Comments about L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise with 60+ Surprises

L.O.L. Surprise dolls were on a top secret mission when their pet went missing! find surprise clues across the eye spy series to help find their pet! discover 60+ never before seen surprises inside the L.O.L. Surprise bigger surprise with exclusive dolls and accessories!

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I originally was going to put this up for xmas but decided life is to short to wait for some day in late December so I gave it to my granddaughter who was overly thrilled with the out of the blue present. It took her a while to open everything but afterwards she played and played with it and returned to it the next day. Yes, it's expensive when you total up a little sister, a regular doll, etc. but you get quite a few accessories and wigs. The wigs, both the hair ones and the vinyl wig ones, really jazz up your dolls and changes their looks. It really is a like a play set with dolls and a pet and accessories. While i wished it had been cheaper, I thought the price was decent as it kept her busy for a good couple of hours and using her imagination as she dressed up the dolls and animal and acted out scenes. The only thing I didn't like about the toy was afterwards, I couldn't get the little suitcase lid to stay on. I'm not sure it's supposed to but it would of been nice if all those things packed nicely back into the case and the lid fit snugly.

My granddaughter has a lot of L.O.L. dolls and she says this is great. She wanted to give it 10 stars. It has 2 big sisters, 1 little sister , 1 pet, 2 hats, 6 outfits, 6 pairs of shoes and 18 wigs. She loves the wigs. 6 are like real hair and 12 hairwraps that go on like a helmet. The pet comes with an outfit too. The container itself they came in will store a whole lot of dolls and clothes.

The toy of the moment is always going to be a little more expensive than what "it's worth" but like a lot of your daughter's, mine is an L.O.L. fan and loves the Idea of unboxing, looking at each surprise, unwrapping more and more. Here it's about quantity and size. She carries her Big Surprise Ball from last year with some of her dolls inside and I'm sure we'll use this one the same way. I love the sparkly pink (and durable) plastic case; makes picking all the tiny pieces and storing them easier. All in all Well worth getting them something so thrilling to unwrap.

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas because she really wanted the new LOL bigger surprise, after having a huge disappointment with the gold ball last year because it was out of stock everywhere I decided to preorder the bigger surprise. The carrying case is a beautiful huge and heavy pink sparkling rectangle (hard plastic) purse full of 60 + surprises, and what child isn’t going to want it? Especially with the cool new wigs, all the outfits, shoes, clothes, hidden messages with spy glass, 2 dolls, one little sister and a pet all with smaller carrying cases inside. I think my child is going to be extremely happy on Christmas and for paying the 89.99 to see her happy is worth every penny. It might be expensive but my child happiness is worth way much more. There are also plenty of YouTube channels opening the bigger surprise as well to check out.

This toy is so cute! It’s a Christmas gift, but I can totally guarantee the little one will love it!! Yes, a little pricey but worth it in my opinion! It comes with 2 LOL dolls, 1 pet, and 1 lil sister....and TONS of accessories!! The case is huge, definitely can be re-used for various odds and ends. But I love the concept of the LOL dolls and the way their names have to be figured out, and this is no different! It will definitely be a hit for Christmas!

My nieces Love the oodles of choices to customize playtime. Their mom is experiencing hair loss as she is undergoing chemotherapy. These dolls help them to experience playing with wigs and hair cover options alongside of their Mom who is exploring wigs, headbands and beanies.

This item was purchased as a Christmas Gift for my daughter. This was on her wish list and I am sure she is just going to love it. Shipping was fast and the item was shipped with care!

A Christmas gift so hasn't been opened yet. If it's anything like previous LOL's I know it will be a great surprise for my granddaughter on Christmas morning. Package arrived in perfect condition.

Great gift that kids will love. Reminds me of when I was a kid and got Gogos Crazy Bones because you don't what which dolls or accessories you'll end up with which is part of the fun. Bought this for my 8-year-old niece for her birthday and she loved it. Her and her 5-year-old sister loved opening each individual surprise inside and seeing what they got. Not sure why this has so many negative reviews, it is expensive, but you should know that you're not getting full fledged dolls. I imagine it costs a lot because just the smallest version costs at least $5 and this comes with over 60 surprises as advertised which I believe is fair. My niece loved that there were so many different surprises to open and was super excited when she got a color or doll she wanted. I think this makes a great gift for girls in that age group and do not regret my purchase whatsoever. My only suggestion would be to make the plastic wrappers easier to open because it was difficult to open some things even for me and for a kid it should be an easier experience than it is than to constantly ask an adult to open each item

I bought this for my daughters birthday instead of Christmas and she went bananas she was soooooo excited when she opened it! Yes there are a lot of little pieces and the excitement stems from opening all those blind bags!!! Now I have to top that for Christmas, but over all I gave it five stars it came quickly not damage nothing missing or open it was perfect!!!! So thankful that this made my daughter's birthday !!!!!!!!!!

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