Reviews Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Blaze Truck

Fisher-Price Nickelodeon Blaze and the Monster Machines Blaze Truck

With big wheels and an even bigger personality, Blaze is a champion on the racetrack and a hero on Axle City's streets! Looking just as he does on the show, this die-cast Blaze vehicle is perfect for recreating all of the amazing adventures of Blaze and the Monster Machines! Ages 3+

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My grandson is gonna love this truck, it is well made, very durable, looks just like blaze, nice size for his hands. I love the detail and the big wheels are his favorite part of the trucks. Nice quality toy for hours of play.

I did purchase at full asking price at time of purchase and I am providing my honest unbiased opinion.

My boys love Blaze so it was nice to have some cars to play with. They are bigger then hot wheels but still small enough to carry around for my three year olds. Heavy duty metal.


From my point of view: This truck is awesome. I'm captain cheapskate and don't like paying more than, like, a dollar for a small toy, but my boys LOVE this ridiculous show so I thought I'd treat them to a couple of these trucks. It's actually a pretty sturdy little guy. Solid metal body, high-density plastic body, something rubberyish for the tires. I think the only way my boys could destroy this truck is by running it over with my car when they grow up, which they'd better not do. Great buy, and a total non-issue if you're not also a world-class penny pincher.

Very cool and my son will love it! It arrived perfectly packaged and appears to be good quality. He has not opened it yet so I can't say for sure, but upon looking at it it appears to be well made. My only complaint is that it is smaller than I expected...but that is my fault for not reading the measurements in the ad. I thought it was going to be much larger but it is more the scale of an oversized matchbox/hotwheel car. I would estimate that it is about 2 - 3 times bigger than a matchbox car. For some reason I expected it to be much larger, but again...this is not a defect in any way, just pointing it out in case anyone else gets the same impression from the picture.

This has become my son's favorite toy. He loves Blaze so much that any truck that is the color red, he calls Blaze, so I knew he would love an actual Blaze toy. It's very well made and is die cast, not a cheap plastic, so it's holding up really well to all the adventures my son takes it on. He actually got a few Blaze and the Monster Machines Hot Wheels tracks sets for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to seeing if it can e used with them as well for even more adventures!

These are decent toy cars and setup for use on play sets. The price seems a bit high on them for what they are, I think you are paying a lot for them being "Blaze Items" more than them being of some higher collector level quality, but they certainly are not cheaply made. Of course the real reason for these was to make the little guy happy and they hold up well to being played with and are keeping the kiddo smiling so they meet their goal.

My son loves Blaze and he loves this toy. It is cute and we'll made. I love that there is movement between the body of the truck and the wheels (forgive my description, I'm just a mom not a mechanic) Blaze comes with us everywhere we go and he is sturdy enough to toss in my bag before we walk out of the door. I found him to be priced a tad bit high, but he is better quality than most toy cars.

Great toy for my 3 year old. He added it with all his other cars as he lined them all up. This one of course was special though, it's BLAZE! Don't understand why little boys line their cars up like that, but they all seem to do it! LOL

My toddlers love this toy, & it was built to last! They always throw it around (despite my constant requests not to), & it has lasted better than other trucks/toys they have thrown. If your child is a Blaze fan, I recommend this die-cast!

son loves this one. good quality for he is always carrying it around or my daughter gets it at times and throws bc she is young but it handles all of it well.

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