Reviews Calico Critters Bedroom & Vanity Set

Calico Critters Bedroom & Vanity Set

The Bedroom & Vanity Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Calico Critters house. The set comes with a lovely bed, dressing table, shelf, and table in white and pink. The dressing table has a mirror that swivels between the arms. It also has a drawer you can pull out. The bed comes with a mattress, cover, and pillow. Small accessories such as a hair dryer, brush, and cosmetic bottles are also included. Combine with the Piano & Desk Set to add furniture in matching colors. Play together with various houses, furniture and figures for even more fun (all sold separately). Dressing table, stool, bed, mattress, bed cover, pillow, shelf, table, tray, doll house, box, box lid, earring, brush, hair dryer, face powder, puff, dish, cookie x3, nail polish x3, lipstick x2, perfume bottle x2, lotion bottle x2 (total 29 pieces).

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My granddaughters absolutely loved this set. The little wardrobe with the hangers were the biggest hit. They undress a Critter for a bath, run the dress through the washer and hang it up in the wardrobe. Slowly but surely we have filled our cottage and lodge with furniture, something that delights the girls. I love how sturdy and detailed these pieces are. We have yet to have anything break
I will update my review if this product doesn't meet my expectations for durability.
As an online shopper I rely heavily on reviews left by others when trying to decide what to buy so I try to leave useful reviews for those products I feel strongly about. Please let me know if you find my review helpful. Thanks so much!

Calico Critters products are typically highly detailed, very cute, and reasonably well-made, and overall, this is no exception. Like most items from this brand, this is arguably overpriced, but it's so much nicer than any close competition (e.g. Lil' Woodzeez) that they can get away with it, so I don't count this against them, it's just something to keep in mind when buying these as a functional children's toy (as opposed to an adult collector's item). I do, however, want to mention that although this is described as a girl's bedroom, the dress, nightgown, and slippers included in the set are sized for adult Calico Critters rather than children. My Critter girl could still wear the nightgown and slippers, although both were noticeably big, but the nightgown came significantly past her feet (maybe a centimeter or so, but that's a lot if you're only two inches tall!).

Also, the sides of the bedspread stick straight out, rather than laying flat against the bed, and the clock and picture frame don't balance on the nightstand if the doily is under them, as shown on the box.

My daughter loves this set and uses it for her "lps" as she calls them, they are the perfect size for the calico critter furniture sets, she says that this set was better than her expectations, the closet doors open, and the bed is adorable, these are perfect and I highly recommend it for anyone one who is looking for a great Christmas gift for their child, the material is plastic, but not the cheap kind, well worth the price.

Love all the calico critter stuff. This set is a favorite of my granddaughter. The perfect little girl's bedroom complete with vanity and adorable nightgown and slippers! I started buying these as my granddaughter (who is 5) couldn't resist playing with a large doll house built by her great grandmother, but as you can imagine kept breaking the furniture. The calico critter furniture is detailed, scaled 1:24 which fits the doll house great, and best of all is highly durable. Practically indestructible. A win win for me. I packed the wooden furniture away for the future and now my granddaughter can play without worries!

My daughter isn't into the calico critters but she loves the littlest petshop characters. Unfortunately the houses and sets that come with them are flimsy and fall apart after they are built. Because of this she builds her own houses out of things from around our house.. shoe boxes, cloth from fabric, so once I saw the calico critter lodges, houses, furniture, I had to get as many of them as i could for her. She loves them and plays with her little village/town for hours at the dining room table. She now has this, the town home, the discovery forest, the adventure tree house, several of the bedroom sets (bunk beds, sister's loft, lavender bedroom, children's bedroom), the kitchen set, the deluxe living room, and parents bedroom set.

This is a really cute Calico Critters furniture set! Very detailed, it will provide tons of fun for your daughter.

The main pieces are a bed, vanity and armoire. They are all made from white plastic. I'm not sure what the scale is, but it seems to be somewhere between 1:12 and 1:24. The vanity stands 3 1/2" high, the armoire is 4" high, and the bed platform is 2 1/2" by 4 1/2". It is a girl's room, but Calico parents will also fit on the bed. If you are buying this set to use with other figures, note that there is no footboard on the bed, so a bigger figure can still use the bed, if you don't mind their feet hanging off!

The bed platform is plain, but the headboard has a shaped top with heart and dot designs molded in, and lavendar bedknobs. It also comes with a light pink fabric/foam mattress, a pink floral pillow and a pink floral coverlet. The pillow is decorated with lace on the sides. The coverlet is really nice - it has an attached ruffled skirt with lace trim, flat lace down the center and a white ribbon bow at the top. It doesn't really hang on the bed - the sides stick straight out, but is nicely styled - way better than the bedspreads on most doll house furntiure.

The vanity has some molded floral design at the top, but also has a lavendar vine design printed on the doors. The vanity has two working doors with gray plastic handles. Inside the doors is a mirror, and the back of the doors are also mirrored. It also features a working drawer with gray plastic handle. The stool is round with a removeable, flocked lavender top. I like this stool, because it is wide enough so that it is easy for my girls to actually sit their critters on it.

The armoire matches the vanity with molded floral design and Lavender printed vines. Its two doors (with gray handles) open wide. Inside you will find a small mirrow with metal hanging bar on one door, and a hanger bar inside. There are also plastic hangers. My daughter hangs 2 dresses in the armoire, and she has had no problems keeping the doors closed.

As with all Calico Critter sets, there are many accessories. A small night table has a pedestal base and a lavender top. A simple lavender rug has ribbon trim, and the matching round pillow has lace trim. My 11 year old loves the vanity tray. The tray is light brown and has a molded wicker design, and holds little (and I mean little!) lotion and perfume bottles. There is also a tiny trinket box with removable lid, alarm clock and double picture frame. It came with other small accessories, but these are the favorites. Note - the picture shows curtains, but they don't come with this set. If you are thinking about buying this set for a younger child, the furniture is totally appropriate, but the accessories will probably get lost (at least that's how it works in my house!)

We bought this set to go into a larger dollhouse, because my daughter prefered a girl's room to a nursery. As I said, the scale is smaller than 1:12, but the furniture still looks great in our house. As with all our Calico Critters furniture, this set is both stylish and well-made.

Bottom Line - If you are looking for a girls room, this is a great choice.

The detail on this set is wonderful, as with all Calico Critters products. I love all the accessories that come with this set, too. The armoire opens and you can put your extra clothes in it. However, it is very hard to hang them on the hangers and hang them on the bar, so we just put them in there and close the door. (The door stays closed)
My favorite piece is the vanity. The mirrors are on hinges like a real vanity and it comes with the cutest bottles to place on it. The only thing I'm not really crazy about (but can live with) is the cover for the bed. It does not lie flat on the bed. Maybe some ironing will help it to lie flat, but I own a steamer and no iron so I can't try it.
All in all, we love this bedroom set.

This set is adorable! The attention to detail is amazing. My daughter is very happy and has already played for hours with this. Compared to the other Calico Critters accessories we own, I feel this is an excellent value.

Just can't get over how incredibly cute this set is!! Attention to detail is awesome! Very very very cute! My kiddo loved every single piece in this set. It's gonna be tough to keep the little pieces from getting lost, though :)

My daughter adores this set for her Calico Critter’s House. Lots and lots of little pieces but that’s one of the reasons she loves it so much. Make sure to read directions because there are little pieces you have to assemble.

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