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Calico Critters Yellow Labrador Twins

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Meet the Yellow Labrador twins; Fluffy and Ivory. Fluffy sleeps during the day, and is up all night. Ivory likes playing on the baby swings with her twin brother. Calico Critters is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautifully detailed homes, furniture and accessories. They live, work and play in an idyllic and wonderful place called Calico Village. These timeless, classic toys promote wholesome family values. These life-like, award-winning miniatures also inspire imagination and creativity. These adorable toys promote healthy cognitive development through pretend play. Acting out storylines will exercise narrative and critical thinking processes, while fine motor skills and dexterity improve as little ones manipulate the fun environments, critters and accessories.

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Fluffy sleeps during the day, and is up all night. Ivory likes playing on the baby swings with her twin brother.

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Cuteness overload!! May cause excessive, "awwwwwwwssssss" and "omg"!
Seriously, I know these are a little expensive, but they are worth it, buy them.....
They are tiny little baby puppies with a bib, pacifies, bottle, bib and diaper....could you ask for more?
My daughter loves them, we call them "mookie moos", get the beds to go with your little babies, it's a great addition.

These babies are so cute. Bought them to be friends with the pet rock I sent to my niece in college. She had never heard of the pet rock craze and is enjoying it.

These are the most adorable Critters I have seen so far. My daughter in law has many for her daughters so I keep adding to the collection as a grandma. I so recommend all of Calico Critters and accessories for young girls. I wish I had discovered them earlier!

These are adorable, but so tiny....However, my granddaughter loves them. She is four years old, but has to be sure to keep away from her one year old brother due to the tiny pieces....the pacifer & bottle. Now she is hooked on Calico Critters...very expensive but they show alot of detail.

These are super cute. I got them for my 4-year-old niece for Christmas. They are very tiny (tinier than I was expecting) but you can't beat the price and they're really adorable. I played with Calico Critters when I was a kid, and I always loved them!

This is so adorable. The perfect toy for a 9 year old girl who loves animals and loves this.

I bought these for my granddaughter for her birthday because she has the Calico Critters house and several other of the animals. She loved these, especially the bottle and pacifier that came with them. Now she wants the "mom and dad" to go with them! A big hit for our 5 year old.

These Calico Critters sets are seriously adorable. My daughter LOVES them, I just wish they were less expensive. I would love to order her all of them, but it'll take a while at the price they are.

These two little twins are absolutely adorable! My sisters and I can spend countless, chronic hours playing with them in our new Luxury Townhome set instead of playing on electronics like we usually do when our toys gradually but surely get boring. I have a feeling, though, that this addition to our new Cloverleaf Corners Village will provide hours and hours of healthy, creative play, so thank you International Playthings for creating this wonderful toy. The twins are oh-so-cute and fit perfectly into the Luxury Townhome.

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The Piano & Desk Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Calico Critters house. The set comes with lovely furniture for a child's room in white and pink. The desk has three drawers you can actually pull out. You can move the keyboard, pedals, and fallboard of the piano. Small accessories such
Rebecca and Dominic are getting ready for a fun filled day at school! dress them up in their colorful school uniforms, shoes, and backpacks. Set includes 2 critters with jointed arms/legs and heads that move, 2 backpacks, 2 school uniforms and 2 sets of shoes. For children ages 3 and up.
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Father, Simon is very athletic and plays all different kinds of sports. He teaches critter children how to swim during the week. Mother, Sandra is a famous artist and loves making beautiful paintings of the sea. Sister, Sabrina likes to be outside and stay active. Brother, Shane likes learning