even every other day, but whenever he plays we spends a great time with it.


I got this for my daughter. This was a great game for her and lasted a long time. It still is working.

Received in a very timely manner, acutally arrived quicker than I expected. Gave to daughter as a Christmas Present. She loves it. Very pleased. Would purchase from this seller again.

This game is great. My daughter had a great time and loves playing it. The system wasn't very durable though. My husband has to fiddle with it to get it to work right. But the game itself is fun and educational.

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