Comments about RC Forklift with Lifting Arm Radio Remote Controlled Mini Engineering Truck Industry Fork Car .

RC Forklift with Lifting Arm Radio Remote Controlled Mini Engineering Truck Industry Fork Car .

6 Function Radio Controlled (forward/backward, left/right, lifting arm up/down) Professional Architect Industry Fork CarDetailed Interior

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I purchased this toy forklift for my 2yr old son who goes to lowes and home depot with me just to check out the real thing. I can't say this thing is built well, but for the price it isn't bad at all. In fact, based on other reviews I read before purchasing I was thinking it was going to be a flimsy waste of money, but I figured it was worth a chance. With that said, I can't imagine that it is going to last several years with me and my 2yr old playing with it, but within minutes of driving it around and picking up pallets we knew the purchase was a great decision. All of the adults wanted to take it for a spin :)

TIP: if you have small children make sure you are clear with them that they shouldn't grab it or push down on the forks. The fork section is probably the most fragile and likely to break. I know that this is easier said than done since I have a 2yr old myself, but if you keep them engaged in the operation of the remote control and the cause and effect of the steering and forward and reverse movement they lose the impulse to chase and grab.

got the item fast and it works awesome. Larger then I thought it would be which is great. seems pretty well made.

great toy to relieve the strees

I bought this in preparation of another honey I shrunk my coworker episode it's going to work perfect if the pallets get right the right side

fun toy!! of course unless you are giving it to an adult who uses it with real forklifts - then it brakes fast! Lots of fun to play with!

My 9 year old son bought this with birthday money and has been very pleased with it. He can move small objects (Lego "boxes", etc.) from the floor to a flat bed trailer, etc. Boys will love loading an unloading with this fun RC vehicle.

This little forklift definitely does not disappoint. Simple controls, easy to use and it's fairly speedy (for an RC forklift). Definite must-buy for both kids and adults.

Good quality product. Does what is advertised.

Love cute!

Works good, runs quite a while on the batts no issues at all my nephew loves it. Would deff recomend.

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