Reviews Barbie Careers Astronaut and Space Scientist Doll, 2 Pack

Barbie Careers Astronaut and Space Scientist Doll, 2 Pack

Two Barbie dolls can accomplish big dreams working together as colleagues! Barbie career-themed sets let young imaginations try out various careers, like those related to space exploration careers. This space-themed set comes with two dolls and accessories to add to the storytelling fun. Plus, Barbie has partnered with Tynker, the game-based platform that teaches kids how to code -- learn how to use simple coding concepts to tell stories about their space missions. Discover a universe of possibilities with Barbie astronaut doll, who can blast into space wearing a space suit with white gloves, boots and a cool snap-on helmet. A white shimmery material with blue and red details on the suit is so out-of-this-world! Barbie space scientist doll helps launch the astronaut into space in a white coat, blue shirt, purple pants and shoes; goggles and a laptop let her explore the galaxy, too. Kids will love discovering more about these professions because with Barbie, you can be anything! Includes Barbie astronaut doll and Barbie space scientist doll wearing career-themed outfits and accessories. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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This pair of aerospace professionals make a great team. Inspire and empower the special girls in your life to reach for the stars! The brown haired lady is slightly taller than the other. She has indigo pants and a blue shirt. she also wears practical black utility shoes and a white lab coat with a space insignia printed on. Her accessories include safety glasses and a laptop with data displays. The blonde lady looks mission ready in her white and blue flight suit with white moon boots. She has a more practical short haircut that works better with her accessories; space gloves and a snap-on helmet.

My 7 year old cousin was absolutely thrilled with this doll set. It is exactly as described.

Package in great shape, even extra wrap around it. Great for collecting. Granddaughter loves it.

My daughter loves galaxy so I thought this was showing girls have no limit. Not sure of quality because she has it displayed in the box but appears good.

Good quality. Like most Barbies, the arms and legs aren't as possible as some of the top-range Barbies (such as the Wonder Woman Barbie), but still nice additions to the collection.

The dolls and accessories are great for the price. They arrived quickly and were as described.

I purchased this for a special little lady for Christmas and I am not disappointed in the least! The domes are designed for creativity and Imagination and positive role models. The perfect gift for girls.

Bought for seven-year-old birthday gift with them to space she love them good quality

Great product.

Both are great role models for little girls who aspire to be scientists or adventurers.

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