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Barbie Teacher Doll

Barbie career dolls and playsets inspire kids to dream big and aim high! This teacher-inspired Barbie playset turns work-time into playtime with Barbie doll, a piece of classroom-related furniture and accessories that let young professionals explore their dream careers. The Barbie teacher playset also includes a student figure for even more storytelling possibilities. A cool working feature adds realistic role-play and all-day fun: the set's blackboard flips to display a different lesson. The desk below has shelving for storage and a chair for the student to sit. Accessories include a hamster in its terrarium, a plant and a set of books; pieces for recess include a teddy bear and lunchbox. Barbie teacher doll wears a career-themed outfit professionally styled with yellow pants, a polka-dot shirt, white shoes and black eyeglasses. Kids will love leading class, learning lessons and exploring their dreams. Pick one profession or try them all because with Barbie, you can be anything (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes Barbie teacher doll wearing career-themed outfit and accessories, a student doll, a classroom piece with desk and flipping blackboard, a pink chair and themed accessories. Barbie doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Comments about Barbie Teacher Doll
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I bought this for my granddaughter, just because. She adored it and quite frankly, I wanted to play with it. I am a retired teacher and her Mom is a teacher so it's a natural for our family. Keeping track of all the darling accessories is quite the challenge. We lost the hamster, so tiny! Then it turned up one day which was true to form for a class pet! Ha!

This is a cute set but the Barbie doll is too basic. I wish they just sold the accessories if the weren’t going to bother with a fun Barbie to go with it. Her outfit is very plain and not exciting for a little girl. It’s not at all reflective of current fashion. My daughter would have been happy with the accessories and I would have been happy to pay less. The toddler doll is surprisingly cute and my daughter enjoys the smaller figures to add to her collection. The little hamster was very detailed and even cuter in person than pictured.

It was nice to see a Barbie doll with eyeglasses, and the classroom accessories make this a fun thing for a child to play with.

I purchased this product for a little girl I worked with for a few years. I have blonde hair and wore blue glasses at thetime I gifted this product. The little girl I gave it to has long dark hair. When she opened it, she said, "Hey! That's you and this is me (pointing to the dolls)!" We played with the set for over an hour. The set is of good quality (unlike some other products sold to children). Use of this product with children develops social-emotional, language and cognitive skills. If you have a child fearing school, this product could be used to help children with anxiety and opening communication about going to school. I will purchase this product again.

Very sturdy and reliable set. I thought the pieces would be tiny and cumbersome but instead found them to be very adequately sized and pleasant for my kid to play with.

Super cute! Bought as a birthday gift for my daughters friend and my daughter didn’t want to give it away! I might have to get another one of these soon! :)!

This was purchase for our daughter. She loves dolls and barbies. She really likes the Barbie teacher and the little classmate.

So cool. Love it!!!!

My granddaughter turned 6 and loves playing with this barbie.

My niece loves this Barbie Teacher Doll!!! She loves to play with her Barbies, so this was a perfect gift for her! She plays with it all the time, and enjoys it!!! It was packaged really well, and it arrived quick! It was a pleasure doing business with you!!!

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