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Barbie Dia De Muertos Doll

Barbie celebrates die de Metros with a collectible doll inspired by the time-honored holiday. Die de Metros is a two-day holiday in early November when families gather to celebrate the lives of their departed loved ones. This colorful and lively event is filled with music, food, sweets, offerings and flowers. Barbie die de Metros doll honors the traditions and symbols often seen throughout this time. Barbie doll's long, ruffled, embroidered dress is embellished with heart and butterfly details. Her face is painted in a traditional skull mask, and she wears a crown with monarch Butterflies and bright Marigolds. May Barbie die de Metros doll become a treasured tradition for your celebration. Includes doll, doll stand and certificate of authenticity. Colors and decorations may vary.

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To start with: This doll was listed for pre-order in March for $75.00. As a long time Barbie collector I had high hopes for this doll and put my pre-order in sight unseen . I got it for 75.00. When it arrived as promised I was VERY impressed and quickly ordered a second one again for $75.00. Now its sold out everyone and the price people have on her now is through the roof! I have seen some posts confused on the list price $75 versus what she is available for. Again she was listed for $75 but she was gone so fast she is now going for triple that on the secondary market. That is what happens in the collectible world. Now for the review: Gorgeous doll! It honors the tradition of Dia de Muertos. The face screen is well done. The colors on the dress are much brighter than the still photo shows. And the BOX is fantastic! After a couple years of mediocre dolls Barbie hit it out of the park on this one!

My first Barbie purchase for 2019. The doll was shipped from Amazon in the original shipper from Mattel. The doll's box arrived in great condition. The artwork on the box is beautiful. The doll is Black Label based on Mattel's labeling system. I paid retail price for this doll, and I would recommend to wait for Mattel to restock this doll and pay $75 or less.

The doll's dress is embroidered, but the part of the dress that flares out is printed (not embroidered).

The doll does come with a stand. The base of the stand is hollow, but still supports the weight of the doll.

I love how colorful this doll is. If you love the Day of the Dead theme and/or celebrate the holiday, I encourage you to buy this doll. She’s a wonderful addition. Different than the typical fashion doll, but very appropriate and a beautiful tribute as the “Día de Muertos” Barbie. The Barbie Designer, Javier Meabe, did an amazing job!

On my particular doll, I did undo the braids and changed her hairstyle as seen in the photo I have shared.

Gorgeous doll! Very happy to get her!

Love it come in her original shipper box very important

BEAUTIFUL addition to my Barbie collectibles! Well worth the $200 I paid.

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