Reviews JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children 12 months or Older, Designed by Berenguer

JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children 12 months or Older, Designed by Berenguer

Looking for a way to introduce a child 12 months old or older to a newborn baby?

If so, then you (and the lucky child you gift this to) will fall in love with the La Baby 11-inch play doll! The following reasons explain why the La Baby is perfect for toddlers, and a favorite for pre-schools:

+ 11” size & 8 ounce weight makes it easy to carry around.
+ Sculpted hair & fixed open eyes means less moving parts.
+ Fragrance free & hand washable body helps you keep it as good as new for years.

Many of our customers tell us how their child loves to cuddle with the La Baby just before bed. Now isn’t that sweet!

The La Baby 11-inch helps children learn what it’s like to take care of others. Baby dolls of-fer kids a way to develop their self-help skills because children are hands-on learners. Dolls teach children how to take care of another person, add and remove clothing, interact with small objects, and pointing out body parts (like eyes, ears, mouth, and nose). In addition, dolls help children learn invaluable social skills, like communication. Wouldn’t you agree that speaking to others is an important skill in life?

JC Toys is a family run and operated business with origins dating back to 1982 in south-east Spain - one of the top major toy-making and design centers in the world. Today, you can find 100s dolls, playtime accessories, and more by JC Toys on

Add smiles to a young child’s face today by adding this La Baby doll to your cart now - thank you!

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I got this for my grandma who has dementia. It really helps her by giving her something to care for and interact with. She thinks it's a real baby and she likes to play with it.

I ordered two of these dolls for our preschool. I chose these because of the small size, soft bodies, and adorable faces. We needed more dolls that were not blue eyed. Our kids are all different and our dolls need to be different too.
These dolls are huggable and washable. We wash them in the washing machine every day and they come out looking like new. All the kids like these dolls, but they are a very big hit with our toddlers. The small size is perfect for little hands.

2 years later...check out the pics!
I love these dolls!!!
We use them 6 days a week and wash them everyday in the washing machine and they still look great! They are the favorites of both the children and the teachers.
I've read comments about the clothes being cheaply made. I thought they were fine, but in our preschool, the dolls rarely have clothes on and I haven't seen the clothes in a while. Most of the kids want a doll and a blanket to wrap them in.
If you want an adorable, well made, long lasting, easy to clean doll, GET ONE OF THESE!
I have purchased more of these to put into Christmas shoe boxes to send overseas and these fit great with room for other small odds and ends.
I will buy more of these dolls as needed for the preschool.

I am one of the only African American people in Boulder, CO which is a very liberal town. It’s so funny to see how far people will go to prove that they’re “cool with” other races. I started buying the black doll for all of my friend’s kids (who are not black). I name them all after chocolate bars. So far I have purchased 5 of these: Hershey, Caramello, Godiva, Cadbury (British chocolate brand for a friend who was living in Ireland) and Tobi (Toblerone). When I babysit, It’s funny to bring the doll along to the mall and or whole foods and watch the innocent confusion on faces. Whats even cooler is that the kids don’t realize the doll’s skin color and they love her to bits. I’m going to have to start buying the next size up as the kiddos grow.

We got the Asian baby for my son because he loved his sister's babies, and it has been a huge success. Her soft body is great for bed time cuddles, and her small size is perfect for a 2 1/2 year old. It's also a good size for travel. Although she is a simple, inexpensive doll, she looks very cute and seems to have more personality than a lot of similar dolls. Her clothes are well made. The hat even has a bit of elastic sewn in the back to help keep it on. My only complaint was that each ethnicity only has one color choice for the clothes. It would be nice to have a less girly option. You can purchase a different colored romper separately, but they are almost as expensive as the doll itself. My son doesn't mind his baby is a girl and has even named her Baby Pink, though. He really likes her. Oh well. The next one can be a boy.

i received this JC toys washable soft bodied baby doll about a week ago in the mail for my daughter. the doll came very nicely packaged and avoided any damage or tampering during its shipment. The baby doll arrived very quickly thanks to amazon prime and the speedy processing of the seller. i love this doll, the asian features are a definite plus. I got this baby to add some diversity to my daughters baby doll collection. She just turned three years old and baby dolls are her favorite toy. I like the soft body of the doll and the fact that it is washable is a super huge deal to me. The baby doll seems to be of pretty good quality and i am really happy with my purchase. I personally rely on others reviews very heavily when i am looking to purchase items online. Therefore i always try to give my best and most accurate review that i can. Sometimes it is nice to read about others personal expriences and opinions rather than just reading a products description. If this review helped you in any way please be kind and click the helpful review button located below. If you have any questions about my expeirence with this doll please feel free to ask those questions and i will try to answer them the best that i can according to the experience that i had with this doll. I would recommend this JC toys group washable soft body play doll to others. so far my daughter has been loving her new doll! Its adorable too!

This is the cutest little baby doll. It is smaller than a standard doll but is exactly what I wanted for my 2-year-old niece. My 6-year-old daughter would happily play with the doll too though. I took a pic of it next to an American Girl Doll (Bitty Baby) for a size comparison.

Having lost her original dolly to one of their dogs, our granddaughter was super excited to receive this one. Preferring the face on the boy to the one on the girl we were not disappointed when this one arrived. He has such a cute and adorable face. He is very cuddable with a soft body. The eyes DO not move but that means they can't be poked at either!

This doll comes well packaged so be prepared to have to help your little one enable him to 'escape' from his box. Clothes are removable and he also comes with a blankie/towel. Yes, it is not what I would call your 'regular' sized large baby doll but this one is much easier to carry around and just as easy to love as a bigger one.

Would recommend this doll to all. VERY realistic face. Well made. We purchased this at the full prevailing price. We were not required to write a review but chose to do so. Thanks, Liz

This Beautiful and soft baby doll is very cuddly. I purchased several dolls for our church nursery. We have many little toddlers from 18 months to almost three years of age. These are the perfect size and in my opinion, have beautiful, cute faces. The outfit my doll arrived in was exactly as pictured. The back of the jumpsuit opens in back with Velcro, so that if desired the clothes can come off. The matching hat is removeable and although the eyes do not open and close the face is sculpted so that the eyes look pretty real for a doll in this price point. I will order more to keep at my house for grandkids!

This is the perfect little baby doll! I bought it for my 4 year old son to play with. Turns out my 18 month old son loves it too. So i will be purchasing another for him as well. This doll is 11 inches long,has a soft body, and has hard hands. It is very lightweight.It is the perfect size for a small child. It comes with a little blue hat and a little blue security blanket. It has very beautiful life like eyes. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a small cute baby doll for their special little boy or girl.

Just arrived five minutes ago. I opened it up to examine it and was just thrilled. This is a Christmas gift for my 15 month old daughter. Being the person and parent that I am, I felt that it was important for my child (my first girl out of three boys!) to have dolls that represented all cultural groups. While that would, of course, be impossible since there are so many in this world, I was so so pleased that this particular brand of toy offered four different and diverse dolls, so, I purchased all four of them! (I will copy and paste this review on them all since I will be saying the exact same of them all and who has the time to type all that over and again? lol) For those who are just reading this one I want to be clear that there are FOUR of these "diversity dolls"; white, black, Hispanic and Asian. And a message for parents who feel that a white child should have a white doll, etc. I want to ask you to really think about that. I know that my children KNOW diversity, appreciate DIVERSITY and know that we are all beautiful and important. These dolls are NOT expensive at all so buying all in a set isn't hard (unless you stay broke like we do and don't have awesome grandparents helping out!) Aside from all that, the quality of this product is tops. It looks beautiful, is made well and I cannot even wait to see my daughter open this on Christmas morning!

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