Reviews Cry Babies Lammy Baby Doll

Cry Babies Lammy Baby Doll

Meet Cry Babies lammy, the most tearful baby! If you take away her pacifier she will cry real tears and scream and shout! Give the packing back to her or rock her to make her stop crying.

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My daughter seen this toy advertised on T.V. And just had to have it! This was her most cherished 4th birthday present. The doll is exactly as advertised. You put distilled water in the back of the head and tighten the cap. The doll cry’s real tears so have a tissue handy! The outfit is supper soft and soaks up and excess tears and dries fast! The tears are stopped my either putting the binky in the dolls mouth or rocking the baby on her back. I have not found the doll to leak or had any other issues with it. This is a must have toy! Adorable and Loved by this 4 year old. Thank you!

I ordered Lammy ,Coney and Bonnie . All of these hard big headed babies are sooo cute but I would give this gift with a hand towel and baby bibs when they cry they really cry! Their cute little outfits get very wet. We tried out Bonnie and Lammy is for Xmas 2018. Good thing is they don't cry continuously you need to press the button on the back of their heads. They don't require alot of water and Iheir little cry sounds so cute. I would recommend it if your child wants it. Fun for them , messy for us.

It works Great at first my daughter couldn’t get to work but figure it out you had to push the button on the head underneath the place you pour the water in so the button is use as vacuum to push the water out to make the tears ...but when my daughter couldn’t get to work she use as water jug lol 😂

My daughter loves her cry baby and she is happy that is all that matters

Cute doll. Head is very hard and heavy. Tears come out too much and made me wet and the dolls clothing. Maybe try just a tiny bit of water than required. Overall my baby loves it

My 3 year old niece LOVES this baby! She's so sweet and even without adding water!

Lots of bad feed back but so far so good! Seem well maid and cute. My 3 year olds love them

A +++

Adorable doll.

My daughter loved this! Lammy is truly a crybaby and she loves to take care of her.

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