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Calico Critters Dining Room Set

Dining Room Set includes a dining table and baby chair suitable for up to 5, and a delightful kitchen cabinet for storing kitchenware. Dining Room Set features a tea set and toaster oven that can be stored in the kitchen cabinet. The dining table comes with 4 chairs for both adults and children, and a baby chair. Using the unified design, combine with Red Roof Country Home and other figures to create a bright dining room scene (sold separately). Kitchen Cabinet, Drawer x2, Toaster Oven, Toaster Oven Tray, Cookie x2, Plate, Pot, Lid, Cup x2, Saucer x2, Glass x2, Dining Table, Chair x4, Baby Chair (a total of 22 pieces).

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And good quality

My daughter is 10 years old and loves Calico Critters. This is a nice, inexpensive add-on set for her many different Calico Critters to have dinner together. Like all of the Calico Critters sets, it is well designed, down to the tiniest of details, and the pieces are the perfect sizes for the Calico Critters to use.

One thing I would caution you - especially around Christmas - is to inspect the package if it comes in a manila bubble envelope instead of a cardboard box. I've received several of these in boxes and they are perfect. But this one arrived in a manila bubble envelope and the box was crushed to the point I was afraid that they pieces might be broken. They weren't, but if this were intended to be a gift, it wouldn't look very presentable with the box in the condition it arrived in to our house.

I'm not sure how to determine ahead of time, so order early so you can take precautions if it is a gift. For my needs, it doesn't matter that the box was damaged, but if it were a gift I would have had to return it and get one that hadn't been crushed. I hope that helps - especially around Christmas.

I love the little microwave that comes with this set! My daughter has so many Calico Critter items but somehow didn't have a dining room set for her CC house. If you are not familiar with CC, the sets usually have many very small pieces. I have gotten a set where one of the pieces was less than half the size of a pencil eraser. Parts are very easy to lose unless you have somewhere to specifically store items. We have a rolling cart with shallow plastic drawers that holds all our CC items, of which there are many. This is a pretend set that is still a hit with older kids since the items are more complex and less "babyish". This is a must if you have a larger Calico Critters house to furnish.

Like all Calico Critters, this set is very detailed and good quality. There are very tiny pieces here that will be easily lost, so be careful. They are definitely not for young children who like to put things in their mouths.

You need a bigger house to put this furniture, which our 6 year old daughter does. She loves having "fancy" dinners, and has become really creative during play. Even though the price is steep, we're glad she discovered Calico Critters and hope she plays with them for a long time. Recommended.

This is a great set of furniture and accessories. I still cant believe how darn cute some of these sets are. This one even has a cookie sheet with a bun on it. The toaster oven is my fave piece in this one. So friggin adorable. One of my favorite accessory sets so far. Everything is small, of course, but as always it is all great quality.

So nice to have these exclusive Japanese sets released in the US, and I really like the natural colors and delicate details etched into "wood" items. :)

What home is complete without a family dining table? This may sound like a boring set, but I assure you, because it's Calico Critters, it IS NOT! I cannot get over how many cute details they always include in their sets, things like the little detail work on the tops and legs of the table and chairs, those are entirely unnecessary to the function of a miniature toy set, and yet they add to the adorable charm exponentially. My favorite accessory in this set is the little pink toaster, it makes me squeal just to think of it! My daughters love this set, too, of course.

Like other Calico Critters sets, this is super cute and high quality. The toaster oven is a very cute touch, although I might consider it as more of a kitchen item? Not that it matters, I'll just put it in the kitchen. Another thing I thought was a little odd was that there are 5 chairs for a 6-seater table. I don't think it would fit in the dining room with 6 chairs, so that will actually work okay. Overall this is a very cute dining set.

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