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Barbie Babysitters Inc. Boy Doll

Young kids can be the Babysitter with Barbie Skipper babysitters Inc. Doll and accessory sets that include a doll and five accessories to play out classic moments. This Babysitter doll is prepared for the night with a snack (Mmm, pretzels!), a Cell phone, notes to study, a bottle and a toy for baby -- it's a classic inspired by Fisher-Price and is sure to bring a smile. Young siblings and nurture can play out so many stories with this babysitting set that features a friend doll of Skipper. Some of the pieces have handles that fit on the doll's hands for realistic playtime action. The babysitters Inc. Boy doll wears an outfit that fits his personality, with a striped top, denim pants and sneakers. Kids will love exploring their first babysitting jobs in their imaginations because you can be anything with Barbie! collect all of the babysitters Inc. Dolls and accessories to fill a babysitting schedule full of fun (each sold separately, subject to availability). includes doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus five babysitting-themed pieces. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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Finally a boy doll in a series with Skipper! We haven’t seen this since the 90s with Kevin if you don’t count the High School Musical boys. He’s just adorable! I’d only change having him with bent knees and all real accessories. He’s about a half inch taller than Skipper.

A very handsome doll! Matches well with those skipper dolls. Just don’t be fooled. The only thing that isn’t card board is the phone and bottle. I loved the doll myself and a very good buy.

he looks exactly how he is supposed to look. He doesnt look different frok the pictures displayed above. handsome too. he wasnt damaged. he is great.

This Skipper babysitter boy is adorable. I am so glad I bought him. Amazon was the only place I could find him!! He is so cute!!! He is wearing a cute v-neck striped shirt that has velcro in the back, dark grey/blue jeans with an elastic band, & white sneakers. He comes with an orange cellphone, clear blue baby bottle, & two cardboard cut out pieces. Its really cool to see Mattel making more Ken's & boys.

This doll has a unique size, making it a true child/teen sized male doll. That is a almost impossible size to find, so this is a great doll addition for anyone who is interested in creating a diverse collection or a big family or something like that.

My only critique (and I have this for a lot of these diverse Kens) is why why why won't they change the necks on these dolls? They are all so thick and it is weirdly off putting, especially on this doll which is meant to be a kid. It makes the proportions off. Also, the head is attached weirdly on this one which makes it move around a little oddly and naturally. Overall though, this was a good purchase and I'm happy with it.

This doll is strangely hard to get ahold of but 100% adorable, and I would recommend him for any child or adult's collection. Also worth mentioning: the mobile phone and baby bottle accessories are sculpted plastic but the others are cardboard cutouts.

Another great addition to my Babysitters Inc collection. I knew in advance that some of the accessories shown in the picture are just cardboard punch-outs, so I wasn't expecting anything different. It'd be great if the doll came with actual accessories apart from the baby bottle and phone, but the doll is perfect, so I can't complain. I only wish that Mattel would make more boys for this collection, I'd buy them all.

My daughter wanted more boy dolls to play with and they’re not easy to find. This is actually a teenager like Skipper. My daughter is pleased.

This teen boy doll was a great buy. The kids wanted a teen boy to go with their teen girls, and when I found this guy, I was speechless. I didn't think there was a male skipper. Some of the accessories are made of cardboard.

Part of my Babysitters Collection, I want them all...

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Play out babysitting stories with these Barbie that come with themed babysitting supplies. Choose from dolls with different looks and different accessories. Each doll wears a casual outfit with a matching pair of shoes and comes with five additional pieces. Accessories include items like a bottle,
Young kids can be the babysitter with Barbie Babysitters Inc. baby sets that include a baby doll and accessories to play out classic moments -there's a diaper, blanket and baby bottle, all designed with Barbie signature style. Choose from adorable small baby dolls with unique looks and different