Comments about Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant with Interactive Moving Trunk & Over 150 Sounds & Movements

Wildluvs Juno My Baby Elephant with Interactive Moving Trunk & Over 150 Sounds & Movements

Train, love and play with your very own baby elephant, Wildluvs juno My baby elephant! With an astonishing animated trunk, floppy moving ears, highly expressive eyes, a wagging tail, plus interactive accessories, juno comes alive! From the moment you switch juno on, you'll be amazed at this realistic baby elephant’s over 150 lifelike movements and sounds! As you interact and play with juno, her silly personality will unfold. Using her cute Peanut and Mouse accessories, you can teach her special tricks and even play games together! Feed juno her Peanut and she may eat it or throw it; give her her toy mouse and she may swing it around as she sings sweet songs to it! The more you play with juno, the more tricks and games she'll reveal. With your help, juno will learn how to eat Peanuts, bow, play music with her trumpeting trunk, play peek-a-boo, dance and more! After a fun-filled day of play, fold juno’s legs and cuddle with her – pet her trunk and she'll even give you a kiss! Bring home your perfect best friend, Wildluvs juno My baby elephant!

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 This toy is adorable but certainly meant for an older kid probably between the ages of 5 and 10+. I got mine open box and it was
Missing the accessories so I couldn’t show the elephant interacting with them but it’s a little magnet that sticks to the end of the trunk and allows the elephant to throw them around and kiss them. Juno toots and sneezes and sings songs. Easy for kids for all ages to use because she has a button on her back. She also has sensors so when you pet her she does different things. Mine also didn’t come with instructions so I don’t know how to teach it things but I’m sure I can call spin master and get some. You should be able to teach her how to do things that’s why it’s better for an older kid that understands these things. If your kid likes animatronic animals I highly suggest this, I’m guessing this is going to be a popular toy this holiday because it is so cute. Juno will put herself to sleep when you don’t play with her...she covers her eyes with her ears. Very realistic looking, her eyes blink, her ears flap, her tail wiggles. Too cool.

My daughter was waiting for this package with so much anticipation—thank goodness it came fast! The commercial doesn’t do this little guy justice. It’s a lot cuter in person. The trunk looks like it has a mind of its own on tv but in reality it’s much more tame, while still being entertaining. The sounds it makes are pleasant, including little sweet songs. It hasn’t gotten on my nerves at all. It’s really charming and seems to have a lot of different things it does to keep my child’s attention.

Amazing interactive toy for kids.

So cute. I can hardly wait for Christmas to give to 3 year old and 7 year old granddaughters.

This is just amazing...we got it for our grandson and when my wife’s daughter put the batteries in it just came to life!!! When “Juno” thru his peanut, the joy on the kids faces was unbelievable ! Thank you!

 Juno is seriously the cutest baby elephant ever!! He comes packaged in the most adorable box and my whole family just loves playing with him! He’s so easy to use too! Just insert 4 AA batteries, turn on the switch, and play! The button on his back wakes him up and it’s quite hilarious as he wakes up with soooo much energy!! He comes with a little mouse and peanut; these are magnets you can attach to his trunk. He will cuddle and kiss the mouse and sniff and make chewing sounds with the peanut. Watch out though, sometimes he likes to throw them with his trunk!! This had my entire family bursting with laughter! Juno does sooo many different things and will keep your little one entertained for quite some time! My kids absolutely love him!!

This baby elephant is FUN! Put 4 AA batteries in, touch the button on it’s back & Juno is ready to play. Her body is molded plastic with moveable legs, trunk & head. Her ears are purple fabric with a turquoise lining. She has hot-pink tufts of hair on her head & tail. She has enormous eyes that convey her emotions. Her floppy ears cover her face when she’s feeling shy. It’s very sweet. Juno really does have a personality. She comes with a zoo card, mouse & peanut that snaps on to the end of her trunk. But she gets a little wild with it when it’s on her animated trunk & she’s thrown it across the table! She isn’t doing all of this silently, either. She has all sorts of noises, giggles, trumpeting & chattering. There are a lot of things she’ll do as you play with her more, like give a kiss, play a game or play tricks. It’s kind of cool as she learns to like her new friend. She was shy a lot with me but give me time… When the first interactive toys came out, it was amazing that they could move their head, body & mouth but that is like comparing Fred Flintstone’s car to a Cadillac. It was impressive & quite the amazing toy back then but they’ve come a long way since those days. Juno interacts with her human wonderfully & has over 150 sounds & movements. I think she’s very entertaining & will be exciting for any kid 5 & older. I was fascinated with her & must have played with her a good hour. Great toy!

Juno is absolutely adorable- although I want to stress that she’s not for little kids- I’ll go into more detail in a minute- but she’s definitely better suited for kids in elementary school.

Juno is an animatronic baby elephant with a sassy personality. She runs on AA batteries, which is great, because really, who in the year 2019 has C and D batteries on hand?

In any event, Juno comes with a peanut to eat and a baby mouse friend to play with. You can interact with her by putting the peanut on the end of her magnetized trunk. Sometimes, she will “eat” the peanut by holding it up to her mouth and making munching noises, but *sometimes*, she will squawk and fling the peanut- just like a real baby/toddler!

She can fling it pretty far, and so you definitely want to be careful with little kids who aren’t savvy enough to move out of the path of this peanut projectile.

Juno does better with her mouse friend. More often than not, she’ll chirp at him or hold him above her head and coo at him.

Juno has several sensitive points on her plastic body, and she’s fairly responsive when petted on one of those spots. She moves easily- she’ll sit or stand, she’ll flap her ears, and she’ll wave her trunk.

She’s very very cute. I’ll attach a video in a couple of days, but my girls love playing with her. When we have kids come over to the house, they’re always very interested in Juno too.

I can definitely see how this is going to be one of the more popular toys for the upcoming holiday season.

I would absolutely recommend Juno to other families- she’s been a big hit at my house!

The toy elephant is a little pricey, but would make an excellent Christmas gift for any child. The interactive play reminds me of the Furbies that came out in the ‘90s. It does need AA batteries, but works great. The colors are bright and vivid and it came with a toy peanut and mouse. It takes a little bit of time to train the elephant, but the more you play with it then the more it learns and does. It is not as large as I expected which is great cause it is easy to store and travel with. The whole family has really enjoyed playing with Juno and I plan to get more as gifts for our out-of-state cousins. I cannot really say anything negative about the product as it has worked much better than expected. The trunk swings around, but is soft enough that it does not hurt if it hits your hand; even his tail moves around.

First of all, I’m glad to see that they dropped the price on this toy just a little bit. When I first saw it, the price was $99. While I’m writing this out it says it’s $82. I know both prices are high, but I found that Juno is worth the price tag. I like that they dropped the price a bit because I can see this being a major hit this Holiday season and now more kids can enjoy the toy. The only thing I can think to compare this toy to from when I was a child would be a furby. That was 20 or so years ago though and this elephant is far more advanced than those were. I have an 11 year old and an almost 2 year old. My two year old wants to play with Juno on her own and run off with her but we have to watch her. First of all, she’s known for throwing things—my two year old or the elephant? Both. My two year old will toss her toys from time to time and we don’t want to take the chance with this toy since it’s more high-tech and expensive than most of her other toys. Juno also likes to throw things, specifically her peanut if she’s not hungry when you give it to her. So we have to watch that so she’s not chucking it at the little ones. I would say this is definitely an entertaining toy for the whole family, but if you’re gifting it to a child, it’d probably be better for 4-5 year olds and up. She is an adorable elephant and does a bunch of things like play with her mouse, gives kisses, flaps her ears and hides her eyes. Like I said before, I think this would be an awesome Christmas gift and will be a hit with the kids. It’d be a good one to gift to a whole family of kids instead of buying individual toys for multiple kids, too.

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