Comments about L.O.L. Surprise! #Ootd (Outfit of The Day) with 25+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise! #Ootd (Outfit of The Day) with 25+ Surprises

In a world where babies run everything, little rockers Rebel against nap time and Teacher's pets become class presidents with "free pizza Fridays!" In this world, all work is play and nothing is dull Cuz it's all a Lil' Surprising and outrageous! Unbox 25+ surprises in the L.O.L. Surprise! #outdo (outfit of the day)! unbox an exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! doll, and then every day of the month unbox an outfit or pair of shoes! Mix ‘N match for endless fashion combos! Collect them all!

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I have never been more scared to open an item than I was this. With the reports of pieces being missing and people opening them and returning, I was terrified when mine came banged up. I was so worried someone had opened it and returned it and mine was a dud. I opened it from the back, my hands trembling the whole time... but it's complete! I'm enclosing a photo so everyone can see what's what. Box 21 is a tiny necklace, be sure you aren't missing it when looking for the items. Thankfully, my daughter knew this is coming and she knew about missing pieces. I told her up front I will open it first from behind to be sure it's complete, so if it's a little rough, she will understand. Now, we sit and let it wait until December to use as her advent calendar. <3

After reading some reviews about items missing, I was a little worried. I followed the advice of another reviewer and opened it from the back. All the items were there, no empty slots. I glued it back and you can't even tell I opened it. Some of my items had shifted (maybe during shipping?) and were in other slots. Maybe that's what's happening to people and they think some are empty because of it? There should only be one item (ie; a pair of shoes, a hat, a necklace) in each little box. If there's more than one... it moved from a different box. Could be disappointing if you are using as an advent so just might need to open from the back and put items back where they go.

I got this for my daughter and she loves it
It has a lot of accessories and the doll is so cute

I was also excited to receive this early, however mine was missing one accessory. Fortunately not as bad as some other reveies here. I recommend all moms to open this BEFORE December so your child isn't disappointed. I tried to be careful so it's possible I just missed a piece. I'm just glad only one is gone I'll have to replace or keep looking before that day comes. they're small so who knows really. the doll alone was going to make us happy anyway. we were missing number 21.

I carefully opened from the back. Everything is in place!

So, because some of the reviewers are saying there are missing pieces I followed the recommendation of another reviewer and opened the back up, peaked through each side and saw that all the pieces were there. I didn’t want a disappointment little girl. So, I just glued it back and you can’t tell.

I was really nervous ordering this b/c of the review about missing pieces. When the 3 I ordered arrived I followed another reviewer’s advise about opening it from the back to check. All three had ALL their pieces. I will say one pocket on the far right has only a tiny necklace in it so perhap people thought it was empty?

My daughter loves it! After seeing reviews about missing items I was nervous but prepared. So far everything has been there! One box was little shoes and it appeared only 1 was there but the other had shaken out of the compartment and into a little open area under the top piece of cardboard. I lifted the big flap on front and found the shoe and taped it back shut without my daughter noticing. Super cute.

Keep in mind that you must already be prepared to be over paying for what you are getting in most advent calendars. LOL dolls are cute dolls but cheap dolls with cheap accessories but the kids love them. That being said my daughter loved this. It is not an outfit of the day though, its an accessory of the day or garment of the day. You never get a complete outfit In one day. My daughter was very excited for everyday and enjoyed the calendar. All of our pieces were in the spots as they should be, we had nothing missing.

My kiddos love all things LOL and this was no exception. I was unaware that there is an actual doll in the box so that was a nice surprise. We opened all the doors the same day we got it since we coukdnt wait to find out what the surprises were.

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