Reviews Adora Adoption Baby "Hope" 16 Inch Vinyl Girl Newborn Weighted Soft Cuddle Body Baby Doll Toy Gift Set with Open Close Blue Eyes for 3 Year old kids and up

Adora Adoption Baby Hope 16 Inch Vinyl Girl Newborn Weighted Soft Cuddle Body Baby Doll Toy Gift Set with Open Close Blue Eyes for 3 Year old kids and up

Adopt one or all of Adora’s Adoption Babies and bring them to their forever home! These precious babies are 16” head to toe with a soft and cuddly body and fresh baby powder scented vinyl. There are four sweet and adorable babies to choose from, each with a different skin tone and eye color. There is Hope, Cherish, Precious and Joy – and each come with a certificate of adoption, pacifier, hospital bracelet, disposable diaper and is swaddled in a cuddly soft microfiber blanket. Adoption Baby Hope has blue open/close eyes, fair skin tone and comes in her very own crib, so she already has the perfect sized bed for naps and bedtime! Your little one will build a special bond with their Adoption Baby as they experience what it’s like to bring a baby home. Little parents in training can name their baby, and start their very own baby doll family while learning to nurture and engage in pretend play. Ages 3 and up. We believe toys should inspire adventures and spark imaginations. For over 20 years we’ve been inspiring young minds with award-winning dolls and accessories that kids love and moms approve. All of our products are thoughtfully crafted to give parents peace of mind – they’re playful, creative, durable and most of all, they`re Made for Play! We are BETTER. Not only are our toys ADORAble - they`ve got The Adora Difference. Our Award Winning dolls and toys are Safety Tested, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic, BPA Free, Made with Love and some are Machine Washable. Adora is a proud part of Charisma Brands LLC family based in sunny California. OTHER - Additional comments: 30 Day warranty against manufacturer defects. Warranty voids if purchased from any other seller that is not Amazon.

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We ordered this doll for my 2 year old for Christmas. It is the most beautiful doll I have ever seen. I couldn’t wait until Christmas, so I opened the package so I could get a closer look at the doll. The baby smelled like fresh powder! The details are beautiful and her weight it perfect! I told my husband that it was so realistic it gave me baby fever! I can’t wait for our little girl to see her on Christmas morning and give her a name so we can fill out her adoption card!

My 5 year old daughter loved it as soon as she saw it. ( we bought it for her birthday) I wanted to get her a doll that looks like a baby, which exceeded my expectations, it feels like a real baby, has some weight in it, heavier than other dolls which is a plus. Smells like a baby, overall very pleased with this purchase, will buy more products from this brand!

Adorable doll, so cute with the clothes, blanket and pacifier. A great way to help a toddler welcome her little baby brother into the family by having her own baby boy to pretend play with. I like that this doll is posable and can sit up on its own, something unique compared to the Bitty Baby. Size is similar to Bitty Baby, a little bigger.

Very happy with this doll! She's pretty, and my daughter loves the open/close eyes and the pacifier that stays in her mouth. The baby powder smell mentioned in other reviews is certainly noticeable, but I don't find it oppressive or overwhelming. This doll has gone everywhere with us for the past week, and so far seems pretty sturdy and well-made. The only thing I've had to adjust was I added an elastic chin strap to the hat because that kept coming off.

I got this when it price dropped a bit so I decided to bite the bullet and try it. My daughter is baby obsessed and the "real baby" description appealed to me. I do like this baby. He's quite cute and weighted nicely. A bit strong of a powder smell but nothing horrible. My daughter was ecstatic to open it for Christmas. Seems like good quality so far. Wish it was bit cheaper.

I purchased the "Cherish" doll as a Christmas gift for my 3.5 year old. She asked for several baby dolls, all lower quality. I decided to purchase just this one hoping that it would be superior quality to the others she liked. We were not disappointed. The doll is beautiful, and feels more like a real baby when held. She smells so sweet too. My daughter absolutely loves her. The fact that she can also sit-up is a really nice bonus. Very happy with the doll, and would highly recommend her.

Perfect weighted doll with open/close eyes. Has a faint smell of perfume when box is first opened which dissipated quickly with play. Great value for the money, as she is potentially heirloom quality if given care and attention. Along with her accessories (pacifier, one daiper, cardboard crib) she is a doll any child (or kid at heart) can enjoy playing with. Highly recommend.

My daughter loved this doll. It’s weighted so it feels more realistic and is a great size! I also feel like it’s hard to find a realistic looking baby with out being creepy so this was a good one!

Got this baby for my grand daughter. A very cute face and the eyes open and close! She has a beaded body and so the "feel" is real! Comes with an adorbale balnket that usually would have to be purchased separate and the outfit she arrived in was very cute too!

I purchased this doll for my five year old daughter. This was from “Santa” and since she opened it, she has not put it down. This is the cutest baby and the weight is perfect and lifelike. The details on the fingers and nails look like a real baby’s hand. I have zero complaints with this doll. It’s very well made and the smell is amazing!!

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Put your mind at ease and have everything you need, with Adora’s Adoption Baby Essentials – It’s a Girl set. This 8-Piece Essentials Gift Set comes with everything your little one needs to be able to take care of their baby dolls and would even be the perfect “take me home” essentials set