Comments about Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends, Pre-School 10" Doll - Marsha Mello

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends, Pre-School 10 Doll - Marsha Mello

Meet the Kindi Kids! The cutest pre-schoolers you'll ever see. These adorable girls are full of fun and play! They love attending rainbow kind I. A place where every day is about playing and making friends! Hi I'm Marsha Mello! A little Softy who's as sweet as candy! With pastel swirls and rainbow curls I love all things cute! I come to life as soon as you pick me up, with big glittery eyes, My head bobbles with every movement! I have all the sweet moves, watch Me take a bite out of my cake pop! Take it out of the wrapper and push it up to my mouth and see me take a bite from it! Squeeze My Babycino and make the marshmallows move up the straw! Snack time with my friends is always full of fun when I'm around. I also have changeable clothes and removable shoes! So, come and join me and my friends Peppa-Mint, Jessie and donatina at rainbow kind I! We can't wait to have a magical day with you!

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Love this doll she is so adorable!

it's so adorable! it arrived very quickly and was as shown, very pink it's going to make my daughter very happy she's watched every kindi kid episode to date, we've been excited for this doll since it was leaked in May or so. Only thing I wonder about is why they changed the characters to Pre Schoolers when I thought they were kindergarteners since it would make more sense with the name Kindi. No biggie just a note, my daughter enters Kinder this year.

These dolls are absolutely adorable! My girls shave had so much fun I feel rather bad because they prefer these over their expensive american girl dolls but I personally cans see why. These guys are so bright and happy, lighter to pack and play with and not quite as fragile as an ag doll. So far weve had hours of play and I've decided to even get the kitchen and play sets these guys come with. As a mom I personally like the way they are built. They have plastic undies that cant be removed so my younger girl cant lose those and pack around a naked girl but they are great for my 7 year old because their shoes and cloths can be swapped. Their hair is also very nice. Weve brushed is and redid it afew times with a little water it can easily go back to the fresh from the box look. The food they come with is pretty cute I was personally amused that they work with out magnets of pieces that can be lost or swallowed. But the design of them helps the cereal icecream or cherry pop up and down and disappear or reappear. I like the cereal set up the most lol! Anyway these are extremely cute grabbed one for my friends daughter for her birthday as well!

Super cute. My daughter who is 8 is in love

We got Marsha Mello and Peppa Mint

I haven't opened these or let my kids even see them as I pre-ordered them for christmas because they are going to be a hot toys this year but just looking at them when they arrived I can already see they are going to be a favorite. They are SOOOO cute to just even look at, I can't even wait for the kids to open them. I am so happy I ordered the 3 different ones now I'm starting to wish I just ordered the last one since there is only 4. I really hope they come out with more characters and add ons because I love these!

These dolls are so cute! I ended up buying all four of them. So much fun with their bobble heads. Each doll is very unique. Five stars. My girls love them!

Ordered Friday and got it on Saturday! Doll is stunning!

My daughter has been talking about this doll for months. I decided to get it for her birthday and she was just over the moon for it. Perfect bday gift this year! The doll has a bobble head and 2 cute little accessories. She is bigger than I thought she'd be but still, a really cute doll.

My niece loves her doll

Grand daughter loves this little girl name Donatina

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Meet the Kindi Kids! The cutest pre-schoolers you'll ever see. These adorable girls are full of fun and play! They love attending rainbow kind I. A place where every day is about playing and making friends! Hi! I'm donatina, pretty in pink and extra sweet, I love making new friends, in-fact I'm as