Comments about Disney Descendants Dragon Queen Mal, Fashion Doll Transforms to Winged Dragon

Disney Descendants Dragon Queen Mal, Fashion Doll Transforms to Winged Dragon

In Disney's Descendants 3, Mal will do what she has to in order to protect her friends and Auradon!

Mal's fiery flair has made her a fan favorite from the get-go. See this fiery personality in full swing with the Dragon Queen Mal fashion doll. Push down the button on the doll's back to recreate Mal's transformation from woman to dragon! Also includes a dragon-inspired headdress and a pair of bold boots.

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Any Descendants fan will be excited about this doll! There is a lot of great detail in this Mal Doll. Her hair is a fun shade of purple that really looks great against her pale skin. She has a very lovely delicate face, though personally I wish they had made a doll that looked more like Dove Cameron who plays Mal but I don’t think they’ve gotten the face right with the previous Mal dolls either. Her top is molded and very detailed with textured scales and cap sleeves that mimic her wings and textured silver dragon’s head at her waist. Her skirt is a high-lo design so it’s short in front and long in back. It has a printed dragon and more scales at the top. For some strange reason there is a flimsy strap that serves no purpose that I can see going around the doll. Her purple boots are very detailed with textured buckles. Her hat is a soft plastic that stays on well when she is upright but tends to fall off if she is turned upside down while flying her around.

Her arms are made to move only at her shoulder so they can be raised or spun out, it can be hard to lift it straight up as they will be stopped by the sleeves but can be rotated to move out. Her left arm is permanently bent at the elbow which seems to be a popular choice recently as Barbie has been doing the same. Her legs are meant to bend at the knees and are otherwise pretty stiff but she can sit.

Of course what sets her apart are the wings. I was worried about how delicate these would be and now that we have her I am still worried! They do not retract fully so they do stick out which has me concerned that they could get damaged. Fully extended is a long width that looks like bat wings. The button on the back to slide the wings is very stiff and not the most responsive which is disappointing for a toy made for children to use and the entire point of this doll. I do like the bright shiny fabric of the wings when you are looking at her. It’s a flatter purple on the other side. I wish the wings were removable which would be safer for storing the doll away and for removing should they break or just for play but they are firmly molded to her back. I think this would be a beautiful doll without the wings and unfortunately I think these wings bring the doll down as they are flimsy and not easy to slide open or closed.

My daughter is a huge Mal and Descendants fan so she was really excited about this Mal and loves her. I had a feeling the wings would be a problem so this doll pretty much expectations in making her happy and disappointing me. If you know what you are getting, which might not be a long lasting doll for play, you won’t be disappointed. If the wings will become an issue for you or your child you might want to buy another doll.

I bought this as a gify for my daughter's birthday and she hasn't opened and played it yet so I can not comment on how well it works but it looks really cool!

Exactly as described. Arrived on time. Its a gift and I am confident she'll love it. Will have to buy a few more of the characters.

Daughter loved it.

I bought this for my daughter she’s going to love it it’s for her birthday it arrived in great condition

First of all I do want to say how pretty this doll is. The hair is gorgeous and the outfit is very well made. My one complaint is that the wings do not stay out when you spread it. You have to hold down on the button. I don't know if we just got a faulty one or if they are all like that but it loses a point from me. Otherwise a good product and will be a must for any fan of Descendants franchise.

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