Reviews American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

Willa has a love for animals. She's sure to be the first one up a tree-and the last to turn away a furry friend. This 14.5" (36.8 cm) doll is sized just right for younger girls. She has Hazel eyes and silky strawberry-blond hair in long pigtails that can be Brushed and styled. Plastic/vinyl. Includes: a Hedgehog tee with a sweet printed face and dimensional ears, a green hedgehog-print skirt trimmed in satin ribbon, a cute headband with fabric bunny ears, light-pink underwear, red wellie boots with sweet ladybug faces.

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 I just bought Willa and Ashlyn for my daughter for Christmas, I did not buy them on Amazon but felt compelled to leave a review here anyway since I refer to the reviews here a lot myself. These dolls are the PERFECT size for small hands, I even love the difference between the 18" compared to the 14.5" dolls, they are just so much easier to play with, dress and stand. I originally bought the 18" Our Generation doll for my daughter over a year ago, she hardly plays with it, and I have to say, I think its way too big and heavy for her to carry around and dress. I have attached a video to show you the difference, I accidentally referred to the 18" doll as a Journey Girl doll but it is an Our Generation doll. They are really cumbersome, almost not enjoyable to pose and dress in my opinion.

Now a word about the Welliewishers, since my daughter loves the show my hope is that she will take the girls with her everywhere and wear them out because that's what a doll should be, a companion. American Girl has really hit the mark with these dolls, they are really well made and easy to handle, although the faces aren't an exact match to the show, they are still very recognizable and they definitely portray their quirky personalities perfectly. The show is beautifully done with amazing artistry, it focuses on the friendship between the five girls with realistic scenarios dealing with anything from jealousy to considering other people's feelings all the while making it fun and magical. Now I realize that not every child has outdoor playhouses and bunny hutches, but every child has emotions like these girls and I think the show really helps young girls understand those difficult emotions when they do arise. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

According to my daughter, this was the "best Christmas present ever". That alone is a huge bonus, but I digress.

We were seeking out an American Girl doll for our seven year old daughter (she REALLY wanted one) but wanted to avoid high pricing. I happened to stumble across this on Amazon and decided to give it a go and I am SO glad I did. It's a really nice sized doll for the price, the details and quality are what you would expect from American Girl full size dolls. On Christmas, my daughter lost her mind when she got it. I would not hesitate to purchase another American Girl WellieWisher Doll. It's the perfect size doll for younger girls and, dare I say, older girls too. Highly recommended, for sure.

Beautiful doll that is just the right size for the 8 year old I purchased this doll for. Hair combs easily. Clothes are well made, and easy for a child to change them out. She absolutely loves this doll.

My granddaughter is 5 and a half years old. This was her Christmas gift from us this year! I also bought clothes to go along with her. Savannah loved the doll, immediately chose a name and amidst the Christmas celebrations began playing with her doll "Leah"! She told me it was the best present ever! This doll's size 14 and a half inches is perfect for a 5 - 7 year old. The doll is easy for her to handle, dressing and undressing, and cuddling with her at night. I am so glad I bought her a Wellie Wisher American Girl Doll! American Girl WellieWishers Willa Doll

Yes. Willa is so cute, her eyes, her hair, freckles and the beautiful outfit. But everybody said that already. I am copying my review because I purchased 3 dolls.
These dolls are 14", smaller than regular AG
dolls but are also half of the price. $60 vs. $129. Made of hard plastic, including the body. The limbs don't bend, other than up/down. The eyes do not open/close as the 18" AG dolls. The hair is different than 18" AG dolls, feels more like plastic. I assume these dolls are different because: are cheaper and are intended for younger girls, so they are more "heavy duty" than 18" AG dolls.
These can go to the bath tub with the girls and are easy to clean and dress. The clothes are cute but also are easier for little girls to dress/undress.
As I said, I purchased three. Emerson, Willa and Camille. Two for my little nieces and one for my daughter, that is 15 years old with intellectual delay. She is always carrying a doll. It is easier for her (and me) to keep Emerson clean and she can dress her faster because she has undies and two pieces of clothes: blouse and skirt with velcro, and the boots, which are open in the back. (My daughter has gross & fine motor challenges) so with 18" dolls, we had recurrent episodes of her carrying naked pricey dolls, as she was frustrated of being unable to dress them. And because of her age, she will not allow me to help her as she used to when she was younger. The 18" are more delicate, because the torso is made of fabric and the eyes move, so you should not use water or touch the eyes if you want them to last longer. The clothes are a little more detailed than the WW's, so my kid wasn't able to provide proper care, but she does great with Emerson so she is so happy. I will get her another one as soon as I can.
The reason I ordered in Amazon is because the AG website has a very slow shipping process. You cannot see any information or estimated date of delivery which is useful when you are planning gifts. You see an estimate time of arrival until you complete your transaction (Even when you pay the full cost for shipping). I have purchased more than 5 dolls there and I had issues on 50% of them, mostly because they arrive later than expected. I am an Amazon customer for years but for some reason I was hesitant of purchasing original dolls from a "3rd party", but I was in a hurry and I was afraid of shipping issues so I gave it a chance. Amazon had the same price for the dolls with free shipping and 2-day delivery. I received them on time for Christmas. I just love Amazon transactions!! I also purchased clothes for the WW dolls from Emily Rose store. Those are cute, well made and cheaper than the AG outfits.

Such a beautiful doll. My daughter loves her. What makes it really fun is clothes by "WYHTOYS" that I purchased on amazon as well after doing lots of research, and they fit her so perfectly


This is the sweetest little doll. Smaller than the originals, but just as adorable! Bought this one because my daughter's name is Willa which is just too cool. :-)

Wonderful 14" doll! Great for smaller hands or to add as a sibling for other dolls. Simple construction -- The arms and legs do not bend. The eyes do not close. My 7 year old loves this doll.

Bought for my daughter's 7th Birthday. She loves it. It is her third doll from the Wellie Wisher's collection. However, Willa is the first one purchased from Amazon and I have the suspicion that our package was opened and returned. Willa did not have a hair net on her pigtails when she arrived, and one seems pulled out and mussed. Her hair is completely uneven. So next time I will pick one out from the store in pristine condition.

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