Reviews Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress Up Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Fairytale Dress Up Doll

Create your own happily ever after with this fairytale gift set that includes Barbie doll with three complete character outfits -- a princess, mermaid and fairy! Inspired by her candy kingdom, Barbie doll looks positively sweet in looks decorated with candy colors and accents. The beautiful princess wears a candy-detailed pink snap-on bodice, a long colorful skirt with glitter, matching shoes and a princess tiara. Two additional outfits include a candy mermaid look that makes a splash with a snap-on swimsuit top and ombre tail, and a fairy costume that soars into imagination with a snap-on bodice, fairy skirt, fantastic fairy shoes and snap-on glittery fairy wings. Play out classic fairytale stories or mix and match to create new tales and characters -- like a mermaid-fairy-princess -- because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie doll wearing princess snap-on bodice and soft skirt, shoes and tiara; a mermaid look with snap-on bodice and tail; and a fairy look of snap-on bodice, soft skirt, snap-on wings and fairy shoes. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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I purchased Barbie Fairytale Dress Up Barbie Doll just over a month ago for my daughter's 7th birthday. She loves mermaids AND fairies. In fact she picked this for herself online and I just paid for it. It's like having several dolls in one and the best part is that the outfits fit other Barbies so my 3 yr old and 8 yr old can join in on the costume changing fun too. There are some tiny pieces but that is to be expected from dress up dolls this size. I'm a dad and as a male shopper I give this product 5 stars because it's a toy that offers my kids hours upon hours of replay value which gives me bang for my buck.

My daughter had been on Youtube and kept talking about a fairy mermaid. This is all strange to me, I mean how could a mermaid have wings and what would a flying mermaid look like? Anyway it turns out that there is such a thing and here it is. My daughter loves it, apparently it's the best thing ever. As for me, if she's happy then I'm happy. A fantastic toy and one that she had her heart set on, I'm so happy I was able to get this for her.

My daughter received this Barbie for Christmas and absolutely loves it. Out of all the toys she got, this is the one she'll consistently go to. Since there are many different combinations of outfits for this Barbie to wear, there is massive replayability with this Barbie. The accessories are pretty study and my only complaint is that the shoes are difficult for kids to take off.

My daughter is completely in love with Barbie and mermaids so this was an obvious choice. However, the mermaid tail is not easy to take off and I feel as though it will break or wear down so that it will no longer snap after a little while. I am also not too fond of the hard plastic tops that just snap onto the top of the doll rather than something she actually wears.

Daughter loves it but doesn’t playbthevthe eings & tail as much as I thought she would. The worst thing about this set is the shoes. The shoes are nearly impossible to remove and HURT your fingers when you try. My hope is that maybe they’ll get worn in & become easier to manipulate with more use (because for some reason the barbies have to switch shoes every few minutes...)

My 6 yr old daughter’s favorite Christmas gift. She loves the way the clothes and tail snap on easily. She is already a fan of barbies but this one tops them all with its ability to be a fairy or mermaid. She’s had it in the tub with it’s mermaid tail and has been playing with it non stop since she received it 2 days ago. A great purchase!

Bought this set for my four year old for Christmas and she LOVES it. Barbie has 30 different combinations of outfit with all the pieces it includes, with some pretty fancy shoes that I wouldn't have minded in my size!

I bought it for a gift for an 11 year old. She absolutely loved the Barbie. She also liked how many different options there was to dress up the Barbie. It was great that the mermaid fin could be put on top of the legs, it was like having two Barbies in one. I would definitely recommend for any child that likes Barbies.

This was my 7 year old granddaughter’s first Barbie. She was ecstatic and so happy that it wasn’t another learning toy. She loved that it was a fairytale in the making with the Mermaid outfit and the fairy wings.

This was perfect for my almost 5 year old. She was able to handle the shoes and tail ok. The mermaid tail snaps on easily. She does need help getting it off though. Love that the accessories work with her other barbies as well!

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