Comments about Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll, Romper and Hat Included, Wipe-Clean Arms & Legs, 12.5" H x 7.2" W x 4.7" L

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll, Romper and Hat Included, Wipe-Clean Arms & Legs, 12.5 H x 7.2 W x 4.7 L

Product Description

It will be love at first sight when this adorable, soft-bodied baby doll comes home! At 12 inches long, Jenna is an ideal size for toddlers 18 months and older to hug, cuddle, and care for. She has molded plastic hair and wipe-clean arms, legs, and face. Jenna closes her bright blue eyes as she is rocked to sleep and when she lies down and opens them when she is picked up. Young mommies and daddies can comfort Jenna by helping her to suck her thumb or the included pacifier. Her beautifully stitched pink romper and matching infant bonnet are removable. Quality craftsmanship ensures endless hours of pretend play and a baby doll that will remain a favorite for years to come.

Jenna is a great baby doll to help toddlers express themselves and to encourage imaginative play. Doll play develops cognitive and fine motor skills as children practice removing and putting on clothing, helping her to suck her thumb and pacifier, and moving her arms and legs. Children learn language skills as they talk to Jenna and caring for their baby doll helps foster nurturing skills and responsibility. Doll play also helps self-esteem and confidence grow by leaps and bounds. Jenna is just waiting for a child to call her “Mine to Love”!

For more than 30 years, Melissa & Doug has created beautifully designed imagination- and creativity-sparking products that NBC News called “the gold standard in early childhood play.” We design every toy to the highest quality standards, and to nurture minds and hearts. If your child is not inspired, give us a call and we'll make it right. Our phone number is on every product!

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I got “Baby Jenna” for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. It was love at first sight! That was over a year ago and out of all the dolls she has now (probably 10) it’s still her favorite doll! It’s the sweetest, softest little doll! My daughter takes her EVERYWHERE and sleeps with her every night. It is smaller than most dolls, but it’s the perfect size for little hands (1 to 6 year-olds). She can suck her thumb (right thumb only) which is perfect because my daughter sucks her thumb. She came with a pacifier, too, that stays put in her mouth after you put it in. She also came with a diaper that my daughter loves to take off and on. Her pretty blue eyes close when she lays down. I love Melissa & Doug toys and this is by far my favorite! My only complaint is that her little hat doesn’t stay on very long-it falls off easily. Also, after a year her outfit has gotten just a little ragged (but not falling apart) and it’s hard to find other clothes that fit her. I also got the “Melissa & Doug Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories - Bib, Bag, Diaper, Wipes, Utensils, Bottles”. Those items are great for this doll. We also have a stroller and a shopping cart she likes to push her around in. All in all, this is the perfect little doll for a young child! You’ll love it too!

I bought this for my one year old who really likes other babies. So far she loves poking it's eyes lol. The doll itself is very cute and of good quality. It's the perfect size for a younger toddler to carry around.

This is such a nice simple doll. My 2 1/2 year old loves her. She wheels her around in the baby stroller. Her eyes shut when the baby is laid down. It's so much fun watching my daughter play with this doll and pretend to feed her. The quality of the doll is very good, consistent with the Melissa and Doug brand. She's also a very nice size for a 2 year old to play with. My daughter also has a Baby Alive doll, which is larger and heavier. She seems to have an easier time playing with the Melissa and Doug doll than the larger Baby Alive doll.

I got this sweet doll as a gift for a 3 year old girl. She came beautifully presented in a box, perfect for a gift. She has the sweetest face of any baby doll I've ever seen. My younger son has the Melissa and Doug Brianna Doll, so I knew the excellent quality of the Melissa and Doug dolls. EXCELLENT! I knew that the 3 year old girl I was buying for would absolutely fall in love with this adorable, precious baby Jenna Doll. Her eyes close when she lies down and she can suck her thumb or or the pacifier she comes with. She would be wonderful with the Melissa and Doug diaper set or the feeding set. Hands down, the best baby doll around. Way to go Melissa and Doug!

This is my daughter’s very favorite thing to play with for 2 years now, it was her first baby doll at 1 year old and it was so well loved we’ve replaced it once (she has no idea) she sleeps with it every single night. She has other baby dolls but this is just perfect size, and feel. Our daughter will be 3 in a couple weeks and it’s still her favorite thing she owns! Will buy another to keep on standby!

My 3-year-old has had the Jenna doll for a year. Jenna is cuter than a lot of dolls in stores. It has a soft body and is smaller which is good for a little child. I had no problem with a smell - very light. My dau is not really "into" dolls, it turns out, so she takes Jenna for a walk around the house in the stroller occasionally. I guess the excitement wore off quickly, but that is a personal decision for each child. Jenna's clothes are difficult to put back on. The hat stays on for about 5 seconds before my dau takes it off. She can also get the sleeper off without too much trouble and finds it entertaining, so I spend too much time dressing poor, cold Jenna. Nice enough doll, but I would probably design her with a permanent underlayer of clothes - maybe sleeper/pj's? - and an outer layer of "street clothes." If you don't mind dressing Jenna or seeing her with just her skin-colored fabric torso, this is a nice doll.

We bought this for my daughter when she was 15 months she is now 4 and the doll has been a favorite toy of hers. The size is a perfect size for a toddler or young girl. The doll has held up very well. I only wish they sold clothes for this doll. Now that my daughter is older I think she would enjoy dressing the doll and I have struggled to find the right size of clothing.

I got this for my son Oliver in 2014 when he was one.He loved playing with the doll "Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll With Romper and Hat"
He played for years with it and was in good shape still when we decided to donate it since he got older. Now he is older and he doesn't play with dolls anymore, he prefers cars lol but anyway the product is awesome i recommend it and you wont be disappointed! I can't post a picture since i don't have it any longer but i am sure "she" is fine in the hands of another lucky kid!

I got this for my 2 year old grand-daughter and I have never seen her hold a doll or stuffed toy with such love and caring in her face. She likes that the eyes close, she was saying baby go night night. She wants her baby to do everything with her. I got a stroller at the same time and will buy a cradle for Christmas this year as well. She is 100% in love with this doll.

I bought this baby doll to have at my house for my 3 yr old granddaughter to play with when she comes to Gammie’s every week. She had fallen in love with this doll, asks about her on the phone in between visits, and runs to find her when she arrives. She loves to feed her the bottle and soothe her with the pacifier. She takes her into her big girl bed when she naps, and on the monitor I can hear her talking, singing, and “reading” to the baby. This is an unadorned, uncomplicated doll, a perfect choice for my little granddaughter to cuddle and love 💕 !

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