Reviews Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Doll, Blonde

Barbie Collector 2015 Holiday Doll, Blonde

You loved her growing up, now share the love with a new generation. Continuing a beloved yearly tradition that's endured for more than 25 years, this keepsake 2015 Holiday Barbie doll is festively dressed to ensure this will be the most glamorous season of all. Inspired by merry colors and jingling bells, Barbie wears a dramatic garnet-colored gown with cascading ruffles and an underskirt of silvery foil brocade.Comes in premium gift-able packaging so it's easy to make holiday wishes come true this season.

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A beautiful collector doll. The dress is stylish and luxurious and the box makes for a beautify display. With the cheep quality of the 2016 and 2017 dolls I find myself asking if this is the last of the beautiful holiday Barbie dolls? This one is consistent with the great tradition.

My 7 year old grand daughter loves Barbies and wanted one of the Holiday Barbies. Looking at them online, I liked the way this 2015 doll looked as opposed to the 2018 model and it was less expensive. She was thrilled when it was received, apparently she had been online and saw this exact doll and liked it. It was a great gift.

The doll looks exactly as on the picture. It is not small. It would be a nice collection to those who collect them. But I was imagining it a little different. The arms and legs do not band. They are in the same position. Although the quality is good and the girl liked it. But in general I wanted something different. Unfortunately description did not give me this understanding

A timeless classic. I had to get another one to display out of the box with my mom's poinsettia bouquet. This is one Happy Holidays Barbie that MUST be taken out of her box to be fully enjoyed.

I have been collecting the Holiday Barbies for 10 years now and this has to ne one of my favorites.

I gave this to my niece and she loves it. It was a wonderful Christmas present. I strongly recommend it over the 2017 doll. She is 5 and plays with her Barbies all the time. This is a new favorite. She is actually a grandniece but I adore her and she loves the special Barbies like this one that I send.

This 2015 collector doll has a very girl-next-door look and has a very pretty face. I tied her hair up in a ponytail to glam her up and she looks much better.

Very pretty in person. I bought it as a gift for my daughter, and 2015 is on the box. She'll know it's older, but she won't care. It's much prettier and half the price of the 2016 holiday barbie (at least while the 2016 one is in stores).

It came today and the doll is very beautiful, like in the photos. The box came in a bad conditions because it was not in a box, it was in a plastic envelope... I will keep the Barbie doll in the box, so I will try to fix it. But the doll is a very good conditions.

The 3 dolls that I received are beautiful. The only thing that disappointed me was that on two of them, an ugly sticker had been placed right on the middle of the outside of the see-though container, which is impossible to remove. I buy three of them each Christmas, one for each of my granddaughters and this has never occurred before. Thank you for your prompt shipping. Billie Anne Clevenger

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