Reviews Cry Babies Lea Baby Doll

Cry Babies Lea Baby Doll

Meet Cry Babies lea, the most tearful baby! If you take away her pacifier she will cry real tears and scream and shout! Give her back the packing or rock her to make her stop crying.

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What a cute doll! My 2 year old daughter really wanted a Cry Babies doll and when I got her one, she was so excited! She loves it and carries her baby doll with her everywhere. Just make sure you have 2AA batteries ready to put in doll because batteries that come in doll wear out quickly( I know they're just demo batteries, but most of ones that I've used have lasted longer than these).

This doll is adorable she cries and spits out her pacifier to interact with child. Even I played with her.
She leaks. I found my granddaughter stopped playing with her because she was all wet.
If the hat wasn't sewn on to her outfit you could interchange the hat but the hat is sewn to the outfit and pacifier. If they'd fix this I'm sure the kids would play with her for a very looking time because she's adorable!

We haven’t had any of the problems that other reviews have mentioned. I didn’t give it 5 stars because I haven’t actually put the water in it (don’t really want my daughter knowing about that feature at this point). But otherwise, it works fine. She carries it everywhere and we’ve had no issues with it’s durability.

Very cute and my daughter LOVES the baby. However, you have to get the pacifier really shoved into the mouth to get it to stop crying. She even became bothered by it and asked me to turn it off. So now she plays with it with the sound turned off. I feel she’d enjoy it better if this design flaw was fixed as it’s hard for little ones to get the pacifier in like it needs to be.

The Cry Baby doll by far met expectations in quality; however, I cannot understand the inflated price from my recent date of purchase to current price-not happy with costs ☹️ My granddaughter loves her doll though!

Received very quickly from the UK!! Item is cute and my granddaughter will love it! Thank you!

Great birthday gift. My niece absolutely loved it! It’s so cute and unique.

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So this item is cute but I don't think it is worth the money. The doll is pretty heavy for little kids. The crying part is cute but also did leak a lot. My daughter still loves the doll but picks other dolls over this one. Our doll did break after having it a week but the company were really great to work with and did send us a brand new doll. I think if it was a lower price this doll would be worth it but for the price I think better dolls are out there.

She loves this doll. The real tears and crying keep her entertained. No Mess or issues with water storage this far. A fun little toy.

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