Comments about Playmags 32 + 6 Piece Junior Set: Now with Stronger Magnets, Sturdy, Super Durable with Vivid Clear Color Tiles. 6 piece Clickins Accessories to Enhance your Creativity

Playmags 32 + 6 Piece Junior Set: Now with Stronger Magnets, Sturdy, Super Durable with Vivid Clear Color Tiles. 6 piece Clickins Accessories to Enhance your Creativity

Creativity is all about doing things which you like and exploring new ideas and things. The development of your child brain is effected by the activities he or she do in daily routine. Early childhood is the most appropriate timing for the rooting the fundamental concepts. If your child is involved in activities, which can develop their logical reasoning and critical thinking than believe us your child has the bright future.
According to the research the effective learning is always linked with the activities which are interesting and enriched with the fun element, these factors awoke the interest and will power of kids and this leads your kids brain activity to the upper level.
Simply this is the power of Playmags: 32 piece junior set, be innovative and creative with fun .
Prominent benefits are:

•Educational Fun:
пѓ? Provides great motor skills.
пѓ? Encourages imagination and creativity
пѓ? Enhances math, geometry, and science skills.
•Creativity and critical thinking:
•Better Learning:
пѓ? Physics
пѓ? Geometry
пѓ? Math
пѓ? Spatial reasoning and architecture.
•Additional features:
пѓ? 8 x small square (3" x 3").
пѓ? 6 x windows (3" x 3").
пѓ? 8 x small triangle (3" x 3") .
пѓ? 4 x medium triangle (3" x 4").
пѓ? 4 x tall triangle (3" x 5.5").
пѓ? 6 x BONUS ABC Clickins.

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These blocks are great for all age youngsters. They are strong magnetic blocks, easy to build with, and are built well. Especially good for toddlers with long attention spans and for building your child's attention span.
These magnets keep my 2 1/2 year old son occupied without my direction for 30-45min. I usually give them to him to play with while im cooking dinner or doing something that will take more than 15 min. His preschool teacher suggested I get him magnetic blocks because he loves them and he plays with them for a long time. They said he has a very long attention span compared to other children his age.
I read many reviews and decided to go with the playmags. I'm glad because We brought them to his friends house and they both enjoyed playing together (ages 2 and 4) with them. Her mother told me that she had bought similar magnets for her daughter for Christmas but they were not as solid and didn't have strong magnets like these so we're difficult to stack and build with. Since then I bought my son the train playmags with wheels. I also bought his friend this starter pack for her 5th birthday. They were a hit at her party.

Glad I purchased this set. Reading so many reviews about magnet tiles in general and more specifically about these Playmags, so happy we purchased these for our children. My boys love playing with these tiles and now debating to purchase more of them. Excellent toy, so many shapes and ideas, so wonderful to see kids using their imagination.

Literally the best purchase I've ever made for my kids. My two year old and my six year old get hours and hours of entertainment from these. They can create all sorts of things, and as they are feral children, they are incredibly hard on them and they are holding up fantastically. Have had them almost 3 months now. Would buy them again and will definitely be buying more.

I just bought a second box of these for my son because he loves them SO MUCH. One of his immediate go-to favorites. Builds the most breath-taking towers and structures out of these! If your child likes to create 3 dimensional structures, this is just the perfect thing! And my son just turned 5, btw.

Bought it for my Kindergarten students very educational it is leightweight yet steady easy to assemble and built strong. This isn't my collection of Playmags. Its so easy and fun to learn with the Playmags, and truly give the child use his imagination to create his structure.

After reading many reviews, I chose this set for my 4 year old granddaughter. She has spent more time with this gift than anything else we gave her this Christmas. As a Kindergarten teacher for 37 years, I would highly recommend this set!!!

Not a day goes by that my daughter doesn't play with these. Also had these at a day care i worked at, kids would fight for them. Also a huge hit at my house when cousins come over. Will def have to purchase more (smh)

Who ever invented this toy deserves a reward!! My children ages 2-12 play with it for hours! So easy to assemble and entertaining! This toy is truly worth every penny!

for my 2 year old grandson, i bought it after reading the reviews that described other 2 yr olds enjoying it. and he not only took to it right away, he plays with it by himself (for a short time) and is quite fascinated by it. will probably add to it at some point if he continues to enjoy it.

Well made! Strong magnets! My kids created formations in which I didn't think the weight of the tiles would support, but they did. There isn't much else to say. I highly recommend these.

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Play- mag is taking magnetic tile collection to the upper the level. Now make your child's creative play better and better, made up with the superior quality material , play-mag toys are recommended by the specialist .many parents around the USA are the fan to this awesome products. With magnetic
PlaymagsВ® - 20 Piece Accessory Set! The 20 piece Playmags Starter set includes new constructive pieces like cars and gates to stretch your child's imagination even further than the original magnetic tile set. Add magnetic squares to the sides of the wheel base and form cars, trucks, buses, trains