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Barbie DreamHorse & Blonde Doll

Bring the fun of horseback riding to life and play with Barbie doll like never before with her most interactive horse yet. The Barbie DreamHorse reacts to touch and sounds -- it features more than 30 realistic reactions! This amazing animal can walk forward, turn 360 degrees and neigh when you play. DreamHorse can also feed (a bunch of carrots are included) and nuzzle in response to your touch. For even more fun, DreamHorse nods yes or no when you ask a question! It can also play three songs and show off with three different dances. You and Barbie doll can groom the horse's super-long, curly mane and tail with the included brush. And of course, Barbie doll can sit on the saddle -- just use the included waist clip -- to ride along wherever DreamHorse goes. Barbie doll is ready to ride into your imagination wearing a riding tunic, molded pants, removable boots and a helmet. Her beautiful DreamHorse matches with a pink saddle and reins. Includes Barbie doll wearing fashions and accessories, interactive horse with saddle and reins, bunch of carrots, brush and helmet. Each sold separately, subject to availability. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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My daughter is all about everythingBarbi and she had been asking for this for months, so we got it for her for Christmas. It was one of her favorite toys and she plays with it a lot. I took one star off because th horse falls over constantly, even when walking on a solid floor surface. For as much as it costs, I wish it was a little better performing toy.

A REAL winner! My Grandaughter was on cloud nine for weeks with this Barbie Dreamhorse Doll Set. This birthday will not be soon forgotten! This jointed Barbie and mechanized Dreamhorse is unbelievable. No need to look farther for the one perfect gift for that special little girl in your life. The horse is everything and MORE than you could imagine. Days will go by and your little girl will still be discovering the extensive things this horse can do. It is programed to ALSO surprise and engage like no other mechanical animal toy I've ever seen. AND at a great price. It is much better than the Video about it can display. I was impressed by how sturdy it is and large it is as well. It works equally well on both carpet and flat flooring. Brings an endless supply of laughter and giggles with lots of, "Look Grandma, look Mommy, Daddy!" You will not be disappointed.

Xmas present for my grand-niece - she absolutely LOVED it!! BTW - don't be afraid of the "frustration-free" packaging - it still comes in a pink box with all the pictures - just none of that PIA plastic blister pack stuff...

Bought this on Amazon Warehouse (great place to shop when on a budget).
The horse and Barbie are perfect!! My 5 year old granddaughter is going to be so excited to get this for Christmas.
The horse walks and has different horse sounds and I like it has an attachment for Barbie on the saddle, so she can't
fall off and you don't have to hold her for play. I can't wait till she opens her gift!!

This horse is really neat. The barbie is ok quality (not like those when I was growing up) but the horse is amazing. The little tricks it can do is adorable. Wish I would have had this growing up.

Gave this to my 4 year old granddaughter for Christmas. Was not sure she would be able to remember all the tricks but she did most of them. Her favorite is when the horse dances. I got it for a great price of $30.00 so it was a steal. It is worth more than that considering you do get the doll. Though I would not pay the $99. My 8 year old granddaughter enjoyed playing with the horse as well. we did not have any problem on a flat woven carpet and tile flooring. it never fell down. I was very surprised how well the Horse did it tricks without any problems

My granddaughter loved this toy. She is 5 and spend 2 hours playing when she first opened it.

This doesn't seem worth the price at all, I keep thinking maybe the price is a mistake or maybe the horse and barbie do stuff that I haven't figured out yet LOL but our daughter LOVES it - it walks and shakes it's head and "loves to be petted" and it seems to respond to her voice, super cute

This Barbie Dream Horse toy is SO fun! I got this combo toy for my 7 year old niece for Christmas and she just loves it. Even I enjoy playing with this toy! It has so much to it even though it's just a horse and a Barbie. The horse has several settings and even responds to your voice. It can eat carrots, nuzzle your hand, and dance to 3 different songs. I personally think it's so cool that you can touch the horse on so many different spots and it will respond with different actions. The actual Barbie is really nice and well made too. This Barbie is not like most, she has several bendable joints so she can sit and the ride the horse with ease.

Works like it's supposed to! Wish I had waited until Christmas and paid $35 instead of $80 for a September birthday, but that's how it goes. It trots much better on carpet, wood floors seem to be too slippery. Seems some pads on the hooves could have solved this. I may try a little hot glue pads to see if she can trot down the hallway.

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Bring the fun of horseback riding to life and play with Barbie doll like never before with her most interactive horse yet. The Barbie dream horse reacts to touch and sounds -- it features more than 30 realistic reactions! This amazing animal can walk forward, turn 360 degrees and neigh when you