Comments about NKOK Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle with Spongebob (Discontinued by manufacturer)

NKOK Remote Control Krabby Patty Vehicle with Spongebob (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Product Description

Spongebob's Krabby Patty is a full function radio controlled, easy to maneuver vehicle with working headlights that help Spongebob travel at night!

From the Manufacturer

This full function RC vehicle features SpongeBob in a Krabby patty Vehicle. Vehicle also features working headlights and is officially licensed product.

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I love this toy. My Granddaughters both have one and they love them too. SpongeBob is always on when the younger one is home so they watch the television show all the time. The Krabby Patty Vehicle is neat...I don't know how else to explain it....It is just an odd little toy that kids love to play with. With lights and a nice motor sound. And it is easy to use and is durable...I have seen it hit the "curb" more times than I can count. One thing that lowered my rating is there is one frequency. I prefer remote toys with a choice of two frequencies so they can be used at the same time in the same household. My granddaughters cannot play together with these because one remote controls both vehicles when they are on and in close range. I feel bad that I cannot help them when they want to play together. But, they understand the issue and don't get too frustrated, for long any way. If you have two or more children that will get these, my only recommendation is to be sure it is worth giving them as gifts knowing they will not be able to play with them at the same time in close proximity to one another. It is frustrating to young children when trying to play together with these. But I recommend the toy otherwise. I think it is awesome.

Amazing. Stupendous. So much fun! Can bump it into things and doesn't break. Can drive in reverse. Headlights that work are a nice touch. Very bright colors. 7" long, 5.5" tall, 5.5" wide. Not huge but looks larger in real life than in the picture. For the price this thing is magnificent. An absolute treasure. Can't believe I've never seen this in stores. I'm 26 and will play with this thing constantly with no shame. It is RAD.

It's actually a great quality toy. I Franky like many of my friends and family have sadly grown accustomed to not knowing if a toy will last more than 2 months if we're lucky. Well I put purchased this as 1 of the gifts for my 8 year old daughter birthday. And not only did she love it but my 14 year old son is always playing with it whenever she stops playing with it. And believe me my son is not about "kids toys" he's a high school football player and built like one too, but after my daughter pleaded with him to play it with her and finally after many NO answers he gave in. When he first got ahold of that remote and started to make it go he looked like he just started to play with his very first toy ever. He looked at me and said "wow mom this is really cool". I was as surprised as he was. I have even played with them before i received the old ok there mom its my turn. Lol
But it's been almost 3 months and the toy looks new and is going strong. And is still being played every other day which says alot considering gaming systems and a playroom with many toys. So I would Definitely purchase this again and I have actually recommended them to a few people.

1 Point to remember if possible is to shut off the switch in the bottom of the car it saves a whole lot of battery life. And if I recall the remote has one too. But the car is the one that uses up the batteries more so if it's going to be 1 have it be the car they or you remember.

Absolutely love this toy :-) it is colorful, and the fact the headlights work really delighted my grandson. The only problem I have with this toy is it isn't powerful enough to run on carpeting and unfortunately his home is fully carpeted. However, it's crazy fun to operate it in the driveway. I would and have suggested it to many people, and anyone who's seen it wants one. My reply ... AMAZON.Com

my grandson loves this adorable spongebob car. the only problem I have with it is not being able to drive on carpet. it just doesn't have enough power. we even tried high dollar batteries thinking that might be the problem but it still didn't help. I think the car just sits too low. we had wrapping paper laying on the carpet and my husband drove the car right over the paper with no problem so its definitely the carpet

I have 2 boys and we've had our share of remote control vehicles. A lot of them don't work very well. Sponge Bob has done a great job with this little Hamburger Car. The remote is easy enough to use for little hands with a simplistic up/down button on the left and a side to side button on the right. This little car does great circles, goes forward and backward, and drives smoothly for a fairly inexpensive remote control car. If you are looking for a remote control car for a 4 or 5 year old, this is a great starter. It's easy enough for them to use, plus it's just very cute!

Made our 5 year old soooo happy! To be honest, our 2 year old wanted to use it just as much. I say you can get this for your 2-6 year old or whoever likes Sponge Bob. Works well and uses just a few AA batteries and not any odd sizes of batteries. It takes a few minutes to learn how to steer it for a kid, but they figured it out and kept bumping it into things and it seems to be holding up very well. Does well on our low pile carpet but can go super fast on hardwoods.

I gifted this to a friend and it was honestly the highlight of my day, she loved it and its so fun! the car drives great, its very fast and easy to maneuver. She will be taking it with her to college. We're adults but i'm 90000000% sure this toy was made for the enjoyment of college age students.

It was the perfect birthday gift for my little boy, he loved it!! THANKS.в™Ў

Purchased this product for my nephew and am so pleased! Everything about this toy is wonderful. The controls are easy to operate, batteries were not hard to install, and it is very durable. I didn't know when I purchased that the headlights work which is also very neat! Anyone who is looking for spo gebib toys knows that it is not easy to find things but this is def a keeper!!!

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