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Barbie Video Game Hero Barbie Doll

Be a game changer with Barbie doll! Inspired by Barbie Video Game Hero, Barbie doll represents her “real-world” character with a cool outfit, two fun power-ups and two pixel characters just like in the story! Barbie doll’s “real-world” outfit captures a video game aesthetic with a pink and white t-shirt featuring an image of her new friend from the game, denim pants with emoji patches and pink kicks. Pink and white headphones and a gaming tablet power the look up. Two mini pixel characters and two adorable power-ups complete the video-game storytelling fun! Young gamers will love recreating favorite scenes or playing out new stories! Collect all of the Barbie Video Game Hero dolls for a full cast of video gaming characters (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Barbie Video Game Hero Barbie doll wearing fashions and accessories, a tablet, two pixel characters and two power-ups. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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I've collected Barbies off and on for many years. This is a cute doll which is based on a DVD movie that will be coming out shortly. In the movie, Barbie is playing a video game on her tablet and gets pulled into and becomes part of the game. This doll is the Barbie before she enters the game. There is another doll available in an anime style who represents Barbie after she enters the game.

Video Game Hero Barbie is what I consider a standard Barbie - a sweet blonde doll with a open mouth smiling face. Her hair is waist length with a side part. Her skin tone is light tan and her eyes are blue. She has a natural look to her makeup and her lips are pink. No nail polish.

Barbie has straight arms with palms tilted out slightly and facing downward. Her legs are straight and her feet are flat. The only articulation in the doll is at the neck, shoulders, and hips.

Barbie wears blue jeans with video characters on them and a white and pink top with one of the characters from the DVD on the chest. The top and pants are made of stretchy material and pull on and off without any other type of closure. The jeans have a worn look to them but are not made of denim. They are soft and silky as is the shirt. I like that they are stretch as they can possibly be used to fit some of the other body style dolls that are now available. Barbie has pink high top tennis shoes with white soles and laces.

Barbie comes with some accessories: white headphones with Barbie pink accents, a silver tablet with a sticker showing a scene (possibly from the game) and four characters from the game: yellow star, rainbow with cloud, and block style figures of two girls (Barbie and the Princess) from the game. These characters are small in size but big in cuteness factor.

I find that the Video Game Hero dolls are quite cute. I have the anime Ken doll as well and the Barbie and Ken look cute together though the styling of the heads (and their respective sizes) are quite different.

My daughter's Barbie arrived with the packaging broken in places and with a strange discolored spot on her face. Other than that, it's fantastic for my daughter to have a Barbie she can relate to. The little bonus creatures are fun, as my daughter loves all sorts of little miniature figurines.

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Inspired by the upcoming movie Barbie Video Game Hero, Ken doll has stepped out of the anime game with a sculpt kids will recognize from the movie. Looking cool, Ken doll's outfit is complete with a belt, bright green shoes and color-streaked hair.