Reviews L.O.L. Surprise! Under Wraps Doll- Series Eye Spy 2A

L.O.L. Surprise! Under Wraps Doll- Series Eye Spy 2A

L.O.L. Surprise! dolls were on a top secret mission when their pet went missing! find surprise clues across the eye spy series to help find their pet!l.O.L. Surprise! eye spy series Under wraps dolls have 15 new surprises! unbox the spy glass to find codes and unlock surprises! each doll is dressed in a mystery Disguise, unbox each layer to discover who's inside! the Disguise becomes multiple fashion accessories! mix & match outfits for tons of new looks! collect them all!

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First off let me begin by saying we are avid collectors of L.O.L. dolls and WE LOVE this series!! While yes I agree they are pricey but I will also say that the endless amount of joy it brings to my daughter is worth every penny spent. It is the only toy she always comes back to. She gets sick of basically all her toys after just a few plays but not these dolls. LOL’s have been a staple in our playtime for over a year at this point and I don’t see it dying or phasing out any time soon. Also, not to brag but we ordered 3 dolls and 1 was an ultra rare Bebe Bonita, 1 was a color changer Suite Princess and the last was Yin B.B. We were pretty stoked! So all in all pretty happy campers over here :)

My daughter is super happy to finally get a boy LOL, he is so cute!

I bought 3 of this new series LOL dolls for my daughter, We are so lucky didn’t get any duplicate one. We got Ultra Rare Bebe Bonita, Rare Scribbles, And color changer Fierce. My daughter is so happy!! Thank you Amazon, Great price and fast shipping!

These are wave 2 of the Under wraps and are 100% authentic!! I am so happy amazon had these so I did not have to go on a wild goose chase to find them. We got 3 of these. 2 of them I am saving for Christmas and the other one we opened and Got The ultra rare Bebe Bonita. Omg she is so cute!! My daughter was so excited. They also have the very hard to find new LOL surprise bling series. fast shipping as well. Came in 2 days! update: we opened a second one and we got the cheerleader. She has pom poms and everything. these dolls are so cute!!

We received Sis Cheer and Goodie. We ordered 2 of the allowed 3 (you're allowed a limit of 3 shipped and sold by amazon). I don't chance buying these from anywhere but Amazon and Wally. I don't want to get fakes. So as long as you make sure it's shipped and sold by amazon, your good! Our daughter loves lol dolls, they are well loved and played with constantly. I don't understand the parents that buy these for kids that don't play with them, and they are ;collected;. Our daughter plays with them all day everyday! I wouldn't buy a toy that would just be looked at once and thrown in a pile. Luckliy my daughter has a vivid imagination, gets very creative, and enjoys the role play. We have a doll house, car, grocery store, school, ballet studio, farm etc for the lol dolls (it's like a little town in her play room!)
UPDATE we have now purchased a 3rd doll and we received another Sis Cheer! Bummer! My sister received a cheer sis for her daughter too. So it seems like that's the poplular one of this series!

The one we got was super cute. Stars from head to toe, even in her eyes. I was pretty shocked that my 3 year old figured out the codes and opened all the compartments herself. She must watch too many unboxing videos on You Tube!

I absolutely love the fact that my child plays for hours with these LOL dolls. She uses her imagination and gets creative. This is so important in this technology age we live in now. We’ve had a few where I feel the manufacturer needs to have better quality control, but they have a 30 defect warranty, so you just need to contact them via their website. The price point is a little high, but to me worth it since it’s brought hours upon hours of enjoyed over the past year to my daughter.

My girls love the whole LOL experience - the dolls and accessories themselves, the "unboxing", the collectibility - and they're both super young (under 5) with the attention span of juvenile gnats. Yet somehow these haven't ended up under the couch cushions, lonely and unloved. In our house, LOLs inspire imaginative play and intuitive thinking while displaying a beautiful range of ethnicities. We personally love opening them together (it's like a mini Christmas every time) and screaming when it's the exact one we wanted and then mixing and matching their fabulous outfits and figuring out their special quirks and the COLOR CHANGES guys. Addictively fun.
So here's my rant. For the parents and caregivers and negative Neds out there...
If you review them poorly for the high price point - welllll you chose to pay that amount and it's very little for how interactive they are.
If you complain that "they're cheap plastic made in China" - um they were never advertised as being faberge eggs...and you'd be hard pressed to find an affordable toy that isn't cheap plastic from China.
And if you claim it's all a YouTube marketing conspiracy that hooked your kids on this "junk" - how about you stop letting them watch YouTube and give them a stick to whittle ?
It's a toy everyone! Enjoy it for what it is and manage your expectations.
For us, we'll be hoarding our chore money so we can blow it on this cheap plastic junk - keep pumpin em out, China! ❤️

I bought 2 and i didn't get doublicate, my daughter loved them, and they are wave 2 for sure, thanks

My 7 year old LOVES THIS!!! I just wanted to let parents know, KEEP ALL THE WRAPPINGS ... They have codes on them the kids need to unlock hidden comparts on the purse ... Oh yes, it turns into a purse lol.

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L.O.L. Surprise! dolls were on a top secret mission when their pet went missing! Find surprise clues across the eye spy series to help find their pet! L.O.L. Surprise! eye spy series Under wraps dolls have 15 new surprises! Unbox the spy glass to find codes and unlock surprises! Each doll is
Includes (1) L.O.L. Surprise! Under Wraps Eye Spy Series 4 + (1) Lil Sister Eye Spy Series 4, Wave 2 + (1) Fashion Crush
Product DescriptionDimensions:4in length x 12in width x 15in height Weight:0.63lbFrom the ManufacturerWith 15 phrases, lights, sounds and memorable music, Under the Sea Surprise Ariel is ready to delight all. In water, Ariel's beautiful tail lights up, turning the water into a magical rainbow of