Comments about Disney Descendants Dizzy Fashion Doll, Inspired by Descendants 3

Disney Descendants Dizzy Fashion Doll, Inspired by Descendants 3

In Disney's Descendants 3, the awesomely artistic Dizzy is excited to start a new life on Auradon! This stylish fashion doll comes dressed in an eye-catching outfit inspired by Dizzy's signature style, with cool shoes, and eyeglass and necklace fashion accessories to match. Look for more Descendants fashion dolls, like Mal, Evie, and Audrey, to recreate exciting scenes from the movie. Each sold separately. Subject to availability. Copyright Disney Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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This is a perfect doll for a Dizzy fan! My daughter is a huge Dizzy fan and saw a picture of this doll and was so excited for her to be released! I have not opened her up as she is going to be a birthday gift but I can say I think she looks even better in person. I love the detail on her hair with the bright color streaks in yellow and pink. It looks really cute in space buns. I love that her dress looks like lots of paint splatter! Even the trim of the skirt is in a rainbow of color. Her boots are very cute with textured bows wrapped around. It looks like she will bend at the knees but is not made to be very articulated. Her glasses are very oversized so be careful opening up and removing all the packaging straps, I have found it’s usually best to leave in the plastic that secures the accessories in place otherwise they never stay on. If you look closely at the picture I took it looks like the glasses are secured on through the plastic as her ears would be too small to hold them. My daughter has been wanting a Dizzy doll so I am really happy with this one for the price.

This was a birthday gift for a five year old. She seemed to really like it. It was just as pictured and delivered on time.

She is into this program and she loved this little cutie!! Great grand daughter is cute too thanks

Any little girl who likes descendant will enjoy the doll giving this to granddaughter for her birthday

Daughter loves this doll.

My daughter loves it! She loves all things Descendants, and this is such a sweet character. The doll is very cute, and outfit is great.

If you have a VK kid like me, you are going to have to add Dizzy to their collection. Adorable!

Very beautiful toy.As good as it gets

My daughter really loved it

my descendants obsessed daughter loved thia doll

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