Comments about My Friend Fancy Nancy Doll in Signature Outfit, 18-Inches Tall

My Friend Fancy Nancy Doll in Signature Outfit, 18-Inches Tall

No one does fancy like Nancy! Nancy loves to be fancy in everything including her outfits. Now you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with the My Friend Fancy doll in her signature outfit from the show. Fancy Nancy is ready for a day of fancy play. With her fully poseable arms and legs, Nancy is ready for any adventure your imagination creates! Fancy Nancy is approximately 18" tall. Fully poseable with 11 points of articulation. Doll is dressed in her signature outfit from the Disney Junior television series. Recommended for ages 3+

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Bought on an Amazon warehouse deal so the box was a little beat up on the bottom, but the doll was in perfect shape. This was my 3 yr old's favorite birthday gift. She was so excited! She loves the new show on Disney Junior. Fancy Nancy toys aren't easy to come by either and I was glad to have gotten this on a discount due to box damage. Doll is a great size and quality. I like that it is intirely posable (makes for endless pretend), pretty eyes that sparkle. And the nice details on her dress. Definatly a great doll for Fancy Nancy fans!

Very cute! Clothes are beautiful. The articulation makes pretend play much easier. Disappointed by the plastic, the quality is rather subpar (that’s a fancy word for not that great). Overall, we still love the doll. Hope to see some additional outfits for this size doll.

Amazing doll for collectors and for kids! Not really show accurat! But amazing the articulation is a bitoff it would have been good if she has articulated feet as well

An absolutely GORGEOUS doll with glistening green eyes! I'm very, very impressed with how well the maker did recreating Fancy Nancy! I bought both the Disney and the Jaxx version and the ONLY differences I can find between the two are the order of the colors in the stripes on her pants and a few slight variations in the blue tiara.... otherwise the two are identical in appearance and quality (so far). I will have to update review as far as functionality goes after Christmas!

I ordered this for my 2 yr old Granddaughter but I have it hidden away til Christmas. I did open the box it came in since I wanted to check it out before giving it to her. I was totally happy at how beautiful the doll is. I can hardly wait to see her excitement when she opens her gift. She & I both enjoy watching Fancy Nancy together. The doll looks better in person than in the ad. She is a large size & very beautiful. Very happy that I ordered it.

This doll was a gift for my daughter who loves the movie “Leap”, about a red-haired orphan girl named Felicie, who works hard to become a ballerina. The price was amazing for an 18” doll with articulated joints! The elbows, wrists and knees bend.

I love her! She is pretty and so poseable! Her outfit is fairly sturdy. She is completely made of hard plastic and seems durable, but the plastic us quite hard so I would not recommend dropping her . She is the same height as AGDolls but a bit thinner.

It's a gift so it's still packed, I hope she will love the doll because it's so colorful and beautiful

This is a pretty good sized doll. More like a sit down tea party doll. But my neice loved it. It was for her 5th birthday and it was the last present she opened. When she opened the present, her eyes got big and she yelled out "Its Fancy Nancy! I have always wanted one." She was so happy! If you have a kid that's into watching Fancy Nancy after school and likes dolls.....then you can't go wrong with buying this product.

This doll is so cute and great buy,here comes the but... my granddaughter is 16 mo old and is afraid of it🙄😂🤣 its eyes are pretty big. I on the other hand love it. So it's a keeper. Maybe with time she will come around.

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