Reviews Tara Toys Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up Kit

Tara Toys Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up Kit

Product Description

Become a fashion designer with this fun Barbie fashion designer doll dress up kit! Turn 5 plain dresses into FABULOUS fashions by applying ribbons, bows, flowers, sequins, glitter glue and assorted trimmings! All dresses are sized to fit Barbie dolls.

From the Manufacturer

Girls will have tons of creative fun with this set!! There are 5 plain dresses and lots of pretty embellishments included with this set. Girls can live out their fashion designer dreams by applying ribbons, bows, flowers, sequins, glitter glue and assorted trimmings to turn 5 plain dresses into FABULOUS fashions. The set also includes a dress form so the girl can display her favorite fashion. All dresses are sized to fit Barbie dolls.

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Someone said the stickers were bad but I tried a few out and they stick pretty well and are reusable so for kids I think they're just fine. I love the outfits and the other options for customizing them. The only thing slightly iffy is the purple skirt since the edge isn't hemmed... It'll probably fray over time plus the elastic at the waist seems kind of tight. The plain white shirt is super versatile and the dresses are really pretty. If you don't want to use the included glitter glue, I'd consider fabric glue or some other clear glue for the heavier items (though some could be sewn on if that's more desirable.) Overall, definitely recommended! The dress form is a really nice touch too.

Perfect gift for the Barbie enthusiast young or old. We bought it for our 4 year old who looooves Barbies and was wanting more clothes and accessories for Christmas. Great price for the number of outfits you get, and the ability to customize really sends it over the top! Big parenting win for us for purchasing this!:)

Cutes dresses! If you are an adult collector, I recommend this set as it is, without adding any of the stickers and gems to the dresses, as they are good designs on their own. Wish they came with shoes, otherwise, great bargain of quality doll clothing and styles.

Had so much fun with this! The stickers were a little lame, but everything else was great fun. Did have to get a glue gun out to make stuff stick, but overall I would buy again.

So many choices for Barbie but I love the creative aspect of this toy. It was a bday present and the little girl fell in love with it! Then my daughter got to choose a special gift and picked this. Played for hours & loves it!

As others have noted it is ridiculous how few Barbie outfits one can buy these days. They have more at Toys r us and Walmart than are currently on Amazon, and some of them come with slammin' shoes- so it is nice this exists because you get a lot of dresses, but no shoes. My daughter decorated one dress and then got bored, but she is almost 4 and so probably too young for this toy, but the dresses get worn. The funny part is that my mom and I had more fun decorating the dresses than she did, we decorated the others with the cute trims etc. but secured them with a few stitches so they would stay better, although the glue is pretty strong. The stickers also stay on pretty well, my daughter liked that more. So we liked playing with it and my daughter likes the dresses, so everyone wins!

My seven year old granddaughter loved it! She was able to work on it alone and made some pretty dresses she loved. I would buy it again. I would like to have more dresses for her to decorate.

perfect for grand daughter

My 10 year old daughter and I had a lot of fun decorating dresses together for her barbies. This comes with many accessories and several dresses to make your own designs come true. Very easy to decorate and the best part is that those sticky fabrics or borders with tapes will stick and won't come off easily, except those shiny plastic flowers/stars. Those plastic ones do come off.

I love this set of clothes for Barbie and I think the one receiving it will too.

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