Comments about Set of 6 LOL Surprise Dolls Lil Sisters- Lets Be Friends! - Series 2 Wave 2

Set of 6 LOL Surprise Dolls Lil Sisters- Lets Be Friends! - Series 2 Wave 2

SERIES 2 L.O.L. SURPRISE LIL SISTERS DOLL! L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters offers 5 layers of surprise! Each layer unveils a hint of which L.O.L. doll you're going to get! Bathe your babies for an additional water surprise!Includes:1. Secret message stickers.2. Collectible Sticker.3. Small Fashion Accessory.4. Large Fashion Accessory.5. Color-change L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sistersdoll.

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Some reviewers have stated that they received 6 of the same type LoL. I received 6 different types. However what I liked best was the sheer joy they brought my grandaughter and the big hug she gave me.

My Granddaughter has asked for these for Christmas. She has already watched videos of them being opened and is so excited to see what might be inside her LOL surprise. Whatever she gets, she will be one happy 5 year old girl.

It’s hard to find “real L.O.L. Dolls” that are not crazy over priced. These are real. All little sisters are color change sisters. I thought that was fun! My daughter adores these and. We have gone to some crazy lengths to get them ❤️

These are real, the silly teeny tiny things, but my daughter loved them in her stocking

They are the real thing. Granddaughters was delighted

2 out of 6 were identical. No guarantee they'll b different but it was disappointing for my granddaughter she's 8.

These made my granddaughters very happy they loved them

A big hit with granddaughter

product in perfect condition!

Granddaughter is happy

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