Comments about Community Play Rug for matchbox cars 36 X 72 Inches

Community Play Rug for matchbox cars 36 X 72 Inches

There's so much to see and to do in Carpet city! Kids will enjoy exploring and traveling trough the busy streets of this friendly neighborhood. The IQ Toys city carpet has it all:A school, Hotel, Playground, Shopping center, Police Gas Fire & Ambulance station- even its very own hospital! Everything for young imagination to enjoy hours of creative fun.

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I am so extremely happy that I bought the IQ Toys Community Play Rug! I can't wait until my grandson receives this for christmas. I am thrilled with the way it looks, feels and the all around size of this play rug. I am not one that is great with measurements and looking at 36 X 72 doesn't really compute to me what size it is. So I asked my husband before I bought this and he gave the go ahead and I am so glad he did. I received this and was like WOW bigger and better and also brighter than i thought it would be. What a delightful surprise. The graphics on this play rug are outstanding. The IQ Toys Community Play Rug is colorful, and has a slip resistant backing, and is an all around thicker rug than i expected. I know I sound excited about it but that is because I am. Right now I just want to go give this to my grandson and start playing cars with him on it. This rug has plenty of roadway and buildings to stir up any ones imagination. I have really looked this rug over and love the stitching that they did to make sure that the rug doesn't unravel, the colors are bright and vibrant and the feel of this rug is soft and full. This is a wonderful inside or outside, stain resistant full community play rug that should last for years with my grandson. Thank you for a high quality well made super fun product.

I am giving it a 5 star because it is exactly what I expected. My 2 daughters love trains and cars and kept fighting over the train set bc the 1 year old would mess it up so I bought this for the best solution. They absolutely love it and it is very well made with quality materials very similar to the one I had as a child 20 years ago. I expect it to hold up well. Museum is spelled "musem" on the rug and box. It made me laugh a little. I will probably Clorox pen and Charlie it when my oldest starts learning spelling. I don't want her to be confused with the right spelling but I still feel like it deserved a 5 star.

Update: After approx. 3 months fixed the spelling on the carpet and sent a replacement. This play mate is one of the best I have seen. Very happy they corrected the spelling mistake. This play rug was a real shame. Extremely disappointment. The rug was beautiful with one exception, the word museum was spelled incorrectly as "musem." I saw previous reviews that said this but thought maybe it was corrected because the picture displayed the correct spelling. I didn't feel right having my 2 and 1 year old sons play on this mat with the spelling wrong. I felt it was teaching them to spell incorrectly. Yes, I could have maybe fixed it was a black marker, but for the money I didn't think it was money well spent. Therefore, I returned this product for a refund and would not recommend buying it.

My three sons love trucks and car and this was a huge hit in our house! As soon as I took it out of the package they started playing on it! The color are really vibrant and they love that it has buildings on it so they can pretend to make "stops". The quality of the rug is really great, very thick and durable so I expect it to last for a long time. I would definitely recommend this to other parents.

I love this rug! I looked at many busy town map rugs before purchasing this one based on the price, size and reviews. My 2 year old and I get lots of play with this rug. It's lightweight enough to roll up and store away when not in use which was a big plus for me. There are many roads to run the cars along and parking spots making it lots of fun. There are a few words that are misspelled and I knew this when I bought the map based on other reviews but it doesn't bother me. The rug has a tendency to snag so just be careful and mindful of that when playing. (My wedding ring caught and snagged the rug so now I take it off when playing.)

Update from previous review: the company sent me a new rug with the word "museum" corrected. Hope it hold up!

Unfortunately, the price was too good to be true. When we first received it, we noticed that "museum" was misspelled "musem" with no "u". No big deal. However, we've only had the rug for one month and one pull already ruined it. I wish I could just return it but frankly it's not even worth the hassle of packaging a rug and paying for shipping. Too bad, looked promising, but it's cheap.

My son has developed a love of of cars especially at our neighbors house which has a rug very similar to play with their cars on. I figured it was time to get one of our own and happened upon this one.... I could not be more happy with it! Very nice quality and perfect for my son. He loves all the details and it keeps him entertained for hours! This is a great rug for developing imaginations and also keeping those little cars on the rug and hopefully not all over the house. Haha.

exceeded all expectations. I guess I saw the measurements but in my mind it was still the same size as my son's previous road rug which was small and square. This is long and rectangular and took up most of the floor space in his room aside from where his bed and dresser is. He loves it! It has so much detail and room to drive his many matchbox cars around. It is very colorful and non-skid. I am very pleased!

June 27, 2016 (original review): Very comfortable rug, lots of fun, BUT, contrary to picture posted, "museum" is spelled "musem." We got creative and fixed the spelling error, but other buyers might want to take this into consideration.

November 1, 2016 (updated review): The seller actually sent an updated rug, without requiring I return the one I bought. It has no misspellings! I was not expecting it, so it was a pleasant surprise!

It is very nice looking, vibrant. My only complaint is it is a little thin, easy to bunch up and get out of place and over time a few of the threads in the rug have come loose, but I clipped them as soon as I caught it and didn't become too damaged. But for the price, I can't complain too much. Much nicer than some others I've seen in this price range.

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ENCOURAGES IMAGINATIVE PLAY - Your kids will have hours of fun playing with cars and other toys on this aerial street map view of a fun friendly city. SKID PROOF LATEX BACKING & DURABLE MATERIAL make this kids play rug convenient and long lasting. VIVID COLORS & DETAILS will light up your
Kids Play Car Rug - Community Carpet Mat Regular, 39" x 35"